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posted by EdwardCullen604
"Leahs coming" Alice and Edward đã đưa ý kiến in unison. Alice must have been searching the future too. I guess i should have realised that Leah would come after me when her brother was upset considering she had serious anger issuess.

"Why? her patrols not till this evening" Jacob assked in a onfused tone he was still staring at me like he couldn't deide what he thought of me though none of his thoughts were good.

"shes not coming to see bạn shes comin to see Cora" they continued to speak at the same time it was kind of freaky. Charro looked anxious as he understood why she was coming. I had to admit...
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posted by Gabstaaa
Ok. So i am only 13 so i know it's not that good :D

‘Yes’, I wanted to say. I couldn’t. I didn’t think I could. I didn’t know where I was hoặc even who I was. The burning had stopped a couple of hours cách đây but I was still in shock. The whole time I had been willing for death, wanting it to end. I screamed and screamed but death didn’t take me. It was torture. How could someone put me through that? What had I ever done? I always did well at school and had superb marks, I helped out the next-door neighbours and I even had a part time job at the old folks home. But when...
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posted by CoolMandyz43
“Let’s go back in the house Alice it’s getting too hot!” Cynthia moaned
“Alright” I đã đưa ý kiến quietly as I picked my head up from being on hàng đầu, đầu trang of my knees.
“Your going to have to race me again!” I đã đưa ý kiến quickly, not giving my sister a head start.
I do declare that when I run I feel like I'm floating, I'm not sure where all this gracefulness came from, but I do enjoy running thêm than anything. I reached the door and jumped into our wide open living room. There was my parents and the Middletons; William, his mother Anna, and father James. This cannot be a good thing. Nothing ever...
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posted by patrisha727
Opps.. sorry bạn guys, I forgot to post Amore here. LOL. But I đã đăng it on my spot! ^_^

I closed my eyes, involuntarily. Damn, why did I have to get caught!?!?
I turned around to see Edward's hard face slowly.
"Hi..." I said, a little nervous.
Angela just stared at Edward with a shocked expression.
"You need to leave." Edward simply said.
"What's going on in there? That girl should go to the hospital for her arm!" I argued.
"We will take care of that." Edward said.
"What was Jasper doing?" I asked.
Edward sighed.
"You need to go, and not tell anyone, not even your parents, not even your your friends...
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posted by patrisha727
xin chào bạn guys. bạn may know me here for the story Evening ngôi sao and Amore. But this is an exclusive story that can only be read on the link I hope bạn guys would like to read "Switched". Here's a little summary:

Bella thiên nga is a usual student in the small town of Forks. A new student comes along, and seemed to be hiding something huge. But Bella is also hiding something. But like forbidden love, they connect. Then on one April's Fool's Day, a mystical prank caused Edward and Bella to change bodies. While Carlisle tries to find the cure, Edward and Bella discovers the secrets behind their personal lives...

I hope bạn guys would want to read it. Plz tham gia my spot and read from there! Thx!
BTW: The link of "Switched" is up.
posted by twilightGGlost
ok ppl i KNOW i havent written in a ended and i started work...then i went away and then came back and then went away and now im gonna be aaway AGAIN for a couple of days...sorry i havent written and let my những người hâm mộ down...i will be working aagin and then school will start and then i will try to finish where i left off...thank u for the constant "please write thêm messages" it shows ur support but i WILL NOT BE nghề viết văn UNTIL PlEaSe...i WILL go back to nghề viết văn but not now cuz im VERY busy and dont have time to write...again thank u too ALL my những người hâm mộ and sorry i havent written sooner...heyyyyyy just_bella! luv ya my nerd-pirate-dork!...thanks everyone...ill write thêm những thông tin cập nhập if i plan to write sooner! THANK U ALL! <3
The tiếp theo morning was much thêm relaxed. It was Monday, and Bella and I were driving to school. We were both in good spirits until a block away from the parking lot. That’s when I picked up on his scent. A werewolf was waiting in the Forks High School parking lot, and I had a pretty good idea about who it would be. I scanned the parking lot for thoughts, and found Jacob’s face in some of the students minds whom had passed him by. This would not be good.

“If I asked bạn to do something, would bạn trust me?” I asked Bella.

She looked at me carefully, and I knew she could sense the stress...
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'Updated' bởi musiclover755

Bella's POV

I sat there in my bedroom in front of my laptop, the screen shining on my face. I didn't bother to check the time. No doubt it was after midnight, though.

My fingers tapped with anxiety on the pad of my laptop, sending the the click-button-mouse, yes I call it that, swirving all over the screen.

What to type next? My 20th blog was just about to be đã đăng when writers block kicked in and I had no idea how to end it.

My fingers simply scrolled against the keyboard 'It's after midnight... I think. Writers block! No! I have no idea how to end...
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posted by Bella_Cullen902
I'M SOOOO SORRY!!! School just started and i haven't had enough time to do much of anything with my nghề viết văn and thank bạn Leisha for telling them that message for me!! So here we go!

Girls are always asking him out but it's always the same old answer "I don't date"

But what he didn't know is when the time would come is when he would have to say yes to some body. But he made a pack with himself.

"If i never find the one for me then i will grow old alone.Forever."


