Within Temptation Which song that Sharon was featured in is your favorite?

Pick one:
Voyage's Nữ hoàng băng giá
Silicone Head's Hear
Ayreon's Isis & Osiris
Ayreon's Tunnel Of Light
Ayreon's Cosmic Fusion
Ayreon's Another Time Another không gian
Ayreon's Garden Of Emotion
Ayreon's Cosmic Fusion
Ayreon's Amazing Flight
Avantasia's Isle Of Evemore
Avantasia's Farewell
Avantasia's Into The Unknown
Delain's No Compiance
Oomph's Land Ahead
Armin van Buuren's In And Out Of tình yêu
Orphanage's Behold
After Forever's Beyond Me
De Heideroosjes' Last Call To Humanity
De Heideroosjes' Regular ngày In Bosnia
De Heideroosjes' kẹo
Paralysis' Architecture of the Imagination
Paralysis' Fly
Aemen's Time
Aemen's Waltz
Timo Tolkki's Are bạn The One
Agua de Annique's Somewhere
John Miles & Katona Twins' Stairway To Heaven
Ruud Jolie's Keep Breathing
Coeverduh's Nostradamus
Leander Rising's Between Two Worlds And I
Avalon's Shine
Ali B's Hier
Het Meneer Konijn Lied
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