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 Ugly Betty-Episode 19-Promo các bức ảnh
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Eric added to The Sun newspaper: "Our hiển thị ended too early. We were battered about bởi ABC and even if the những người hâm mộ wanted another series they couldn't have got it because we had been raked over the coals so much bởi the network. We put our best feet phía trước, chuyển tiếp and felt neglected. Everyone was upset with them for cancelling 'Ugly Betty'."
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It was published today that Eric Mabius says that an Ugly Betty movie is still possible, here's the bài viết here:

in this latest vodcast to coincide with the launch of season 4 in the U.S., becki newton and michael urie interview kristen johnston, who plays temp, helen on the show.
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