Warriors (Novel Series) Is this okay...

Feathershine posted on Oct 14, 2011 at 10:21PM
Leader: Froststar: white she-cat with black stripes near flank and blue eyes
Deputy: Badgerclaw: brown-and-white tabby Tom with blue eyes
Medicine cat: Whiteberry: pretty light gray she-cat with different sized spots and blue eyes
Leopardstrike: spotted golden she-cat with amber eyes
Breezedance: pretty, young silver tabby she-cat with striking blue eyes
Patchfur: black-and-white tabby Tom with green eyes
apprentice: Mousepaw
Dusklight: dusky brown she-cat with black patches and dark gray eyes
Rainsplash: blue-gray Tom with blue eyes
Goosewing: speckled gray Tom with pale blue eyes
apprentice: Sparrowpaw
Dawncloud: cream colored she-cat with golden patches and pretty green eyes
Wastripe: black Tom with dark Ginger stre going down back and pale gold-green eyes
apprentice: Cherrypaw
Poolfur: silvery-gray Tom with pale blue eyes
Brownfur: brown tabby Tom with brown eyes
apprentice: Harepaw
Sapface: golden brown tabby Tom with amber eyes
Mousepaw: pretty dusky brown she-cat with blue eyes
Sparrowpaw: dark brown tabby Tom with amber eyes
Cherrypaw: pretty dappled Ginger she-cat with green eyes
Harepaw: brown-and-white Tom with yellowish-green eyes
Ashcloud: light gray she-cat with blue eyes and black legs and belly
Blueflower: blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes (expecting Waspstripes kits)
Runningbreeze: pretty light brown tabby she-cat with beautiful narrowed yellow eyes mother to Badgerclaws kits (Adderkit: mottled dark brown tabby Tom with blue eyes, Birchkit: light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes, Ravenkit: smoky gray Tom with blue eyes)
Goldencloud: pretty cream-ginger she-cat with green eyes, old medicine cat
Grassfoot: mottled brown tabby Tom with green eyes
Beetleclaw: brown Tom with amber eyes
Dapplefur: dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Shadowtail: black-and-silver tabby Tom with amber eyes

Any more names?? Put them in the comments!!
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