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 When I clicked on đăng tải Society website, I got this.
When I clicked on Upload Society website, I got this.
On December 19th, 2013, I was shocked to hear that đăng tải Society shut down. When I went on to đăng tải Society, I got this error message with the FBI and DOJ logo informing me that the site has been seized bởi the FBI and DOJ for Copyright Infringement. David (I forgot his last name) (Founder of đăng tải Society) must be arrested bởi now. Man I hated it when this happens. bạn might remember that it happened with MegaVideo in January 19th, 2012. It got shut down and Kim Schmitz (the founder of MegaVideo) got arrested and was thrown to jail. The owner of Zippcast (Louis Gualtieri Jr) closed down Zippcast because he did not want to get sued bởi some Copyright holders. And now, đăng tải Society was seized bởi the FBI.

UPDATE!: đăng tải Society is back online.