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So, I've read all of the warriors books up to date, and I'm not about to miss the next ones. Personally, I am a Firestar hater, but don't kill me in your comments if I say I want him to die. I'm going to discuss spoilers and theories with you, and possibly prove other people's mistakes wrong.

Q: How many lives does Firestar have left and how did he lose them all?

LEFT. Let's count them together.
1. Battle with Blooclan(The Darkest Hour)
2. Battle with the rats(Firestar's Quest)
3. Crushed by a tree(Dawn)
4. Fox(Long Shadows)
5. Greencough(The Fourth Apprentice)
So far, we're where we should be; it says in Fading Echoes that he had lost 5 lives.
6. Russetfur(Fading Echoes)
HE DID NOT LOSE ANY LIVES IN THE FOX TRAP. Brambleclaw saves him.He will likely die completely in "The Last Hope." (Hooray!)

Q: Will Tigerheart and Dovewing get back together? Is Tigerheart important? Is he good or evil?

A: Who knows! My guess is that he is important, because why would he be included so much of he wasn't? Also, in "Night Whispers," you'll notice that it alternates between ThunderClan and ShadowClan. Also, in chapter 6, it is a lot about Tigerheart, Flametail, and Dawnpelt.  Flametail dies, and Dawnpelt isn't in it much into the end. Tigerheart is definitely in it the most. As for getting back together with Dovewing, that's kind of up to her. He said that no boundaries will ever separate them. He obviously loves her.  He also proved to us that he may not be completely with the Dark Forest when he saved his brother, even though Brokenstar had ordered Ivypool to kill him. Which brings up another question. Why did he warn Dovewing about Dawnpelt's anger, then side with her at the gathering? It could be a scheme from the Dark Forest, because when he was warned Dovewing, he didn't seem to believe it. He is a mysterious character. If any of these arguments seem unreasonable, like I'm defending him, that's because I'm in love with him. Tell me in your comments.

Q: Who is the fourth cat?

A: I'm totally hoping for Tigerheart, but I'm really not sure that's happening. He does seem important though. But back to my answer. The most obvious answers are Ivypool, Hollyleaf, and Cinderheart. Ivypool because she's already risking her life more than anyone else for her clan, in the Dark Forest. Hollyleaf because she is Jayfeather and Lionblaze's sister, and she's obviously important to the big battle because why else would she come back right before it? Also, the Erins are always going on about how sad it is that she's not in the prophecy; it would be a certain irony if she was. And Cinderheart because she's also obviously important as well, because, well, she's another cat's spirit, and she's sort of a main character now. It would also be kind of funny if she was, considering she rejected Lionblaze because she wasn't "important" enough for the prophecy.

Q: What's going to happen to Jayfeather with Dawnpelt's accusation?

A: Nothing, according to him. He refused the other cats telling him to back down from his post until evidence is found. It seemed to me that he was going to tell the other clans about the Dark Forest at the Gathering. However he may be forced to. Of course, our sarcastic, grumpy Jayfeather won't stand for that. I can't wait to hear what he'll do.

Q: Who will become leader when/if Firestar dies?

A: I believe the Erins said that Brambleclaw will not become leader. Graystripe's to old. Lionblaze would live WAY to long with his special power. Jayfeather's a medicine cat obviously. Cinderheart sort of became a medicine cat. Hollyleaf, Ivypool, and Dovewing are the possibilities in my mind. Hollyleaf was always saying how much so wanted to be leader; maybe that was a lead-up, but the clan probably doesn't really trust her enough. Dovewing, maybe. I can't really find any positives or negatives for her, except that she's in the prophecy. Ivypool could, because she's the one risking her life the most for her clan. But if the clan realizes that she was in the Dark Forest, some may not trust her, even if they know she was spying for the Clans. I'm for Ivypool or Dovewing.

Q: Will there be more books?

A: I think so. I think they should just end the series here, but Erin said that they were "only on the fourth arc," giving me the impression that they will continue. I heard that they will make a new arc about the time of Riverstar, Thunderstar, Shadowstar, and Windstar. I think that that would be weird. That makes me wonder though, does that mean Skyclan is in it? Probably.

Q: Why didn't StarClan tell the other clans about the Dark Forest?

A: They are stupid. I'm kidding. But it was kind of dumb. It just spread the clans apart. StarClan can say that the only way to win is separate, but I'm sitting here thinking, how can they beat them anyway, but without big numbers? I don't think so. Then StarClan will just be tired and weak from fighting all the time when they get to the last clan. I don't understand that, but the Erins must have some reason for it.

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hơn một năm qua Hawkbelly said…
Sorry if anything is wrong, I did my best; hope it helps. Tigerheart forever!!!!!!!
hơn một năm qua smartone123 said…
I know most of the stuff but I love the plopians to this so nice
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hơn một năm qua Luckyfan2011 said…
Numero Uno, Hawkbelly, Graystripe is not old, he is still a valuable member to Thunderclan! Being old doesn't mean that you will stop carrying out duties to your clan! It means you get to appreciate them more, and that's it!
hơn một năm qua Hawkbelly said…
I didn't say he's a bad warrior, I love him. But really, if u think about it logically, if he were anyone but the main character (or one of them) he would be in the elders den right now. Thnx for reading it.
hơn một năm qua Dawnmist said…
That is helpful! I wounder how many Blackstar lost. He's old. ;)
hơn một năm qua Hawkbelly said…
I'll try to find out how many Blackstar has. I know he dies at the end though. And I think Rowanstar makes Tigerheart Deputy.
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