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If you’re into sales, bạn know it’s a high-pressure job. Almost every sales team constantly works under a significant amount of pressure. Every time a goal is set for the team hoặc any individual, stress is triggered in some way hoặc the other. Contrary to được ưa chuộng belief, stress can actually work both ways… positive & negative. When taken in your stride, it can really push bạn to fulfill your full potential. On the other hand… frequent stress may also result in frustration amongst the employees.

As a team manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team remains stress-free. Here are a few steps bạn can take in this regard:
In today’s world of marketing, customer retention is one of the key areas which marketers tend to ignore. Everyone thinks creating new customers is the key to profitability.

Contrary to được ưa chuộng belief, research shows that companies usually spend up to 3 times thêm on acquiring new customers than trying to retain an existing one. On the other hand, existing customers with their trust on your side spend up to 50% thêm on your offerings as compared to new ones. There’s also a belief that improving customer retention bởi a marginal 5% can result in revenue growth up to 50%.

When the stakes are...
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