Warriors (Novel Series) IceClan and SnowClan Fanfic! (Written bởi FlyingChickens and purpledemigod)

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hơn một năm qua FlyingChickens said…
Leader - Nightstar (black she-cat, blue eyes)
Deputy - Cloudleaf (white tom, green eyes)
Medicine Cat - Snowfall (pale gray she-cat, light blue eyes)
Medicine Apprentice - Stormpaw (dark gray tom, amber eyes)
Warriors -
Murkpelt (spotted dark brown and gray tom, amber eyes)
Flamepelt (ginger tabby tom with green eyes)
Grasspool (pale ginger she-cat, light green eyes)
Rainfur (pale gray she-cat, blue eyes)
Woodfeather (dark brown she-cat, orange eyes)
Sunheart (bright ginger tom, green eyes)
Tigerfoot (orange-black tabby tom, yellow eyes)
Whitefoot (black tom, one white paw, blue eyes)
Streamsplash (silver she-cat, moss green eyes)
Goldleaf (pale ginger tabby she-cat, goldish coloured eyes)
Bluetail (blue-gray she-cat, white muzzle and tipped tail, gray eyes)
Spottedpelt (spotted black and white tom, amber eyes)
Darkspots (spotted black and silver she-cat, dark blue eyes)
Duststorm (dust coloured tabby tom, icy eyes)
Brightflower (gray tabby she-cat, blue eyes)
Apprentices -
Frostpaw (Spottedpelt, white cat, dark blue eyes, half deaf)
Smudgepaw (Bluetail, brown and black tom, amber eyes)
Dawnpaw (Tigerfoot, pale gold she-cat, green eyes)
Smallpaw (Murkpelt, tiny dark gray tom, yellow eyes)
Queens -
Featherwing (pale gray queen, blue eyes, pregnant)
Sandleaf (pale gold queen, green eyes, mother of Whitekit and Mudkit)
Ashfeather (dark gray queen, amber eyes, mother of Nightkit and Rosekit)
Cinderfur (spotted dark gray and silver queen, green eyes, mother of Midnightkit and Wolfkit)
Kits -
Nightkit (black kit, white tipped tail, amber eyes)
whitekit (white tom, green eyes)
Mudkit (dark brown tom, blue eyes)
Rosekit (pale ginger she-kit, blue eyes)
Midnightkit (pure black she-kit, blue eyes)
Wolfkit (gray and white tom, long furred, amber eyes)
Elders -
Shadefur (dark gray tom, amber eyes)
Ravenheart (black tom, green eyes)
Leopardwing (spotted black and gold she-cat, white muzzle, green eyes)
Silverleap (silver she-cat, blue eyes)
Greenpool (pale gray tabby, green eyes)
hơn một năm qua purpledemigod said…
Leader - Mothstar (brown tom, golden and light brown speckles, amber eyes)
Deputy - Mossheart (long-furred gray she-cat, green eyes)
Medicine Cat - Trouttail (silver tabby tom, gray eyes)
Warriors -
Clawear (brown tom, torn ear, green eyes)
Blazestream (gray she-cat, blue eyes, white blaze on underbelly)
Waterbelly (gray tom, blue eyes, blue-gray underbelly)
Leafcloud (brown tabby she-cat, green eyes)
Gingerclaw (dark gray tom, amber eyes)
Rockstorm (dark gray tom, yellow eyes)
Ravenfeather (black tom, yellow eyes, short tail)
Dawnpool (ginger she-cat, amber eyes)
Dayfeather (light gray tabby she-cat, ice blue eyes)
Specklestep (brown she-cat, golden and light brown speckles, blue eyes, white blaze on underbelly)
Thunderleaf (yellow-ginger tabby tom with green eyes)
Cloudstorm (white tom with blue eyes and a dark gray tailtip)
Darkheart (black tom, ice blue eyes)
Apprentices -
Riverpaw (mentor: Gingerclaw, white she-cat, green eyes)
Patchpaw (mentor: Thunderleaf, light gray tom with dark gray patches, amber eyes)
Lightpaw (mentor: Dayfeather, light brown she-cat, bright green eyes)
Sandpaw (mentor: Mossheart, pale ginger tom, yellow eyes)
Queens -
Redheart (dark ginger she-cat, pale ginger muzzle, green eyes, pregnant)
Flowerwing (brown tabby she-cat, pale brown muzzle, paws, underbelly, blue eyes, mother of Brownkit, Amberkit, & Whitekit)
