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Mortal Kombat
Court Lobby

Swift: Dear lord, that was too close
Lilly: Don't worry. It could have been worse
Swift: Worse?! I don't have much evidence and were bringing in a witness who saw bạn commit the crime. If I can't get any actual proof, were going to lose this case
Lilly: Don't worry. I know bạn can do it
Swift: !! W-what
Lilly: Here, I have this
Swift: What's this? A letter... I would like to see bạn tonight. I only want bạn to help me bring back the good old days. Please don't refuse. Come to my house at 10:00 on April 1st. Come alone. Signed... MARIAH
Lilly: Yeah, I was a little surprised too
Swift: Why...
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nhanh, swift Justice: Ace Attorney

Case 1-3

Heartbroken Turnabout

Lilly: I-I didn't do it. I swear
Police: LIAR!!! bạn had every right to
Lilly: I swear I didn't
Police: We found evidence that bạn were there. There's no use denying it
Lilly: Please. bạn have to believe me
Police: Well just see how the Judge thinks of this tomorrow. Your going to pay for what bạn did
Lilly: I didn't do it. I didn't kill him
Police: you'll get your just desserts. A bit of cold, hard nhanh, swift justice, to be exact

Court Lobby
April 2nd 10:27 a.m.

Swift: *Okay, Swift. bạn can do this. Its just like the old days, only your on the opposite...
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the saddest and my most yêu thích MLP project ever
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