Hello, everyone, and today on this bài viết of Jojo-nuary, we will be ranking my own danh sách of all of the Jojo’s. All eight of them. Now, before I start this off, I want to say right now that I enjoy all of the Jojo’s. Even the bad ones that bạn probably don’t like. They are all great in their own ways and they are all as wonderful as the last. So, today, I am going to rank the eight Jojo’s from my least yêu thích to my most favorite. Some of them may be different. Some of bạn may have a different Jojo that bạn see as your favorite, hoặc maybe bạn may not like a Jojo as much as I do. Just remember that these are ranked in how I see them and how much I enjoy them. Also, bạn may be shocked at the order I put them in, so… Try to contain your shock. With that said, let us start the ranking.

Rank 8: Jonathan Joestar from Phantom Blood

Yes, I know. But remember, I like all the Jojo’s. All of them are great in their own ways. But when it comes down to it, Jonathan has the least personality out of the other Jojo’s. Yes, even thêm than Giorno, which we will get to soon. Now, Jonathan is a man who wants to be a gentleman… And that’s about it, really. He just wants to be a gentleman. And he does do a good job at being a gentlemen, so I’ll be sure to give him that. He manages to be one of the gentlemanly men in anime, despite being the size of a damn giant. He’s thêm a gentleman than the entire cast of Ouran Highschool Host Club, and could probably kick all their asses with his Hamon. So, he’s at least got that going for him. Now, what does Jonathan do besides be a gentleman….. Uh…. He fights his adopted brother Dio Brando after he turns into a vampire…. And…. He marries the girl he met when he was a child, Erina… And……….. He killed a bunch of zombies with a Sunny D punch- The thing is, Jonathan is only wanting to be a gentlemen. That’s about it, really. But he does a great job at doing so. But unfortunately, being good at one thing is still just one thing. I don’t have a lot to say about Jonathan because Jonathan doesn’t do much in the first place. I like Jonathan and think he’s a great way for people to get started in the universe of Jojo, but besides that, he doesn’t do much else.

Rank 7: Giorno Giovanna from Vento Aureo

When it comes to this and Stone Ocean, people always want to talk about which is the worse part… Well, back then. With Jojo being thêm popular, Vento Aureo has started to get the praise it deserves, and I think that it earns it. But when it comes to whether Giorno lacks any personality… Well, it’s not that he doesn’t have personality… But it’s just one personality. Yep, it’s Jonathan again, but this time, he’s got a hint of Dio in him, since Giorno is the son of Dio, but was conceived with Jonathan’s body. Giorno manages to have a bit of an interesting character to him. He has some kindness to him, wanting to defeat the boss of Passione to stop it’s illegal drug selling and crimes in Italy, and his Stand, vàng Experience, allowing him to create life through inanimate objects. But, he also has some very cruel moments, which he gets from Dio, as he kills his enemies in incredibly violent ways. He causing Polpo to shoot himself in the head, curb stomps Ghiaccio onto sharp steel, hoặc brutally beating Cioccolata to pieces for seven whole pages. It got really violent at times. And, like I mentioned before with the fight with Diavolo, I won’t spoil, but man, did he really deserve that as his punishment. Man, Giorno was pretty brutal with that punishment. But other than that, Giorno doesn’t really do much else. Honestly, he isn’t even in much of the manga, because as a common trope with Jojo allies, Bucciarati steals the spotlight from Giorno. Polnareff did it in Stardust Crusaders, Koichi did it in Diamond is Unbreakable, and Bucciarati did it in Vento Aureo, only he did it even more. Maybe if Giorno had thêm screen time, he’d be higher, but at least he isn’t at the lowest point.