Heatherpelt (blue-gray she-cat, amber eyes, mother of Crowkit)
Kits -
Brownkit (brown tabby she-kit, green eyes, pale brown muzzle)
Elders -
Moonheart (silver tabby tom, gray eyes, dark gray paws)
Hollybreeze (very light gray she-cat, amber eyes)
Flashtail (ginger tom, bright ginger tail, bright yellow eyes)
Sharpfang (white tom, green-yellow eyes)
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hơn một năm qua purpledemigod said…

Snow fell hard. A light gray tom struggled through the snow. He flinched as a piece of hail landed on his muzzle. Soon, there was more hail stinging his pelt. He shook his head and blinked, his gray eyes narrowed. He stepped forward a few more steps and disappeared into a cave. He shook his tabby pelt and continued down the dark, damp, cave tunnel. He reached the end, where a light gray she-cat waited for him by a glowing pearl-white stone.
"So glad to be in the Starcave, away from that crazy blizzard," he grumbled.
"Hello to you, too, Trouttail," meowed the she-cat.
"Hello," Trouttail meowed. He glanced towards the exit. "Hopefully the storm will be over by sunrise."
The she-cat nodded. "Shall we get started?"
Trouttail dipped his head. "Of course, Lightfall."
Lightfall leaned forward to touch the stone with her nose, but hesitated and stared at Trouttail. "Well? What are you waiting for? Touch the Starstone!"
Trouttail flicked his tail. "Right." He leaned down and touched the stone, falling asleep in a few heartbeats.
He opened his eyes. He was on another mountain, standing in the entrance of a bigger cave. This isn't the Starcave, he thought. He turned around to face the outside, where it was snowing lightly. This isn't the same mountain.
In a shimmer of light, Lightfall appeared beside him. She padded into the cave.
"Wait up!" Trouttail called after her.
Lightfall whirled around. "Quiet!" She turned and continued walking.
Trouttail padded quickly behind. They arrived into a large cavern filled with cats. There was a cat sitting on top of a large rock, facing the two medicine cats. The cats on the floor of the cave surrounded a bright ginger tom.
"Sly Fox Stalking Through Large Bush, you are no longer a part of the Tribe of Falling Snow!" the cat on the rock bellowed.
The bright ginger tom snarled. "Stoneteller, do you really think I care? This isn't the only Tribe. There's the Tribe of Tall Oaks and the Tribe of Rushing Water. I could join them. I bet they'd like a free cave-guard. Or... maybe there's another Tribe."
Stoneteller snorted. "The Stonetellers of the other Tribes won't take you, and there is no fourth Tribe."
"There is now." The ginger tom's tone was icy. He looked around at the cats surrounding him. "The Tribe of Raging Flames is looking for some members. All cats are welcome." He padded towards the entrance, stopping right in front of Trouttail. He looked behind him expectantly, his cruel, dark eyes glowing.
Trouttail padded to the side of the tunnel, and Lightfall followed.
"Fox, no one will follow yo-" Stoneteller stopped short as a group of cats walked towards the ginger tom confidently. Then, some more cats followed, less certain this time.
"Oh, look, some are coming." Fox sneered. He looked up scornfully at Stoneteller. "Looks like around a quarter of your Tribe would rather follow me. I guess that shows what kind of leader you are. Ha! Tribe of Raging Flames, let's leave."
A slender gray she-cat maneuvered her way through the throng of cats that were with Sly Fox Stalking Through Large Bush. "Fox," she protested. "We're leaving? Just like that? You're listening to his order?"
