They di chuyển like water,
Shadowless, in their luminescent
Splashing, like the laughter
Of waves on the beach, incandescent
bởi ngày with a million reflections of sunlight,
Remaining awake as the full moon bởi night….

They smile like friends,
Long-lost but never forgotten,
Longing to make amends
For opportunities unbegotten;
Beyond physical embrace, emerging
To enclose my lonesome spirit with their merging…

They gaze like sisters
In a fellowship of healing:
Mending fractures, soothing blisters,
Closing gashes, never leaving
Any wound untended
bởi healing as water was intended;
A spiritual transfusion—
My being is filled with their infusion….

They caress like lovers;
So light as to lift my spirit off my skin…
So bright as their therapy uncovers
My broken soul within,
Dissolving my emptiness
As light banishes darkness….

They heal like balms,
Internally reconstituting
All that was in harm’s
Way, restituting
Honour, harmony, dignity,
Peace and equanimity.