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Sad vid of Bluestar's life.
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Warrior mèo Screenshots!
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Lionheart: Hello, and welcome to the Safety video for the Reckless Apprentice. In this mini movie we will demonstrate safety tips to avoid injuries.
Graypaw: Is there going to be popcorn?
Lionheart: No, bạn can choke on the kernals and die.
Ravenpaw: Since when has that been a rule? We can't choke on popcorn!
Lionheart: Oh just forget it! Now to continue our production I will ask Graypaw, Ravenpaw, and Firepaw các câu hỏi about safety. Now Graypaw is first.
Graypaw: Bring it on! (Graypaw starts bouncing around in circles)
Lionheart: Here is the first scenario. bạn are hot and bạn want to jump in the...
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Tribbleofdoom's video
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x2 fast!
warrior mèo video
warriors video
we are one
Leafpool talking about me ( Jayfeather )
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The full moon shone in the sky that night, marking Rose's first moon staying with Lila and Ginger in the alley. She knew in the forest under the High Rock the gathering was taking place where all four of the Clans would meet in harmony. No, she could not think that again. She could not think of the lfe she left behind.
Times were hard for Rose, and often she thought about old Clan life.
Rose sighed and watched Pinekit and Tanglekit play amonst themselves. They ran and tumbled all over the shed floor. They did not know of their Shadowclan heritage. They didn't even remember their time in the...
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Firestar plants his paws on his bàn seriously
"I have brought bạn all here for a very important reason...." He growled.
"Who ate my slice of quả anh đào, anh đào pie??? All there was were Ashfur's and Sootfur's, and they're dead!"
Sorreltail wacks her head on the desk.
"It was me!" She wailed.
"How could I eat tht slice of pie?!? How?!?"
Firestar narrows his eyes.
"Your fired!" He hissed.
Sorreltal glares and stalks out of the room.
"Fine!" She growls. "Im going to tham gia ShadowAgency!"
Firestar looks around angrily.
"Now that THAT was out of the way..." He hissed.
"Lets start thinking about the IMPORTANT stuff."
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