Stoneteller gasped. "Mist!"
Fox sneered. "That's right. Your own daughter doesn't even support you."
Mist shuffled her paws uncomfortably.
"I guess it's an act of pity," Fox replied to Mist's question. He looked at Stoneteller with disgust. "We'll leave today, but one day you'll be brought down. We'll bring all the Tribes down."
He turned and led the Tribe of Raging Flames away.
Stoneteller leaped lightly down from his rock. "Leaf, take half the prey-hunters and follow them to make sure they leave. Hawk, take the other half and go hunt. Rock, take half of the cave-guards and go with Leaf's group. Night, take the other half and go with Rock. Kit-mothers, go back to your dens."
Everyone scurried off. Stoneteller sighed and went off to a tunnel alone.
Trouttail automatically followed, as if an invisible force was making him. Lightfall was right behind him.
They went down a dark tunnel, and soon they arrived in a cave with pointed stones and pools.
Stoneteller sat on the other side of the cave. He stared right at the two medicine cats as if he knew they were there.
"Day of snow and night of ice combine two Clans in battle against the fox of raging flames," he meowed mysteriously.
Lightfall and Trouttail glanced at each other nervously. Then everything faded. Trouttail pulled away from the Starstone.
Lightfall looked at him, her light blue eyes serious. "It's a prophecy," she meowed. "Great trouble is coming for us."
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hơn một năm qua FlyingChickens said…
Chapter 1
---IceClan Camp---
Nightstar paced around the camp. The prophecy Lightfall recited to her still rant in her ears. "Day of snow and night," the leader repeated aloud. "of ice combine two Clans in battle against the fox of flames. What could that mean?"
"What was that, Nightstar?"
Nightstar turned around, her blue eyes blazing with fear at the knowledge that somebody heard the prophecy. But.... It was just Bluetail. "Nothing," Nightstar mewed softly.
Bluetail pressed her nose against Nightstar's cheek, calming the agitated leader. "Whatever it is, I know you'll have the power to keep us alive," the warrior purred.
Nightstar looked up at the bright moon that hung lifelessly in the dark sky. "I hope that too."
---SnowClan Camp---
"NO!" Mothstar roared. "Impossible! We have to form an alliance? You should be kicked out of the clan suggesting that, Trouttail!"
Trouttail blinked before mewing, "StarClan has spoken, Mothstar. That is their wish."
Mothstar flicked his tail, something he only did when he was nervous. "We've lived in these mountain ranges for generations without knowing the existence of such tribes! What is this was just a regular dream you are dreaming up, Trouttail?"
"A normal dream, Mothstar? Use your brain, Lightfall of IceClan got the same dream, do you think it is just a coincidence that we both had the same dream? We were at Starcave at half-moon, this prophecy means something!"
Mothstar looked nervously around. "This must mean something then," he slowly mewed. "Call Mossheart now, Trouttail. I'll need to discuss this with her."
Trouttail shook his head. "No, Mothstar. Keep this prophecy within us. both of us promised to only discuss this with our leaders."
Mothstar flicked his tail again. And again. And again.
"Would you stop that?" Trouttail snapped, his temper snapping. "Flicking your tail won't help! We need to have a private conversation with Nightstar, that's what."
Mothstar's amber eyes glowed in the darkness. "Fine. Round up Waterbelly. We'll leave at dawn for IceClan camp."
hơn một năm qua purpledemigod said…
I'm so sorry that this is late, I was on vacation. Actually, I still am. Anyways, here's the next chapter!

Chapter 2

Dayfeather followed Mossheart, Waterbelly, and Lightpaw into camp with 2 rabbits in her jaws. Mossheart stopped at the fresh-kill pile and set down her jawful of prey and turned to her patrol.
"Lightpaw, take your rabbit and robin to the elders, and leave your shrew on the fresh-kill pile. Good hunting, by the way. I'm impressed," Mossheart praised the apprentice.
Dayfeather put down her rabbit. "Me too," she told her apprentice, as the young light brown she-cat raised her head with pride.
