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25 prop's up for grabs!!!!

To whoever identifies to which different states do these 14 nicknames belong to - Only the 1st fully correct answer get's the props!!

"Land of Enchantment"
"The Empire State"
"Birthplace of Aviation"
"Native America"
"Keystone State"
"Ocean State"
"Mount Rushmore State"
"Volunteer State"
"The Old Dominion"
"The Evergreen State"
"Mountain State"
"America's Dairyland "
"Equality State"
"Rainbow State"
"Peach State"
 25 prop's up for grabs!!!!
 karolinak1999 posted hơn một năm qua
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Arapaho said:
Land of Enchantment - New Mexico
The Empire State - New York
Birthplace of Aviation - Ohio

Keystone State - Pennsylvania
Ocean State- Rhode Island
Mount Rushmore State - South Dakota
Volunteer State - Tennessee
The Old Dominion - Virginia
The Evergreen State- Washington
Vermont - Mountain State
America's Dairyland - Wisconsin
Equality State- Wyoming

cầu vồng State -Hawaii

đào State - Georgia

Native America - Massachusetts Indians

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posted hơn một năm qua 
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