Rank 6: Josuke “Gappy” Higashikata from Jojolion

Now, the main reason that Gappy is as low as he is is because I haven’t read much of Jojolion. I recently finished Steel Ball Run (My yêu thích part), and I’ve gotten pretty far in Jojolion. Considering the villain still hasn’t been introduced, I doubt we’ve seen the best of Gappy, so I’m still holding out for him. Gappy starts out the series bởi having amnesia (Oh boy, the best cliche), but manages to use it in a unique way, since he is part of two other people, both different and causing Gappy to find out who he really is just so he can get closure on this crazy event, with the help of the Higashikata household. His Stand, Soft and Wet, is a pretty cool Stand, allowing him to use bubbles and… do something with liquid… I’m đọc this off the wiki, okay. I’m incredibly limited. What I’m trying to say is that Gappy is a pretty good character from what I’ve read from him so far. I feel as though we haven’t seen the best of him yet, since Jojolion probably isn’t even at the halfway point yet, and I am anticipating what Araki will do with him. Until then, Gappy is just at this point. Maybe he’ll be raised up more, hoặc lowered more. Maybe he’ll even become the best Jojo at some point. But, for now, he’ll just sit here.

Rank 5: Jotaro Kujo from Stardust Crusaders

When it comes to Jotaro, many Jojo những người hâm mộ are chẻ, phân chia, split on how they feel about him. Some see him as a badass who can wreck anything with his ngôi sao Platinum. Others see him as an emotionless cliche who doesn’t seem to have any personality. I am kind of in the middle on this one. I can see Jotaro as being a pretty good protagonist. He manages to have the many things that make him amazing and interesting, but many things that could be worked on. Jotaro is a high schooler who hides his care for his mother and his family bởi being a delinquent, usually beating his problems rather than thinking of a way out. Not that he doesn’t. He always manages to plan ahead as well. However, would it kill him to have not such an OP Stand. ngôi sao Platinum is probably one of the most overpowered Stands ever, having hundreds of abilities, some of which are only used once for convenience. Remember ngôi sao Finger? And finally, when (Spoilers), he manages to get ngôi sao Platinum The World, it’s just all over. How in the hell did Pucci manage to Stand a chance with such an OP Stand? But still, Jotaro manages to be a very interesting character. He hides his emotions because it would be a problem in battle, and in a series as battle heavy as Jojo, I can’t really blame him for having that sort of thought. Jotaro isn’t as bad as people say he is, but not as good as others say he is. For me, he manages to fill the shoes of a protagonist well.

Rank 4: Joseph Joestar from Battle Tendency

Now we’re getting to the best Jojo’s. And I have to say, as much as it hurt me to do this, Joseph was placed near the bottom of the hàng đầu, đầu trang four. But I have my reasons as to why this is so. I just happen to enjoy the other characters more. However, that doesn’t keep Joseph from being an amazing character. Joseph is the grandson of Jonathan and picks up where the last part left off, and this is where, if bạn want a great start to the series, bạn should start. Joseph manages to be a very cocky and cunning bastard, always cracking jokes and screwing with his enemies, but also managing to outsmart them and prove that he isn’t a dumb kid like you’d expect, as shown in his fight with Santana. He also manages to hiển thị how much he wants to survive, as he shows bởi surviving the fight with Kars, the ultimate lifeform. Sure, it was all just luck and kinda stupid when bạn look at it a một giây time, but he was still able to survive. And in the tiếp theo part of Stardust Crusaders, he comes back as an old man and is still as amazing as ever. He still manages to use his Hamon, as well as his Stand, Hermit Purple, which, isn’t a strong Stand, but it… works… I guess. He still manages to be cunning and just as amazing as he was in Battle Tendency, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Also, fun fact, Joseph is still alive when Stone Ocean comes out… So with that in mind, that would mean he is ninety-one, and still living. Goddamn, he really did do his hardest to survive, huh?

