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This Seri chạng vạng bức ảnh might contain chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

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posted by countrygirl2008
I tensed. Her fragrance was so shattering it was almost unbearable. Carlisle? Please tell me bạn don’t regret last night she cried in a whisper. It hit me then at what she thought. Dye no I don’t regret anything. bạn are the beginning and the end of my world. Look at me I told her. Then why the tension she asked as her brown eyes met mine. I’m sorry but this vampire thing is all to new to me and you’re a little to tempting. bạn have a beautiful fragrance though. I gave her a weak smile. I’m sorry I had forgotten .Having bạn here is all I care about. All I could feel was sorrow. How...
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posted by KaylaLovesYou
Okay so I have written a story similar to this. Same concept just thêm different. The other story I đã đăng was/is on I wrote that story years cách đây and now looking back at it, I want to change it up and fix my grammar and what not. This story picks up right after new moon before eclipse. No Victoria battle, no kissing Jake, no marriage, no Renesmee, at least idk yet. (; Enjoy. Review. Please.

What if Edward and Jacob left Bella for a while and as this time alone for her, causes her pain, thêm pain then they ever imagined. She turns...
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posted by Ilovegore
I understand that I will probably get a lot of hate crime for this but I don't care THE WORLD DESEVES TO KNOW! THE TRUTH!
why harry potter is better than twilight.

1. HP những người hâm mộ don't rely on characters looks to like a story/movie.

2. even though twilight has good romantic scenes they have nothing else! HP has romance, action, adventure, friendship, even death!

3. OH and in twilight I didn't know that blood doesn't come out of your head hoặc neck when bạn chop it off!

4. HP is for females males and for all ages. Twilight is for teenage girls! I am a teenage girl and I even hate twilight!

5. J.K Rowling...
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posted by bookworm4nero
Chapter 5
Alice caught whiff of the stench, the stench of a werewolf. Bella immediately noticed the change in Alice’s face and knew something was wrong “What is it?” “He’s here” Alice answered rushing to the door. “Who is ‘he’?” Bella did not have to wait long to find out because when Alice wrenched open the door before he had the chance to ring the doorbell, she caught sight of him in all his glory.

His face was etched with worry making him look even hotter, his checked áo sơ mi had its buttons at the hàng đầu, đầu trang undone hiển thị a hint of the glory of muscles underneath his áo sơ mi and...
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posted by bookworm4nero
Chapter 4
All the Cullens were dumbstruck bởi Carlisle’s revelation. “Why are bạn only telling us of this now Carlisle?” asked Esme. “Like I said, triggers only exists in some vampires, I never thought it would be to one of us. It is very rare. Someone should go and check on Edward.” Alice was the first to jump up to go in tìm kiếm for Edward. She had always had so much faith in Bella and Edward’s relationship but with this new revelation she had some doubts. ‘Their tình yêu is strong’ Alice thought to herself, ‘why am I not having a vision?’ Alice berated herself as she pushed...
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It had been 18 months. 18 long and lonely months since he left me alone, wanting him, but having no one to talk hoặc turn to. Have bạn ever missed someone so much bạn actually started to imagine they were there with bạn just so that the tim, trái tim wrenching pain ebbed for a little while?
But even in the worst situations light comes at the end of the tunnel eventually. Mine in the form of a new job and house a little way away from all the pain and bad memories that were left there in Forks. Now here I was in my small 1 bedroomed house in Tacoma, taking pictures of the Washington scenery for travel brochures....
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posted by teamjane99
okay... i went over chapter four while nghề viết văn chapter five and i had to make some changes. seriously, it was too damn short so i added thêm and changed some things around. so here bạn go, chapter four of imprint - revised.

WARNING: coarse language and a few innuendos cuz i know i forgot to chỉnh sửa those out.


“Hi, bạn must be Maya,” đã đưa ý kiến a girl with wild bronze-colored hair. Her eyes were Sô cô la brown and sparkling, her skin made her look deathly sick – yes, she was that pale – and her smile was friendly yet shy. She was pretty, I had to admit.
And I...
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"Ok, the tour is almost over." The lady guided us in a direction I didn't know. "Just one thêm stop. This last place has much history."

