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 My drawing of Firestar
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posted by Feathershine
Lakestar looked at the old medicine cat:
"She's the one?!" she glanced at the kits making it's way towards the nursery "but it was a rogues kit.."
"that does not matter at the moment, StarClan was waiting for this mèo con arrival"
Lakestar turned and looked at the nursery. The kit was very small, would she survive through the upcoming leaf-bare. If she didn't, what would StarClan say?
"bless Stormpelt and Echobreeze to find the chosen one" Lakestar murmured to herself. Granting a goodbye to the old cat she made her way towards her den.

(a moon later)
Whisperkit leaped out of the nursery to join...
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posted by Kitty4
Do bạn just tình yêu herbs and healing and Warriors medicine cats? Well you've come to the right place. I personally adore medicine mèo and their work, so I've created a few medicine cat characters of my own.
To be part of this, simply post a bình luận with your fave made-up med cat character, up to 3 of your fave real med mèo from the series and a few of your favourite healing herbs, illness and injuries that bạn would enjoy treating, along with their remedies. Mine:

I kind of have them in the making so I'll post one once it's created and stuff

Juniper berries
cây anh túc, thuốc phiện seeds

Wound-Cobwebs, marigold, dock, cây anh túc, thuốc phiện seeds, water-soaked moss for cleansing cut
Singed fur/burns-Comfrey, honey, water-soaked moss for cooling burns
Broken limb-Comfrey, cobwebs, cây anh túc, thuốc phiện seeds
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Scalasis Video
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sad thing is most of these are true for me

1. bạn say "moons" instead of "months."

2. bạn wonder what chuột tastes like.

3. You're in tình yêu with Ravenpaw (or any other awesome cat)

4. bạn want to follow a shooting star.

5. You're scared of clouds covering the moon.

6. bạn say "fox/mouse-dung" instead of "crap."

7. bạn hate it when others are on your territory.

8. bạn want your own forbidden love.

9. bạn talk constantly to yourself about how stupid is erin hunter is for killing silverstream,cinderpelt, yellowfang,feathertail and more

10. bạn knew all along that Squirrelflight was not mother material.

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 StarClan, the one hope left to cling to.
StarClan, the one hope left to cling to.
It was not only the sounds of her mèo con mewling that woke Rose that night shortly before dawn. Through the underbrush her keen ears picked up the sounds of mèo moving only tail-lengths ahead of her.
Shadowclan warriors.
Rose crouched down to hide in the ferns. Her rosy gray pelt made her blend in with her surroundings. Would that be enough? I am banished from Shadowclan, she thought silently. They must never find me hoặc me and my litter will be killed.
"Ginger, I smell strange scent over in the ferns over there," a voice said. It belonged to a calico she-cat.
The ginger what seemed to be...
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posted by countrygirl2008
They swam for hours .Oakheart taught BLuestar all of riverclan's swimming moves and bluestar knew as much as any riverclan cat would bởi the time they finished.Oakheart came out of the lake with BLuestar right behind him.I'm worn out .It feels like we just finished a patrol.Oakheart meowed.But their was no answer .Bluestar?
Still no answer.
BLuestar?OAkheart meowed as he turned around.BLuestar wasn't behind him.
Out of know where BLuestar landed on his back.Oakheart was taken bởi surprise and took off.When he finally stopped ,bluestar was waiting for him in the clearing .
You scared me half to...
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 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 6 ~

Tanglefur had helped Furzeleap give birth to her four kits. They were Eelkit, Troutkit, Boulderkit and Rock-kit. They wriggled up to their mother. Tanglefur noticed that Boulderkit wasn't mewling like the rest of them. "Boulderkit has no voice!" Tanglefur mewed in astonishment. "Will he be okay?" asked Furzeleaf. "Yes, but he might be teased." answered Tanglefur. At least Boulderkit could purr, growl and hiss to hiển thị his emotions.

Smokepaw brought Tanglefur a robin. "I wish I was your apprentice." he muttered. "You can be, one day." murmered Tanglefur. "But not yet."

That night Tanglefur slept peacefully. She wondered what would happen tomorrow...
 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
posted by countrygirl2008
As Bluestar got used to her surrondings and being with her mate and being able to see her parents again Bluestar stilled carried around Guilt.Guilt of Snowfur losing her life,guilt of Whitestorm not being able to have his mom with him as he grew older.One ngày while sharing tongues with Oakheart Bluestar confided in him after he đã đưa ý kiến Bluestar u can come to me when something is bothering you.Somethings wrong i can sense it.It hurts not knowing that somethings wrong with you.Bluestar looked at Oakheart with longing to tell her mate everything.Everything about her guilt with Snowfur and everything...
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posted by BramblestarTC
Squrrielflight: Yes hello there Squrrielflight here live from Squrrielflight's broadcasting Corporation, and now the Weather.

Squrrielflight: Today for Windclan expect some High Winds with clear skies this wind might be strong so hang on to your Hat.

A video hiển thị a Live Tornado in the background and Squrrielflight looks at it.

Squrrielflight: oh my look at that.

The live screen goes to Thunderclan where a Massive Lightning storm is happening.

Squrrielflight: For Thunderclan expect a few thunderstorms today with some Lightning.

Squrrielflight looks at the screen

Squrrielflight: Pretty

The Live Screen...
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Scalasis' video
warrior mèo video
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