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THEORY ONE: Hollyleaf's Return

Hollyleaf's death was never confirmed. If that's not enough, I don't know what is...

1: Hollyleaf is smart. She's not just going to go get crushed by rocks.
Yes, I know she went insane, and maybe her senses dimmed... but I don't think so.

I also think she is a very powerful cat, with more power in her paws then the actual Three combined.

2. Jayfeather never reached out to her mind! What's up with that? Plus, they made a big deal about how there was NO body at her vigil.

3. When asked if Hollyleaf went to the Dark Forest or StarClan, the authors replied:
IF she's dead....

4. Vicky has stated before that Hollyleaf is her favorite character. I know she likes to kill cats, but her favorite character? And Holly's death was soo... mysterious. Undeveloped.

5. Another interesting tidbit is that Hollyleaf's power was NEVER released, like they said it would be in Sunrise. What if Hollyleaf's power HELPED her survive?


7. Remember Jay's vision of the Three? Lion, Holly, and him with muscles rippling under their pelts, holding the power of the stars?

THEORY TWO: Dovekit vs. Dove's wing, plus the Ivykit scandal

1. Kate SAID so on her blog! She said!
me: So? She's trying to throw us off!
2. The first cover of OTS (I like this better than OOTS, thank you very much.) pictures Dovekit, and the second is Ivykit. Since they have stated that the fourth apprentice doesn't really come into play until the second book, it MUST be Ivykit!

me: Oh, gosh. No. Hello? Cover. Is not. Dead giveaway, even though it was in the Power of Three. (blah, stupid erins) PLUS, how do we know that's Ivykit? Might be... Lionblaze. Or Firestar. I'll tell you something-something about THAT theory later on....

1. I think I was the FIRST person to realize the Dovekit-Dove's Wing thing. Anyway, so if they ARE the PoT, then each one has an alter ego with the ancient Tribe, right? Now the only question is: Who's Lionblaze?

2. First cover. Duh.
me: NOT a dead giveaway. But right now... I like that idea.


1. So, what if they're not one and the same? The power of three cat could be Dove, and the Fourth Apprentice COULD be Ivy, since it states that the Fourth Apprentice won't be put into play until the second book.

2. I'm getting complicated. WHAT IF. Hollyleaf IS the PoT and Dovekit just has powers because SHE's the fourth apprentice? AGAIN, HOLLYLEAF WAS NEVER STATED NOT TO HAVE POWERS, IT WAS JUST JAYFEATHER'S ASSUMPTION.

THEORY THREE: Hollyleaf, Firestar and Brambleclaw; Graystripe and the Fourth Apprentice.

1. It has been reportably CONFIRMED that Firestar will die in Omen of the Stars, and Brambleclaw WILL NOT succeed him. Hmm. This raises some more INTERESTING theories, like the killer.

2. Hollyleaf back for revenge? Maybe she took out Firestar and Brambleclaw to make herself leader. It could happen, but it just doesn't seem like her.

3. Graystripe will take over as leader. OMG I'd love this rumor! I love Gray, and I think he should have a shot. He was always a better deputy than Brambleclaw is.

4. The Fourth Apprentice is the deputy at the end of the books.
me: yeah, somehow I seriously doubt this one, as they're inexperienced warriors and Gray's more likely to go for Brackenfur or something.

Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this. Okay, so we have some new theories bounding out from the abyss.

1. Firestar and/or Brambleclaw retire.
me: Mehh, I doubt Firestar would go out that way.

2. Wouldn't Brambleclaw stay deputy if he doesn't succeed Firestar?
me: No, he'd be dead.

3. Hollyleaf got crushed by a thousand freaking pounds of dirt!
me: She outran them, OR was put in a little tent-like thing by a few rocks and dug her way out.

4. She'd starve to death.
me: The dark river. Duh.
Someone: But what if the rocks blocked the river?
me: Huh. That's a good question. I'd say that they couldn't block it, not if the collapse was in the tunnel to GET to the caves. It wouldn't make sense that the whole cave would fall.

5. Hollyleaf kills Firestar and Brambleclaw, then makes herself leader, with Sol as deputy.
me: Wait. Didn't I mention Hollyleaf killing them above? And hehe, Sol? Isn't he gone?