I had no idea where we were going-by the looks of it, neither did the other people, they just kept taking pictures-and it was starting to get chilly out. I better get used to the cold. I started to notice the amount of twists and turns that were made. I looked at my surroundings. It didn't feel like we were touring the streets anymore, it felt like we entered apassagewayor some sort of alley. There was stone tường on either side of us and thepathsuddenly narrowed....
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Jacob's POV

Renesme lay asleep in the hospital giường tiếp theo to me. Me and Bella took her to the hospital, a little after she threw up 3 times. I rested my hand on her forehead stroking her beutifual pale face. Her eyelash's fluttered, then her eyes slowly inched open. "Mmm? Jacob...?" She faintly asked. "Yeah, babe?" "....I tình yêu you" She smiled touched my face with her small hand, reached up and pecked me on my lips. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

7:28 P.M Renesme's POV
"Ah, Miss renesme, so nice to see bạn all grown up!" Chimed Jane. "Huh? Who" I asked quitley. "Jane, member...
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**NOTE this is a mini book i am writing, based off of breaking done. This is placed in the time that renesmee is now 14. This book is not only filled with the relattionship between renesmee and jacob, but the action will volturi, and possibly another boy. It focuses on all aspects of her life


Chapter 2: The truth.

They dismissed school early due to Not finding the animals. i was suddenly furious with jacob, he had always been over protective, but this, this was pushing the line. I tình yêu him, he's like my big brother. I knew i couldnt stay mad at him though, but...
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posted by Angrykittykj
A/N: This chapter gives các câu trả lời to some of the các câu hỏi so far but there isn’t a lot of action, sorry.

Chapter Four: Questions

I sat in the living room an giờ later, Nessie holding my hand on one side and Esme holding my hand on the other. Emmett and Jasper had taken Edward hunting again, Alice had made the decision that keeping Edward and I apart for the moment was probably the best course of action.

“Mom, this isn’t your fault,” Renesmee đã đưa ý kiến and smoothed my hair back. I turned to her and I’m sure the agony I felt was present in my eyes.

“Did bạn see him when he left? Did you...
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~~Unthinkable~~(Alec Voluri Story)

Name:Scarlett Rosalia Brandon aka Meckie
Age: 15
Hair: Black, Wavy and Shoulder length
Eyes: A màu tím beautiful colour..but hides them with contacts.
Race: Human(later changed)
Powers: Can control a person/vampire’s mind
Extra: Is moving to her Aunt’s place in Forks, Washington

Name: Alec ( Volturi)
Age: 375 years (looks 16-ish)
Hair: Brown, Short, Shaggy.
Eyes: Mesmerizing Scarlett ( I know its her name)
Race: Vampire
Powers: Can cut off anyone’s senses.
All the other characters are known: The Volturi, The Cullens,The Pack(two packs). They all belong to Stephanie Meyer. I own Scarlett aka Meckie and others related to her. Some of them are real. They are my friends. I LUUURRRVVVEEE <3 <3 <3 them!!
posted by CarlislesLover
Hope bạn like it :).x


“Am I really that bad Edward?”

“I tình yêu bạn so much” I suddenly came out with. It was all I could think of to say. “I tình yêu bạn too Edward. But please apologize to your family first before we carry on”

“I’m sorry everyone. Alice I didn’t mean to I was just so angry”

“It’s ok Edward, I know how hard it was for bạn without Bella” she walked over to me and hugged me tightly, her burns had started to disappear and she didn’t look so rough any more. “Esme I’m sorry”

“It’s ok” She came over and hugged me. Bella had obviously...
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posted by CarlislesLover
“This is odd”

“It is. Whoever is sending these notes is from the Volturi, knows about mine and Bella’s engagement, knows about her death, knows who I am and where I live”

“I still don’t get why someone from the Volturi would do this. It’s just not their kind of character”

“Maybe it’s a new member of the Volturi”

“It may be” I couldn’t think who would do this. I couldn’t really picture Aro nghề viết văn these hoặc Caius and defiantly not Marcus. I don’t see why Jane would do it. So who from the Volturi? Maybe Emmett was right, it could be a new member of the Volturi. But...
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posted by a-jforever
Just remembered this article. Heres part 4, Enjoy and Please let my know how to improve.XX

“She’ll come round when she’s ready Ben” I heard the familiar voice of Doctor Cullen bởi my side. What was Ben doing here? Wasn’t he the injured one? I saw a white light and screamed. I wasn’t ment to be dead was I? “Heidi, calm down your not dead.” I shot up straight, feeling the rush go to my head, making me feel dizzy. Why was I in a hospital bed? “Heidi your ok.” Dr.Cullen assured me. “Where’s mum?” I asked laying back down bracing myself for the worst. “She didn’t quite...
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