"Thanks!" she meowed before pushing the shrew to the fresh-kill pile and taking the other pieces of food to the elders' den.
"Now, Waterbelly, take that pheasant to Trouttail. Dayfeather, take the rabbit to Mothstar," Mossheart ordered. She picked up two mice and put them on the small fresh-kill pile and carried a vole to the nursery.
Waterbelly took his large bird to the medicine cats. Dayfeather padded slowly towards her leader's den.
It was a calm, peaceful day in camp. The elders were napping in the sunlight by a tree stump, waiting for Lightpaw to give them fresh-kill; the queens shared tongues while watching their kits pretend to be legendary warriors; the recently named apprentices talked excitedly about their first tasks.
"Fine. Round up Waterbelly. We'll leave at dawn for IceClan camp."
Mothstar's gruff, unwilling meow made her pause.
She peeked in, just as Trouttail padded out. She jumped back.
Trouttail's eyes were wide and nervous. "Dayfeather! Er, how much of our conversation did you hear?" he whispered.
Dayfeather blinked at the tom's skittishness and meowed, "Fine. Round up Waterbelly. We'll leave at dawn for IceClan camp." She studied him carefully. "What were you talking about before?"
"Nothing," he snapped. "Don't ever eavesdrop on conversations!" He walked away quickly.
"I wasn't! I was bringing fresh-kill!" she called after him. Sighing, she picked up the dead rabbit again and walked into the den. Setting down the fresh-kill, she said, "Mothstar! I brought you fresh-kill."
The bad tempered leader turned. "Just put it down and go." He flicked his tail.
Dayfeather dipped her head and left. She went straight to the medicine cat den, where she nearly tripped over Waterbelly's bird. Trouttail sorted herbs in the back. His head snapped up as she approached.
"So, what were you talking about with Mothstar? He seems kinda angry."
Trouttail sighed. "He can't stand the idea of making an alliance with Nightstar, even if the prophe-" He stopped and glanced at her warily.
"Prophecy?" Dayfeather meowed, stepping forward. "What prophecy?"
Trouttail's blue eyes were hard. "I cannot tell you. I promised Lightfall, and I won't break the promise."
"You can tell me! I won't tell anyone. And maybe I can help you figure it out," Dayfeather insisted.
"No. The fact that you're my sister doesn't mean you can know whatever you want," Trouttail meowed.
"About that alliance," Dayfeather pressed. "Why won't Mothstar accept it?"
Trouttail glared at her. "You know the story. In a fight, Nightstar gave Mothstar - back then, Mothclaw - a nasty scar along his flank and she also took off his tail-tip. It was during a border fight, I think."
Dayfeather's eyes brightened. "Oh right! I remember now! He's been holding a grudge ever since."
"All cats that can catch their own prey, gather here beneath the Snowstone for a Clan meeting!" Mothstar yowled.
Dayfeather exchanged a glance with Trouttail and hurried over. She ended up beside Thunderleaf, a yellow-ginger tabby tom and Specklestep, Mothstar's daughter. Specklestep glanced at her and sniffed, turning her head away. Thunderleaf blinked warmly at her and murmured a greeting.
"I will be paying a visit to IceClan," Mothstar said with a bit of annoyance. "I will take Trouttail with me, and..."
Waterbelly and Blazeheart will also go with him, as usual, Dayfeather thought.
"Waterbely and Blazeheart will also come with me, as usual," Mothstar finished.
Waterbelly and Blazeheart were already on their way to the front of the crowd. Blazeheart touched noses with Mothstar.
"Specklestep will be in charge while we're gone," Mothstar announced.
Mossheart spoke up in confusion. "But I'm deputy!"
Mothstar sighed. "Fine. Mossheart's in charge. Specklestep will act as deputy. Any other petty complaints?"
Dayfeather wanted to spit at him, and she could tell Trouttail, Thunderleaf and a few others looked kind of annoyed, too. Mossheart looked hurt. Specklestep looked smug as she flicked her tail proudly.