6. Leafpool kills herself!
me: If she didn't eat the berries in the first place, how could she die?
Anonymous: she could feel responsible for Hollyleaf's death, so she would kill herself.
me: Yes, but... actually, that's a good one. But would the Erins kill her? There could be a lot of drama in OTS if she lived.
Anonymous: But she could kill StarClan cats!
me: You know they're already dead, right?

7. Neither Ivykit NOR Dovekit are the POT.
me: Well, who would be? I mean, I do have a theory that Hollyleaf actually is, but...
Unknown: Squirrelflight has kits!
me: Didn't Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight break up?
Unknown: Well, yeah, but they could get back together... and have kits... OR. Squirrelflight x Thornclaw!
me: Where the HECK did that come from?!
Unknown: Or, or.... Leafpool x Thornclaw!
me: Seriously?
Unknown: You think so?! I do too! *hugs*
me: No. I don't. Get off of me.

8. Without Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze end up going insane.
me: Whaaaat?
NotKnown: Okay, okay. So, basically, they miss their sister so much that they go INSANE and kill Leafpool, Brambleclaw, and Whitewing!
me: Whitewing has nothing to do with it.
NotKnown: Of course she does! She bore Ivykit and Dovekit, and one of them is going to replace Hollyleaf!
me: Uhh... then wouldn't they kill Ivykit and Dovekit?
NotKnown: oh. yeah. you're smart.

Okay, so Spottedstar posted this;
"i just had an interesting theory. i think that well just say dovekit was part of the 3. once ivykit found out she would be jelous, kill her sister and become the 3rd cat herself. "
Maybe! It is rumored that the Omen of the Stars series will be darker then the Power of Three series. It will also be a direct continuation. Its just a point of view switch, but the main cats will stay the same. (with the addition of Ivy + Dove)

Maybe Ivykit is Hollyleaf reborn? Like Cinderpaw? I know it sounds farfetched, but maybe Hollyleaf was part of the prophecy all along...but just not in her first body...Crazy right? But hey, we've learned to expect the unexpected from Erin & co!

Dovekit does seem to be the main cat of the two. (I could be mistaken, but its Dovekit on the cover of the first Omen of the Stars book, The Fourth Apprentice.) Ivykit could become very jealous of living in her sister's shadow. Or perhaps one dies in an accident?

Maybe they both live...who knows? It seems a bit unlikely because only one of them COULD be the Fourth Apprentice. Unless they merge and stuff, but that would be kind of creepy.
Unfortunately no one has solid answers. (Except for those lucky enough to get their paws on the book before it comes out!) We'll have to wait a while longer for Erin to release more details. :(
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hơn một năm qua scourgeclaw said…
anybody see this?
hơn một năm qua Spottedheart14 said…
i did. good spoilers! im so team lionstar. but anyway, im pretty sure dovepaw is the 3rd cat because she has such good hearing and sight. i like the hollyleaf theories! the fourth book is sign of the moon and that will center around the tribe. the fifth book is the forgoten warrior and that is probably hollyleaf, so we will find out if she's alive or not in the forgotten warrior! i think she's alive. then firestar will probably die in the sixth book of OTS. rumor is that the sixth book is when the war between the clans and starclan vs. dark forest starts....hope that helped! :)
hơn một năm qua theWOLFPACK15 said…
I like the Hollyleaf theory too. I mean seriously I think she is alive. Because before I read sunrise I read a spoiler of her dieing. and then when I got to the book I read that part over and you do not read a line that say that Jayfeather and Lionblaze heard a yowl/screech cut off when the rocks collapsed. So I think she out ran the rocks.

I use to hate Hollyleaf because she was so annoying, but Ivypaw is so freaken annoying even more that I miss Hollyleaf.
hơn một năm qua Hawkbelly said…
Dovewing is the third cat, Hollyleaf comes back, Ivypaw gets tired of living in her sisters shadow and joins the dark forest, then learns they are bad and spies instead.
hơn một năm qua Rebecca_Orlando said…
I have always believed that Hollyleaf was alive!!!!