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The following bài viết is against Winx Club.If bạn are a die hard người hâm mộ of Winx Club that gets butthurt when they find out that there are some people who don't like Winx Club than don't read this bài viết because it certainly isn't for you.
In my opinion Winx Club is the worst excuse for a magical girl hiển thị that was ever created and here are the reasons why:
1.The Plot
It is a fact that Winx Club has a very unoriginal plot.Let me mention the many shoujo manga/animes,books and other hoạt hình that Winx Club copied:
1.Sailor Moon-Bloom is basically a copy of Usagi:Let me point out...
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posted by pranitapatricia
note: please read bài viết 1 2 3 first.ENJOY

will: cedric was going to harm my mom so i flew away bởi the ways how are you.

bloom: fine, listen lets continue our fight, then we'll explain it to them.


NEAR THE PARK[where the fight was continuing]

stella: moon ray

bloom:stella wait!


bloom: me and will want to tell bạn something.

will: guys see me and bloom's sister daphne were good Những người bạn our friendship was very strong when the ancestral witches came to know about they harmed my parents ant put the blame on daphne ,
then we broke.

bloom: after that they hid my parents and to save...
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note:please read part 1,2,3, ok

layla:bloom start it ok









will comes in between of the convergence and the witch girls and she gets bruised badly just that time
bloom:no will
will:in the end blo

before she completes her sentence she faints
and because of what bloom and will đã đưa ý kiến the winx club and the w.i.t.c.h. girls get confused and irma says

irma:stella we have to go bạn just give me a letter and on that paticular ngày we will continue our fight
stella:ok as u wish
and suddenly...
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winx enchantix

flora: wind storm
cornelia: stop see will is flying to another dimension:

bloom loses her energy and faints

taranee: listen lets stop our fight for now we'll go and find will while bạn take bloom to the hospital.
tecna: yeah she's right

they di chuyển away

miss faragonda: stella what happened
stella explains in detail
flora:musa bloom is coming to conscious

miss faragonda: girls bạn be out i want to talk to bloom.
bloom: mam i know that daphne and will we good Những người bạn because of the ancesstoral witches they broke up

will arives there

will: bloom are bạn fine
bloom: yes
bloom: why were bạn flying away

posted by Rainflowers
Cornelia noticed the strange sense as soon as they entered the mall. It was strange, unlike she had ever felt before. "Guys," she started, "do bạn sense somthing strange, like, somthings off?"

"Actully, yes" stated Will slowly. "It feels as though it's coming from there." She đã đưa ý kiến pointing to a group of four. Two girls and two boys.

The first girl had long bluish black pigtails, she was wearing a plaid áo sơ mi with long pants. The một giây girl had long brown hair with blonde in it. She was wearing a màu hồng, hồng dress with multiply flowers.

The boy tiếp theo to the brown hair girl had spiked blue hair and was...
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Behold! (By request) The crappiest one shot you'll ever read!

Bloom shot Icy her best smirk…(yeah, the smirk wasn’t that great). She was going to end this battle with one final and big blast.

It was time to channel the dragon flame.

Bloom lifted her hands high above her head, drew all her, energy forward, and unleashed the dragon.

Icy sighed. Every time…same old same old. At this point she may as well not even try to di chuyển as Iginio simply hates her so there’s really no winning no matter what—little did she know Iginio was not doing the nghề viết văn this time. ;) Instead she sat down on the...
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posted by stellawinx101
Bloom : Taste the power of the dragon fire! *blows fire*
Taranee : *been hit bởi fire* Ouch! bạn stupid fairy!
Roxy : Let's play the animal way! MAGIC FOX!!
Irma : Water! *Irma creates a shield*
Layla / Aisha : You've proven a little, but can bạn hold up with all of us?
Tecna : Musa, are bạn ready?
Musa : bạn bet! *holds Tecna's hand*
Tecna : MAGIC BACKUP!! *blasts*
Cornelia : Backup? It means bạn guys are as weak as I thought!
Bloom : bạn never taste the power of convergence of the seven hoặc five of us! *holds hands with Stella*
Stella : *holds hands with Bloom*GRRRR!!
Layla :...
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posted by stellawinx101
Stella : Bloom, why ENCHANTIX again?
Bloom : Because if one of us is hurt we can use our fairy dust.
Stella : Oh right! Smart girl!
Will : bạn can heal people?
Tecna : Yes! We even can heal the universe!
Stella : I don't know about that!
Musa : tiếp theo time pay attention at class!