Mothstar dismissed everyone and ordered Trouttail to prepare the traveling herbs.
Dayfeather began following her brother, but Mossheart joined her.
"I can't believe Mothstar said that," she meowed miserably. "If he always wants to put his family first, why did he pick me for a deputy?"
"I don't know," Dayfeather meowed. She spat angrily. "He always gives his kin special treatment. I think the whole Clan knew that he was taking Waterbelly and Blazeheart. If Trouttail wasn't the medicine cat and the only one who knew the prophecy other than him, he probably wouldn't have brought him."
"I wonder how Lightfall and Stormpaw are doing at their camp," Mossheart sighed. "Do you think Nightstar's being as difficult?"
Dayfeather shook her head. "No."
"You're probably right," Mossheart meowed. She sighed. "I should go now. We need hunting patrols right now."
"Bye," Dayfeather meowed before entering the medicine cat den.
Trouttail raised his head when she padded up to him. "Dayfeather, what are you doing in here? I told you, I'm not telling you the prophecy! You have nothing to do with it."
"Ask Lightfall if you can tell me!" Dayfeather pleaded.
"No," Trouttail said stubbornly. "I won't."
Dayfeather opened her mouth to speak, but Mothstar came in and growled, "Trouttail! Hurry up with those herbs."
"We're leaving at dawn," Trouttail meowed.
"I changed my mind. We're leaving now. Dayfeather! Get out," Mothstar growled.
Dayfeather left reluctantly and sat outside of the warriors den, watching as Mothstar, Trouttail, Blazeheart and Waterbelly left for IceClan's camp.
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hơn một năm qua FlyingChickens said…
Chapter 3
---SnowClan Camp---
Mothstar, Trouttail, Blazeheart and Waterbelly padded through the snow covered forest. "Are we near the border yet?" Trouttail mewed crossly. "I"m starting to lose feeling to my paws." Blazeheart sniffed the air delicately before mewing, "Almost there, Trouttail. Be patient." Trouttail flicked his tail, dismissing Blazeheart's kind words and Mothstar immediately let out a growl, defending his sister. Blazeheart shot a look at her brother before giving Trouttail a warm gaze. The she-cat padded head, in step with her mate, Waterbelly. "We're here," Waterbelly announced after a few minutes of awkward silence. Trouttail opened his jaws and inhaled the scent of the border. Yes, this was a scent that often clung to Lightfall and Stormpaw's pelt where he met them. Icy and cold. Mothstar shot a look at Trouttail before growling, "You know where the camp is, right?" Trouttail shot a look at Mothstar, his fur bristling in irritation at how the leader was treating him. "No," he snapped. Mothstar bared his teeth, his lip curling and Blazeheart immediately jumped between them. "Stop!" she cried. "It doesn't help us with you two always on each others tails! Calm down you mouse brained fools!" Trouttail took a deep breath and started to calm himself. If anyone other then Blazeheart called Mothstar a mouse brianed fool, Trouttail knew that the bad tempered leader will immediately rip out their throat. They continued through IceClan territory, unused to the hard packed and rather slippery snow. "I'll have sore pads by the time we return back!" Waterbelly joked. Blazeheart purred in agreement, "I will too! No wonder the IceClan cats are all so thick minded, they have to have thick pads!" Mothstar flicked his tail, silencing the his troop. "Shut it!" he hissed, his eyes swiveling around uneasily. "Who are you calling thick minded?" an icy voice mewed. Trouttail felt his fur rise in fear at the sight of two icy dark blue eyes that suddenly appeared in the shadows. A spotted black she-cat appeared, her dark eyes glowing. "Why are you in IceClan territory?" she hissed. Blazeheart looked around, surprised to see more cats. One, two, three, four, five. Five more cats joined the spotted she-cat. Blazeheart pressed her pelt against Waterbelly, her eyes filled with fear. They were hopelessly outnumbered. "This is for your leader only. show me to your camp," Mothstar snarled. Waterbelly let out an impatient sigh. Mothstar was doing this entirely wrong. The spotted she-cat bared her slightly and Blazeheart so a white gleam from every direction. Trouttail pushed to the lead, pushing away Mothstar. "We must speak to Lightfall and Nightstar," Trouttail paused before continuing. "Darkspots, please lead us to your camp." Darkspots blinked in surprise when Trouttail placed her picture to her name. Darkspots looked warily around. "Tigerfoot, Whitefoot, Spottedpelt. Patrol the border and make sure no SnowClan cats are lurking around. Actually, Bluetail and Woodfeather, go with Tigerfoot, Whitefoot and Spottedpelt. I'll lead them to camp." Four cats nodded briefly before disappearing. Darkspots observed the cats before flicking her tail and padding toward the direction of the mountain. As the cats made the grim journey up, Trouttail and Mothstar kept on arguing.

