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posted by georgia118
jade-hey every one except tori there is this new tv hiển thị called wiggle my wig dont ask and im aloud 6 people to come with me

tori-and me
jade-maybe if....
jade-you give me 50bucks
trina-umm ive heared of wiggle my wig im want to be on wiggle my wig (grabs wig out her bag) see.
tori-trina we are only aloud 6 people.
trina-im only 1 so..
tori-its me jade beck andre cat and robbie and sinjin
trina-well dont invite sinjin hes not popular.
cat-neither are bạn hehe
cat-huh nothing hehe look at my giraffe (grabes giraffe out of bag).
jade-you are killing ME.
trina-when are you...
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posted by IloveDxC
I've realised that loads of people have called Trina a "monster" "untalented" hoặc other rude names. I tình yêu Trina. Ever since "Freak the Freak Out" when she took on 3 GUYS and beat them up. I tình yêu it when girls are strong, I like how Trina can beat someone up if she tried and how she is very confident. I find her funny.

Loads of people say that Trina is untalented and always ask the overasked câu hỏi "How did she get into Hollywood Arts" and because I'm generous I will tell bạn how she got into Hollywood Arts. She auditioned and she passed. That is how she got into the school and Trina is very...
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Just Some Character Information!!!!
Tori Vega:A teenage girl,that is enrolled in "Holly wood Arts"High school after filling in for her older sister.Younger sister of Trina Vega.Her talent:Singing.

Andre Harris:A Teenage boy that is Những người bạn with Tori Vega.He LOVES to play music!

Jade West:A teenage girl,that is always mad.And dosen't like anyone but her boyfriend Beck(at times)
Talent:Singing(i guess?).

Beck Oliver:A teenage boy,That loves to act!He also loves Jade,his girlfriend

Cat Valentine:A red head,Overly Excited,teenage girl,That is best Những người bạn with Tori Vega.
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Ohh yeah yeah
The situations turns around enough to figure out
That someone else has let bạn down
So many times I don't know why
But I know we can make it as long as bạn say it

So tell me that bạn tình yêu me yeah
And tell me that I take your breath away
And maybe if bạn take one thêm than I would know for sure
There's nothing left to say
Tell me that bạn tình yêu me anyway
Tell me that bạn tình yêu me anyway

Waking up beside yourself and what bạn feel inside
Is being shared with someone else
Nowhere to hide I don't know why
But I know we can make it
As long as bạn say it

So tell me that bạn tình yêu me yeah
And tell me...
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