Irma : We protect the universe!
Layla/Aisha : No, we protect the universe! They can't be two groups protecting it!
Tecna : Actually they can but only nàng tiên and good witches but they are not a fairy hoặc a witch.. they're both!
Stella : Yup! That's the only explanation!
Musa : bạn never pay attention at class! Don't act all smart!
cỏ khô, hay Lin: Same like Cornelia!
Cornelia : Hey!
Stella : Where's all the fighting?
Will : Back to the fighting..
Stella : Yup!

Irma : Yaaargggghhhh!
Musa : Barrier! *creates a barrier*
Bloom : Huh! *Taranee blasts ngọn lửa, chữa cháy and she was hit*

posted by QueenOfEarth
It was a warm day, and Cornelia was walking with her best Will. Suddenly, it started to rain, " OH MY GOSH!!!!!!" Cornelia cried "My Hair!, why does everything hate me!?!?", but Will just frowned and said, " its not normal rain. Its way to hot to be............LOOK OUT!". Will pushed Cornelia down and ducked herself, a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy ball went flying past there heads. "Thanks Will, i Sooooooo owe bạn one" Cornelia đã đưa ý kiến gratefully. Will just smiled and said, " no problem Corny, but we better transfrom, i got a bad feeling". Cornelia didnt have to be told twice, "EARTH!!!!!!" she cried. "QUINTESSENCE!!!!!!"...
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-NOTE: I'm pretending that Earth forgot about magic again, since if they do know about magic, this story is not going to work.-

It was mid October, the autumn winds blowing into cỏ khô, hay Lin's face. cỏ khô, hay Lin smiled as she felt the breeze, she loved the wind, after all, they were part of her element; air.

Hay Lin and her friends, Will, Irma, Taranee and Cornelia was walking towards the local mall, Cornelia leading the way.

"Hay Lin, you've been quiet, is everything alright?" Will asked in concern.

"Next time, ask after you've seen her face," đã đưa ý kiến Irma. "She's smiling with the wind."...
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flora:golden pollen
cornelia: earth ray
icy: icy ice
trix: is enchantix
flora: see cedric has captured bloom.
will: leave her alone.
cedric: hand over the tim, trái tim of candracar i will leave her.
flora: will can talk to bạn for a minute.
will: fine..
stella: flora blooms life is in danger what are bạn doing.
flora: stella calm down.
flora:will hiển thị cedric the tim, trái tim of candracar,but first demand for bloom.
will: OK
will: here bạn go, but first let go of bloom.
[bloom is set free]
flora: plant rope
[ the trix and cedric are captured]
winx and w.i.t.c.h.: yeah
bloom: bạn evil monsters go away
icy: fine


THE END.....


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One ngày at the tình yêu & Pet Shop, Flora was dancing with Musa. " Hit the party!" Musa said. Then, Flora felt a strong energy there. " Musa, do bạn feel that?" she asked. " Yes, there's a strong energy here," answered Musa.
Five girls stepped inside the shop. " Flora, those girls, they may be evil," suggests Musa and she points to the girls.

* W. I. T. C. H *

" Irma, are bạn sure bạn wanna buy a pet here? There's a strange energy.. do bạn think this cửa hàng is evil?" asks cỏ khô, hay Lin. " Look! Those girls..." points Cornelia.
They walk to the two girls which are dancing. Then, five other...
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* Winx *

" I think I'd like to tham gia the party," đã đưa ý kiến a voice. The Winx turn back and saw the Trix. " Oh great!" says Stella.
"There's something we want to tell you." says Darcy and Stormy. "Speak!" says Tecna. "May we help bạn beat them?" asks Icy. "Sure, why?" các câu trả lời Bloom. "Because we hate other witches!" các câu trả lời Stormy.

* W.I.T.C.H *

"Oh great! Errrggghhh!" shouts Will. "Convergence!!" They all surround the witches. "Harmony Overload!!!!!!"
Will and her Những người bạn cried. "We're sorry, okay!" says Irma. "Hey, Taranee, where's your fire?" asks Bloom. "Still burning." các câu trả lời Taranee.

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 Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
Will Vandom - Energy Guardian
NOTE:This is part four, and there is another chapter before this. Please read part 1, 2 and/or part 3 before đọc this to avoid any misunderstandings about what happened


"Remember, we're to stay together-no thêm one on ones," đã đưa ý kiến Will.

"You've told us that only a hundred times," groaned Cornelia.

Before Will could reply, a light appeared before them.

"Ready for doom?" asked Layla.

"Oh no, we're not the ones who'll be in for doom, bạn are," retorted Irma.

As much as Cornelia prefers a nice Sunday with Peter hoặc with her Những người bạn peacefully, she was eager to fight. To prove that the...
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