I'll continue later, I'm busy! XP
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Blazeheart shot her brother a bitter look. "Stop arguing," she hissed, clearly irritated. "If you can't see, we have company, Mothstar." Mothstar ruffled his fur, his eyes burning. Trouttail shot his leader a look of pure anger. The group of cats padded the rest of the way to the summit in grim silence. Before long, the group of cats arrived at the summit. dug deep into the face of the mountain with just a tiny entrance way that could barely fit Mothstar's large build. Darkspots slip through the crack easily, her small and tiny build slipping easily through. Blazeheart followed, then Waterbelly, then Trouttail, who pushed aside his leader roughly. Mothstar bristled but held his tongue, barely squeezing into the camp. When he entered, his breath was taken away. Mothstar was expecting a dark and stinky cave with barely any light. Instead, the walls of the cave were build with shimmering moonstone that glowed in the dark, sending beautiful glows of purples, blues and soft pinks into the hardened dark blue-gray stone floor. Glowing eyes appeared in the shadows of their dens and Mothstar instantly felt his claws prickle with worry and anxiety. "Maybe we shouldn't have come," he whispered to Blazeheart. "They look furious." Blazeheart blinked. Those glowing coloured eyes were filled with fury. A pair of glowing blue eyes suddenly appeared followed by a slender and slim body with sleek, glossy and beautiful black fur. "She's a fine one," Trouttail joked to Waterbelly. Waterbelly flicked his tail, his eyes filled with an unknown emotion. Bright pale blue eyes followed Nightstar's startling icy ones. "Lightfall," Trouttail mewed, greeting the pale gray she-cat. Lightfall's eyes brightened. "Trouttail," she mewed when Nightstar shot her a warning glance. "Mothstar," Nightstar mewed. Mothstar blinked and bared his teeth. "Nightstar," he replied back icily, clearly still remembering the his lost tail tip. Darkspots padded quietly toward Nightstar, murmuring quietly into her leader's ear before disappearing into the shadows. "You wanted to talk about... The prophecy did you not?" Nightstar guessed. Mothstar gave the black leader a curt nod. "Perhaps somewhere quiet," Trouttail added. "Where nobody can hear us." Lightfall nodded before adding, "Trouttail is correct. The clan does not need to be frightened when we do not understand the words." Nightstar nodded briefly. "Cloudleaf, watch the camp," she called. Two glowing green eyes that could only belong to Cloudleaf moved up and down once, in a nod. "Duststorm and Goldleaf, come with us," Nightstar ordered. Lightfall stayed close to Nightstar's side, observing the SnowClan cats with careful eyes. A dusty coloured tom, who must be Duststorm, suddenly appeared by Nighstar's side. "Where to, Nighstar?" he mewed respectfully after nodding to Mothstar and Trouttail. "The Bluestone Cliff, it'll be secluded enough. The other cat with gold coloured eyes mewed, "it's a long journey. It was already very tiring for SnowClan to make the journey to the summit. Nightstar, may I suggest the Frozen Marsh?" Nightstar nodded briefly. "Good, let's go then."
---End of Chapter 3---
hơn một năm qua purpledemigod said…
Chapter Four

Nightstar padded from the shadows and onto the edge of the Frozen Marsh, Duststorm, Goldleaf and Lightfall trailing behind her.