Rank 3: Jolyne Cujoh from Stone Ocean

Here it is, the first and only Jojo that was actually a female, and she manages to be one of my favorites. Being the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne is sent to Green cá heo đường phố, street Prison after being accused of murder, and here, many strange things happen. And it’s Stone Ocean, so I mean a LOT of weird things. That includes sky fish, raining frogs, artificial plankton, rainbows that create snails, and Mickey Mouse… I’m not kidding. Anyway, Jolyne manages to have the same hard and badass personality that her father Jotaro has, while also managing to behave like that of a young teenage girl, talking and hanging out with her Những người bạn Ermes and Foo Fighters, just being a normal person at times, but also managing to hiển thị just how much of a badass she is. Her Stand, Stone Free, allows her to turn herself and anything else into string, and uses this to her advantage. She really shows her dedication to saving her father, even going so far as to track down Whitesnake’s user bởi going into the thêm dangerous part of the prison, and dealing with the worst arc in the entirety of Jojo. Oh my god, I hated the Survivor arc. That entire arc was painful to sit through… What I’m trying to say is that Jolyne really shows just how much she can take and how strong she is, proving that bạn don’t need to be a giant muscle man to be a badass… Then again, the characters from Vento Aureo looked thêm feminine and they proved the same thing, but I’m just thinking outloud now.

Rank 2: Josuke Higashikata from Diamond is Unbreakable

Oh boy, if the number one spot wasn’t obvious before, it certainly should be now. But before we get to that, let’s talk about the một giây best Jojo. Josuke is the illegitimate child of Joseph and the uncle of Jotaro, pretty much making a thêm screwed family cây than Dio… Okay, maybe not that bad, but still. Josuke is just a young kid in a small town, until things go crazy, what with Stand users and Bow and Arrows and some David Bowie looking son of a chó cái, bitch going around with a cat that blows stuff up and dates severed hands… It got weird around this part, as if it weren’t weird enough. Anyway, Josuke manages to be one of my yêu thích Jojo’s probably because of the time I started getting into Diamond is Unbreakable. I was (And still am, pretty much) in high school, and when I started đọc this part, I was amazed at how Josuke was thêm like a fellow student than some character. And when the anime came out, also around the time I was in high school, it just made me enjoy him even more. He manages to be selfless and hiển thị how kind he is, when he saves people and uses his Stand Crazy Diamond to heal people of injuries, but he also manages to hiển thị some selfishness and greed, such as when he uses Shigechi and his Stand, Harvest, to collect lottery tickets hoặc tries to use Mikitaka and his Earth, Wind, and ngọn lửa, chữa cháy to cheat Rohan in gambling. That just makes Josuke appear thêm human as a character. Not being perfectly good hoặc that stuff. He just manages to be himself, and that’s what makes him an amazing character… But there is another Jojo that just manages to beat him.

Rank 1: Johnny Joestar from Steel Ball Run

In case it wasn’t clear before, let me clear up any confusion. I tình yêu Steel Ball Run. It is easily the best of all the Jojo parts. It has great storytelling, amazing Stands, great battles, and the best characters I’ve ever seen in Jojo. The villain was great, the allies were great, the enemy Stand users were great, the minor characters that had no purpose were great, and of course, the Jojo was great. Johnny is just an average person until he is shot and left paralyzed and in a wheelchair, unable to walk, let alone race, until he meets a man bởi the name of gyro, con gyro, con quay hồi chuyển Zeppeli, a man with the ability of the Steel Ball, which Johnny does what he can to learn thêm of, even entering the Steel Ball Run race, which soon turns into one big hunt for the Corpse Parts, items that grant a person a Stand and when all brought together, create something that… Is way to crazy for me to spoil. Johnny manages to have some of the best character development I’ve seen for a Jojo, managing to do what he can to stop feeling sorry for himself and just do what he can to reach his ultimate goal, even if that puts him in danger. He even gives up pieces of the Corpse Part, which are incredibly valuable pieces (In case that wasn’t obvious) to save the life of Gyro. That is how great of a friend Johnny is. And lastly, his Stand, Tusk, which allows him to use his fingernails as bullets, is probably one of the greatest ways of hiển thị a Stand user develop along with his Stand since Koichi from Diamond is Unbreakable. In fact, it’s better than that. Everything about Steel Ball Run is better than anything. Everyone says that Steel Ball Run is Araki’s chai rượu lớn chừng hai lít, magnum opus, and just looking at the character of Johnny alone, I agree.