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twilighter-1 posted on Sep 07, 2009 at 03:31AM
yo! countless of us loves twilight and i'm one of them. sheesh. why does we love twilight?

[not in order]

twilight is very HYPNOTIC and FASCINATING that once we read or watch it's stories, they cant get out of our minds. right?

twilight series really has a very AMAZiNG, WONDERFUL, FANTASTiC, ASTONiSHiNG, BREATHTAKiNG, BRiLLIANT, SUPERB, MAGNiFiCiENT, iNCREDiBLE, MARVELOUS, STUNNiNG, EXCELLENT and very GREAT story. the love story of Bella Swan and Edward together with the Cullens (carlisle, esme, alice, emmet, rosalie and jasper). Also the other vampire.. covens.. and the werewolves specially Jacob.

well the characters best suits the movie. edward is so handsome, attractive, gorgeous and is good in playing piano, also have the gift of reading minds with her pretty bella and the cullens. Esme, the loving and sweet mother with her husband carlisle the doctor-father, alice the loving and beautiful sister (good in fashion, huh) with her funny jasper and brother emmet with rosalie, the best musician.

well.there is a lot of reasons why twilight is the best. and I know that you can add hundreds/countless reasons. hope I am right.

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hơn một năm qua Gabitha said…
I think you should check this out....


Now I love Twilight, but maybe just think about it? lol :D You might have received more of a response in a 'Twilight' club.

hơn một năm qua OceanCoast said…
I agree with Gabitha.
If you want a bunch of fanatics to agree with you then go to the Twilight spot. I disagree with every thing (the original poster) you said about Twilight.

There is FANTASTIC vampire literature out there, but Twilight is not it.
hơn một năm qua twilighter-1 said…
i already posted it in twilight series
hơn một năm qua wolfblade87 said…
Ok...... guys to tell you the truth, *sigh* (it really makes me feel bad to say this but,) Twilight has NOTHING to do with Vampires. Yep! You read it right! It really bugs me to think that the cast are REAL vampires because everyone who studies or knows what a real vampire would really disagree about the story but believe me, I love reading and because of that, I've read a lot of vampire books and sorry to say, Twilight was poorly written and I really admire stephenie's originality by making her vampires sparkle (I'm not using sarcasm here) but then.... You've got to agree with me, Stephenie shouldn't have labeled edward and the others as "Vampires".... (Ok.... No offense!)
I'm not a twilight hater but I don't really like it either....


hơn một năm qua pixie09 said…
big smile
"a real vampire" .. can i just say LOL !!!!! there is no such thing as a real vampire because THEY DONT EXIST ... SM had no one saying trying to sue her for copyright so i dont think it really matters, i mean, ye they sparkle, but they still drink blood and live forever, so ye .. i also think it was stupid to post this in the vampire spor coz anyone who has been here before would know that most fans have a little chip on their shoulder about the vampires in twilight ..
PS i like twilight .. but all those adjectives were a bit much .. i like vampire academy better :P
hơn một năm qua HappyIllusion said…
I agree with Wolfblade87
hơn một năm qua wolfblade87 said…
Thank you HappyIllusion.
pixie09, I tell you REAL vampires exist. A lot of studies have already proven that, although alot of posers claim to be one, that's why many of us don't believe they exist because the world is FILLED with Vampire-wannabees. I'm not pscho or anything but I strongly believe that Vampires can and DO exist with us.
hơn một năm qua snoznoodle said…
To me Twilight takes everything which is cool about a vampire and makes it laughable.
For example:
"They incinerate in the sun" Twilight equivilant > "they iz sparkelllin lik dymonds!1"
I don't call them vampires anymore. To me they're Sparklepyres.
hơn một năm qua renrae said…

To me, they're Meyerpires.
hơn một năm qua sapherequeen said…
big smile
I like Twilight, too.

But I could have so lived without it.
hơn một năm qua ng__ said…
Twilight is disgusting, sweetheart.

Terrible literature.
hơn một năm qua Snake-Eye said…
hơn một năm qua CULLEN-HALE said…
here here snoznoodle! now i really do like twilight but i hate what SMeyer did to the image of vampires, it just doesn't seem right to call them 'vampires'... they are sparklepyres to me to. lol well i guess i should say somthing about the article, ummmm twilight rocks lol!
hơn một năm qua metalnaunx said…
Eh, Ive seen alot of vampire movies an stuff.An I dont know which one to believe but Twilight is cool none the less.The sparkle thing is...cute in a way, they do say diamonds are a girls best friend.Cuz their body sparkles like a million little diamonds, Lol
hơn một năm qua joelle101 said…
um i used to be sure but *sparklepyres* has jst given me alot to think about coz SM books are different to oda vamp stories and there are HELL OF ALOT of adjectives.But sum of u guys are right it's just a sappy love story trying 2 be all dangerous and 'forbidden loveish' thats why vamps are there in ther first place but whatever it's still ADICTIVE!!!!! nd i'm takein this time 2 say GO WEREWOLVES!!!not that i dont lyk vamps but swi were jst better than em!