"So." Nightstar gazed around at the marsh. "Here we are at the Frozen Marsh."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Mothstar muttered.
Nightstar glared at the SnowClan leader. "Anyways. What we came to talk about. The prophecy."
Blazeheart cleared her throat. "Um... about that... I don't know the prophecy... I'm not exactly clear on what's going on."
"Me neither," Waterbelly added, glancing at Mothstar with clear disappointment. "I wasn't really informed."
"Do not blame Mothstar," Nightstar meowed. "As leaders, we do not want to startle the Clan and had to keep this confidential. Unfortunately for you, you cannot get special treatment."
Waterbelly and Mothstar exchanged knowing glances. Blazeheart cleared her throat, and Nightstar glanced at her. Her blue eyes suddenly widened with understanding, and she shot an annoyed look at the speckled tomcat.
Trouttail shifted his paws.
"Anyways... Lightfall, please repeat the prophecy for the cats who have not learned of our prophecy yet." Nightstar nodded to the pale gray medicine cat.
Lightfall blinked, seeming unsure of telling the warriors. "As you wish, Nightstar. Day of snow and night of ice combine two Clans in battle against the fox of raging flames."
Waterbelly snorted. "Really? This is the huge prophecy that's dooming the Clans and scaring you medicine cats?"
"There is more," Trouttail meowed. "The dream that came with it told us of a rogue Tribe called the Tribe of Raging Flames. Oh, and you probably don't know what this Tribe business is about, so-"
Blazeheart blinked. "The Tribes? They're going to attack? I thought they were friendly."
Trouttail blinked. "You've heard of the Tribes? I thought only the leaders, deputies, and medicine cats were ever told about them."
Blazeheart looked awkwardly at Mothstar. "Mothstar told me."
Mothstar looked at her, and Blazeheart's awkward expression turned into a happy one immediately, as if she was glad. As soon as her mate looked away once again, Blazeheart's face returned to it's original expression.
"Mothstar, why do you give special treatment your kin?" Nightstar meowed disapprovingly.
Mothstar snarled. "I can do what I want. I am the Clan leader."
"As Clan leader, you should treat everyone as equals."
"Oh, everyone is equal, alright. Equally below me! Except for my kin. Well, they're a pawstep below me. Don't take it personally, Blazeheart, dear."
Blazeheart snorted, "Trust me, I won't."
Mothstar gave her a glare. "Everyone else is far below me. I'm the Clan leader! I was granted nine lives by StarClan! I am-"
"Totally conceited," muttered Duststorm.
As a great feeling of dread filled Trouttail's stomach, Mothstar bared his teeth. "What. Did. You. Just. Say."
"Come on! It's true." Duststorm sat and licked his paw casually.
"I am Mothstar of SnowClan! I am never defeated, and I will not be mocked!" he roared.
"Never defeated? Nightstar took you out easily," Duststorm meowed.
Nightstar growled, "Duststorm! Enough. We are here to talk peacefully."
Mothstar turned to Waterbelly and flicked his tail at the dusty furred IceClan tom. With a yowl, Waterbelly flew at him.
Lightfall and Trouttail stood back, ending up beside each other. They began talking urgently.
Nightstar hissed. "Mothstar!"
"Duststorm needs to be taught some humility!" he screeched.
"Are you sure?" Nightstar meowed, her eyes flashing. "I think it's you. Call your warrior off now!"
Blazeheart ran after her brother. "Stop!" She turned to Mothstar angrily. "Mothstar! Tell Waterbelly to stop!"
"Blazeheart, don't have such little faith in your brother! He can win this." Mothstar's eyes gleamed.
Blazeheart bared her teeth. "I don't care." She leaped Waterbelly, who was still locked in battle. Before she could land on him, she was knocked aside.
"Goldleaf!" she gasped, struggling beneath the hissing she-cat. "What are you doing!"
"Two against one's not fair, Blazeheart," she growled. "I'm evening things out!"