The bus ride to school is always the same to me. I first step foot on the bus and i am...
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posted by rachel-rathbone
CHAPETER 5 g0 T0 MY PR0FIE AND READ IT C0MNENT AND I BE YR FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~ xin chào guys! I'm really into nghề viết văn fanfiction (hence I joined three fanfiction websites), so I've decided to write one on here! This is just the summary/trailer because I want to see if bạn guys like the plot. Tell me what bạn think! Also this takes place after Edward leaves Bella in New Moon and she discovers a little site called Blogger... (grins) - musiclover755 ~

Bella's POV

It's been six months since Edward has left me. Charlie says I'm pretty much a zombie almost. And I agree. As much as I miss the Cullens' with a passion, especially Edward, I've been in need to find...
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posted by Cullen_Freak
Edward POV

There was nothing else I wanted in the world then both Bella’s and Nessies protection. The rest I could endure. So when Carlisle told me, that the Volturi was coming back, I couldn’t help but flinch.
“Carlisle! They’re coming back! But they just left, what do they want!” Carlisle just looked at me and dropped his eyes.
“They want to stop this imprinting between Renesmee and Jacob. They think its all wrong, that if they conceive, it’ll be something that they cant deal with. They don’t want to go up against something stronger than them.” Did Jacob know about this?
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posted by Cullen_Freak
Jacob POV

Bella was standing across the room in Edwards arms. Her smile was now turned into a frown, she wanted to know what was going on. Edward hushed her, and continued to walk towards Carlisle, I gave her a frown. Renesmee jumped out of my hands and ran to Bella, her hands stretched open.
“Mommy.” Renesmee đã đưa ý kiến as she was embraced. Bella looked up at me again, she questioned with her eyes. I shrugged, and then followed the pack out of the door. Sam was waiting for me behind one of the trees, he waited for me to shift. My paws touched the ground, I fell with a great force.
Jacob, bạn know...
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"wow, well thats weird"said Tj his arm across his chest
"tell us your story alex the ill tell bạn ours"jaz đã đưa ý kiến he had his hands around my waist
and i was leaning on him dazzed but lissten to her story
"well i remember most of my human life but it fads"she said"you and my dad chẻ, phân chia, split up when i was 11 and i stayed with him but bạn came and seen me often untill bạn started dating mark and then bạn seen me once a tháng with him i thought it was wierd how when i seen him he allways whore sun glass and it was raining out and bạn stopped seeing me when i was 16 years old i never seen bạn again."she...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
Zoe's POV
The last thing I remember is that I got shot in the bắp chân and Collin was carrying me home. I sat up on a bàn and looked behind my shoulder. I jumped up, my family scarred me. Emmet, Bella, Jasper, and Edwad were standing in the front crouch like they were protecting the rest of the family. So this means I am a Cullen now? I asked everyone. They sorta of laughed. I looked at Alice and than everyone elses, there hazel eyes all stared at me wide and in shock. I looked down and notice i wasn't standing I was floating in mid air! I could fly, I guess bạn could put it that way. How do I...
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posted by surfergal
I had nothing else to say to him. I didn't speak unless he ask something and when he did I pretended like I didn't hear it. I ended up falling asleep again and when I woke up I heard a pow and felt my shoulder that had been shot tiwce now. Then I looked up at him. I saw him have the gun to his head.
No don't do it I said.
Why? I hurt bạn I should hurt myslef. He saaid.
No bạn shouldn't please don't I told him.
I was breathing really heavy and I was trying to get words out and I couldn't.
Please dont do this. I said.
You will regret it I told him.
No, I'm gonna do it. He said.
Then I watched as he...
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posted by surfergal
I woke up and got out of giường and I streched, I learned that swimming will make bạn sore. I jumped into the vòi hoa sen and when I got out I didn't really feel like dressing up so I pulled on my oh so awesome sweat pants and a long sleeve t-shirt. I had to drive my motorcycle to school because once I got out of school I had to go to swim and do dryland. Dryland-run,push-ups and running. IT all helps with swimming and that was something I loved.

Weeks passed and Cody and I were close and I was doing great in swim until one night when I was in the locker room with all the girls changing and talking...
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Seth's POV
I was at the Cullen's house waiting for Zoe to come back home. All the sudden Edward jumped up. Edward started panicking, Bella grabbed his hand trying to make him stand still. Edward, what is wrong?- Bella ket asking. It's Zoey, she has been shot! I was freaking out. What do bạn mean Zoey has been shot. I asked Edward, I couldn't grasped it. Collin is will be here in 3 minutes, Bella get on the phone with everyone. I have to go set up everything. He ran up stairs, I folloed him. What can I do?? I asked in a worried tone. I don't know. Bella came into the room and hannded him the...
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posted by Sk8bordNewMoon
I always thought I would want to be a vampire, until I got the chance to become one. I was scared out of my mind at the fact that I would become a vampire in less than a 4 days! I didn't want to tell anyone but I knew they knew cause of Edward and Jasper. When ever they were trying to talk about me being a vampire, I would always change the subject hoặc act like I needed to be some where. I hated that they knew my fear! I got up jumped in the vòi hoa sen and got out and dressed. I didn't feel like drying my hair so I left it wet. I went down stiar and just sat on the couch. I was bored and I didn't...
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posted by patrisha727
Not the best title.... but I hope bạn enjoy the bài viết anyways. I hope that most of the people who are hating the Meebo chat signed the petition made in the các diễn đàn on my spot spot. If bạn didn't.... DO IT NOW!!!!!!!
link ^_^

Jasper? That name was so familiar. Isn't that one of Alice's brothers? I looked at Angela, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, and Tyler. They all had startled and confused expression.
I stood up from my chair, since my thực phẩm was finished.
"Do bạn want to check out what's going on?" I asked.
They nodded and we all went out of the cafeteria door. They were still confused.
"Where do we go?"...
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