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 The Two Faces of Scourge
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Yeah...I made this about 5 days cách đây >->
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This những chiến binh mèo tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain cực totem and cột totem.

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" Well, we'll start bởi me hiển thị which herbs are which and

where to find them" . Spottedleaf said, and she started a lecture

on how different herbs grow different areas. For some reason

Starpaw found it very interesting and listen to every single part

of Spottedleaf's lecture.

"Now do bạn think bạn could find giống cúc vàng, hoa cúc, cúc vạn thọ leaves, cây anh túc, thuốc phiện seeds,

borage leaves, and catmint?" Spottedleaf đã đưa ý kiến after her lecture.

" Yes, but may I see and smell them First?" Starpaw đã đưa ý kiến


" Of course", Spottedleaf đã đưa ý kiến shocked, she had never asked

her mentor that câu hỏi before, because Featherwhisker had...
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Thunder Clan

It was a damp,cold morning. Mistystar was out on a walk with Willowfur to think over what to do. " We can all ways…… no it wouldn't work……but it might." đã đưa ý kiến Mistystar. "What is it Mistystar?" asked Willowfur. " I was thinking …… we can do what our ancestors did long cách đây and the clans can work together and hunt as pairs." replied Mistystar. " Perhaps but-" the mèo lifted their heads in unison. "Shadow Clan." đã đưa ý kiến Willowfur with a growl. " Go get Mudclaw for me, tell him to help wake the the camp,tell Silverpaw...
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Video is not mine, thought the song kinda fit brambleclaw Slight spoiler
Slight spoilers for the first and fourth warrior series
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I tình yêu this a whole lot.<3
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 WARRIORS:The New Prophecy "Twilight"
WARRIORS:The New Prophecy "Twilight"
This is a Warriors:The New Prophecy fanfic. (So if bạn haven't got to this series hoặc book, then please do not read unless bạn want to. This is a SPOILER! alert.) It is my version (containing my Warriors character, Silverleaf. In her POV) of the ending of Warriors:The New Prophecy Book: 5 "Twilight". I do not own the plot hoặc the characters, beside my own. It belongs to Erin Hunter.

~*I walked over to Cinderpelt's den with my mouth full of juniper berries. When I peered inside I saw Cinderpelt staring off into space, she seemed Mất tích in sorrowful thought. Thats right....
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Cloudpaw woke up and lifted her head groggily. She heaved herself to her paws and padded out into the clearing. It was almost sunhigh already but Gingersplash hadn't woken her for training so she guessed it was ok. "Wheres Echopaw?" She asked Hollyscent the medicine cat. "She went out hunting with Brackenflame, Iceriver and Brightclaw. Oh ok she meowed. She padded over to the fresh-kill pile and grabbed a mouse, settled down and gobbled it down hungrily. Once she finished eating she quickly groomed her lông, lông thú and looked around for Gingersplash. "Ready to learn to fish?" She meowed "Yes!" she...
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