Before Blazeheart could explain, Goldleaf pushed her away and pounced after her.
Nightstar stared desperately at the yowling warriors. Her head whipped towards the other Clan leader. "Mothstar-"
Mothstar's eyes glinted with an unknown emotion as he leapt straight for her. Nightstar meowed with shock and anger as they tumbled head over tail.
Nightstar gasped, "Mothstar-"
"That was the last insult, you load of fox dung," Mothstar growled in the black leader's ear. "We will never forget it, or ever become IceClan's ally. SnowClan, let's get out of this place."
He stalked away, Waterbelly following immediately. Blazeheart wriggled out of Goldleaf's grip and gave the she-cat a angry glare before following her mate and brother.
Nightstar stared after the group, despair and astonishment in her gaze. "The prophecy will not be fulfilled," she whispered.
Goldleaf scowled. "I can't believe they attacked. I don't think Blazeheart will be very thrilled to see me at the next Gathering."
"I know," scoffed Duststorm. "What kittypets."
"Duststorm," Nightstar meowed warningly. "This was started by you. We may perish at the paws of rogues thanks to your rudeness. You can expect a day searching the elders for ticks for that."
Her warriors glanced at her nervously at the sound of her voice. Instead of a soft but firm meow as they had grown used to listening to, Nightstar sounded fragile and tired.
"Nightstar?" Goldleaf mewed carefully.
The leader's broken blue eyes met Goldleaf's golden ones. Goldleaf flinched slightly as Nightstar spoke again in a weak tone.
"Goldleaf, Duststorm, please hunt before going back to camp. Lightfall, let's go." Nightstar turned to the medicine cat, who was speaking with Trouttail.
Lightfall raised her head and meowed, "Coming Nightstar." She mewed a quick farewell to her fellow medicine cat before padding quickly after Nightstar.
Goldleaf and Duststorm watched as the others left.
Duststorm blinked. "Well, that was..."
"Her defeat by Mothstar has broken her," Goldleaf realized with sadness.
They turned away with difficulty, disappearing into the ferns and leaving the Frozen Marsh.

Lightfall gasped as Waterbelly soared at Duststorm. Her belly twisted, and she unconsciously stepped back, bumping into Trouttail.
"Trouttail, it's not working!" she cried. "We were supposed to join!"
Trouttail's eyes were dark. "We've missed something. Day of snow and night of ice combine two Clans," he muttered. His eyes met Lightfall's.
Lightfall looked up at the sky, understanding beginning to settle in. "Day of snow and night of ice..."
"We've been focusing on the combining and the Tribe. But we dismissed the first line. That was a mistake."
Lightfall nodded. "Yes," he replied. "But we must not dwell on that right now. We must stop the fighting now!"
Before she could step towards the battling cats, Trouttail stepped in front of him. "No. Trouttail, think. Day of snow. Night of ice. What does that mean? What brings the Clans together in an alliance?"
"Day of snow... that could mean..." Lightfall frowned. "We always get snow. It's a mountain!"
"Maybe the prophecy meant something stronger than the usual snowfall. Maybe... a blizzard." Trouttail watched as the other medicine cat's face darkened.
"You're right..." she whispered. "And night of ice? What's that supposed to mean? The snow from the blizzard melts into water, which freezes into ice?"
"Possibly," Trouttail mewed. She wrinkled her nose. "Actually, that doesn't sound very possible."
"But it's all we got." Lightfall sighed. "I hope our mistake won't cost us." She sighed again. "We'll have to find out, I guess."
They turned to the battle as Mothstar yowled, "SnowClan let's get out of this place."
Lightfall and Trouttail looked nervously at each other.
"We must warn our leaders about the blizzard," Trouttail meowed. "Our Clans must be prepared."
"Yes," Lightfall agreed. Her blue eyes were fixed on Nightstar with worry. "Do you think Mothstar will still be willing to join with us?"
"I don't know," he replied darkly. "We'll just have to wait and see."
Nighstar called for Lightfall, and with a quick goodbye, they all left.
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