những nhân vật của Walt Disney ★ Disney Character of the tháng - If bạn were Sebastian, what would be the most irritating to you? ★

Pick one:
★ Princess Ariel never shows up to any of her âm nhạc lessons ★
★ No Ariel at the buổi hòa nhạc and then being humiliated throughout the kingdom ★
★The king assign bạn to be Ariel's supervisor ★
★ Princess Ariel, not listning to me, keeps on swimming off ★
★ Trying to keep Ariel's tình yêu for a human a secret from the king ★
★ Being forced to reveal Ariel's grotto, losing her trust in me ★
★ Ariel following Flotsam and Jetsam to see Ursula ★
★ Ariel signing the contract with the sea witch ★
★ The human world, being washed and squashed ★
★ Almost being coocked bởi the manic Chef Louis, having to run for my life ★
★ Prince Eric, not kissing Ariel and then the perfect moment is ruined ★
★ Eric and Vanessa are announced to be wed bởi sunset ★
★ Triton signs the contract, losing his crown, trident, and kingdom to Ursula
★ Chef Louis returns for revenge ★
 PrueFever posted cách đây 3 tháng
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