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This Seri chạng vạng bức ảnh contains quần áo thể thao, overclothes, áo khoác ngoài, đồ lót, and áo khoác overclothes. There might also be mui xe, áo choàng, overgarment, may mặc bên ngoài, áo khoác ngoài, and bên ngoài quần áo.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
"Bella, where are you? bạn have a hiển thị in 20 mins, are bạn looking good?"
Phil đã đưa ý kiến throught the fuzz of my "New phone" in which i again did not choose. It funny all the stuff that is labeled mine, was not selected bởi me. hmph.
Thinking back to the house, the walls, the name, my name, On the walls, edward. My nightmare that proved real, and my dream all in one moment still rang in mind.
I knocked loadly on the taxi glass.
"Can bạn hurry up please!" i đã đưa ý kiến franicly.
"Hey are you? Are bạn Bella, like Bella swan?"
Sigh. Yes. Unfortunatly.
"OMG! no way! my dautgher loved you! her name is...
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posted by CarlislesLover
xin chào guys this is part 3 of break up finalyy XXX

I woke up in a hospital giường with Renesmee holding my hand. “Thank God you’re alive”

“Mum why are bạn so pleased that I’m alive. bạn should be pleased that you’re alive!”

“What happened? Did a man with a black áo choàng come into your school? If he did, did he say anything to you?”

“Mum what are bạn on about. I think you’re seeing things. Let me get the doctor back in here”

“NO!!! I don’t need a doctor. I saw a man in a black áo choàng on the way to work, he was a vampire. I noticed he was walking towards your school so I turned...
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I wrote this because a lot people misunderstand Rosalie. Especially after she called Edward in New Moon.
'How could bạn do that Rosalie? Do bạn hate Bella that much?' Emmett's voice was cold and fill with anger.

'I never wanted Bella to die! And I tình yêu Edward, do bạn really think that this is what I wanted?' if I was human, the tears would running down on my face. Nobody understands me, nobody understand my feelings for Bella. I didn't hate her, I didn't wanted her dead, never.

Emmett sighed. 'Rosalie, Edward is going to the volturi, do bạn know what that means?'

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10. Fate

I was just sad; I hadn’t even được trao Kevin my number. I think, I would have enjoyed the one nightstand.

I was out front today; we had our Columbus ngày sale on all things grill-able. This wasn’t really all that great in Washington. But we also had the 10 for 10$ sale so it works someway. Alexis was a promising Worker she was no longer stalking things but helping costumers find things. She like the slight pay raise.

The ngày was stretching out every hour. I had 30 phút until I could go trang chủ and the pick up Aly. I tried to engage in Cassandra and Nathan’s conversation but I was...
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posted by RATHBONE07
This ones dedicated especially for XxSasyxX thanks for all your support on this:)) XoXo

“Yes! Yes!” Mary continued to jump. Thomas stood beside her, eyes opened wide. They’re shrieks were piercing. There was nothing I could do at this point. They were almost on me. They’re eyes were a bleeding red, reaching out towards me, begging me to come closer. This was wrong, what they were doing was wrong. There was nothing good about this. My fear was gone, and was refilled with courage. I wasn’t scared, death could come and go, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Mary was laughing Thomas joined. There...
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
I was half asleep half awake lying on my stomach. I could feel Jason’s cold fingers slowly moving up and down my bare back. He was humming a lullaby but I didn’t know what it was.
“Do bạn still want to know my secret?” he asked in a soothing tone. It didn’t help that his voice so soft that it made it harder to stay awake. “Sure.” I đã đưa ý kiến moving closer to him.
“I’ve none bạn before bạn were born.” He paused a second. Probably to make sure I wasn’t going to freak out. “I was Những người bạn with your mother before bạn were even born before your mother met your father. I met her...
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posted by CharmedVamp101
I slowly walked down the alley, knowing what was waiting for me there. I saw a glint further on and realized it was the watch that Max always wore. I walked slower yet, what was coming up was inevitable.
I stared towards the spot I was walking.
"Hey, baby. I've been waiting for you."
Even though it was always the same with Max, I still shuddered when he called me that.
"Did bạn bring the $500.00 the boss told bạn to bring?"
"500? I was told $300."
"Who told bạn that?"
"You did, now here's the 300 you asked me for,"I đã đưa ý kiến emphasizing the you.
"I remember telling bạn 500, but if bạn go out with...
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