Warriors (Novel Series) Want your character to be featured in my newest work?

EmTheLongcat posted on Dec 11, 2011 at 12:53AM
I'm going to write something about Warriors, most likely a novel-length fanfic. However for this I'm going to need some characters, and it would be nice to use some assistance from people that aren't myself and get some original ideas from the variety between characters. They don't have to be Clan cats, all positions are open at the moment. So if you want your cat to be in it, just post a description. The essential parts are
-Eye Colour
-Fur Colour
-Personality Traits

Anything else is optional. Thank you!

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hơn một năm qua Harpaw8 said…
-Name silverwind
-Eye Colour: green
-Fur Colour silver
-Personality Traits : vary nice. But is mate to another cat in another clan. (Any you plese.)

hơn một năm qua smartone123 said…
Name ticklepaw
-Eye Colour ice blue
-Fur Colour pretty smokey black and silver fur with pure black tabby stripes
-Physique is like a riverclan cat body type
-Personality Traits kind but very shy
hơn một năm qua EmTheLongcat said…
Cheers, added ^^