Seri chạng vạng Which character do bạn most look like? (As near to the same hair colour, eye colour, etc.)

Pick one:
Bella (long, straight, dark brown hair, fair-skinned, slender)
Alice - (black spiky hair, gold/black eyes, pixie-like)
Rosalie - (Wavy, golden hair, gold/black eyes, statuesque, model-like)
Esme - (caramel hair, heart-shaped face, slender but round
Angela - (light brown hair, light brown eyes)
Jessica - (wild, brown, curly hair, brown eyes, tiny)
Leah - (black hair, copper skin)
Victoria - (brilliant trái cam, màu da cam hair, burgundy eyes)
Renee - (short brown hair, brown eyes)
Gianna - (green eyes, tall, dark skin)
Gianna - (green eyes, tall, dark skin)
Tanya - (straberry blonde hair, gold/ black eyes)
Tanya - (straberry blonde hair, gold/black eyes)
Looks- Like Bella Body- Like Esme
Looks-Like Bella Body-Like Esme
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