Helia's P.O.V

I sat there in the cỏ waiting for you. I know it’s been two years since bạn have ran away from everything bạn ever knew, but I still hope for that ngày bạn come home. I know bạn ran away to protect yourself, but I wish bạn would have told us why bạn left. So I found out for myself, and I now know bạn left because if bạn didn’t bạn would have been killed. I just hope wherever bạn are that bạn are happy. Also I just want bạn to know that no matter what I will always tình yêu bạn even if bạn have to di chuyển on. I know the ngày will come when I get to see bạn again even though I know if I get the chance to say goodbye one thêm time my tim, trái tim will break the moment I looked into those ngọc lục bảo eyes of yours and hear the words I am sorry but I have moved on and it’s time for bạn to do the same. The ngày I first found out bạn went missing I bawled and ever since that night I have cried myself to sleep every night hoping I will see bạn again because sometimes the words left unspoken hurt the most. I sat there in the field bởi the rock where I first đã đưa ý kiến I tình yêu bạn on your birthday exactly four years cách đây today. A part of me knows bạn won’t hiển thị but I can try to mask the disappointment because it’s all I have left to keep my tim, trái tim tied together. As the sunrise turned to sunset I gathered the box with the precious diamond I was going to give to bạn at graduation and a bouquet of your yêu thích hoa hồng I bought for bạn for your 20th birthday yet I won’t get to celebrate it with you. I sighed and headed back to the boarding school bạn attended that was just down the road from mine where a memorial for bạn lays in hope you’ll return one year. I set down the hoa hồng and light the candles as I cry looking at your senior portrait knowing bạn probably have changed during this time period. Once the moon fully rose I walked backed but not before I turned around and heard the rustle of the leaves on the wind. I looked at my feet and saw a small paper thiên nga and as I unfolded it I felt tears stream down the side of my face. The letter read I’m sorry I have caused bạn all this pain every ngày since I left, but I did it to protect myself from the pain of watching someone I tình yêu die hoặc having the ones I tình yêu mourn at the loss of a friend, so I ran as fast as I could and as far as I could. I didn’t mean to break your heart, but because it pained me too much just to see your shadow I couldn’t face bạn and I’m sorry but just please di chuyển on for the sake of both of us. However I want bạn to know no matter what happens I will always tình yêu bạn because I have never stopped loving bạn from the moment I you. I cried because she was the one who had my tim, trái tim and she still had mine. She finally came trang chủ yet I didn’t get to see her it was the way I sadly pictured it having to di chuyển on even when I knew neither of us would. So I ran as fast as I could to that rock and saw her standing there in a little white dress with hoa in her hair and she smiled once she saw me in my sports coat, button down and slacks. I realized that all our Những người bạn where their along with a priest I never thought this moment would come I finally proposed to her because she knew I wouldn’t di chuyển on when I knew she was still alive because I would fight for her until the last moment I had. She đã đưa ý kiến yes and then we got married right there on her 20th birthday and even though it’s been a long two years I made the right choice to wait for her return. We sealed the deal with a Kiss and I looked into those sparkling ngọc lục bảo eyes in the moonlight and thought to myself this tình yêu is worth waiting for no matter how long it takes to be together again, even if she did di chuyển on while she was gone.