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TWILIGHTERS i thought that i've seen everything.I saw this bài viết about a real ROBERT PATTINSON SCHOOL!im guessing that twilight and rob những người hâm mộ are begging mommy and daddy to send them there.THIS IS NO JOKE.READ BELOW.

And it isn’t a school on how to get over Robert Pattinson, hoặc how to be Robert Pattinson. It is an actual school in the UK! Its a College specializing in Language, Science, Mathematics!

In all seriousness guys, it is a real school. That is their real name. And it has nothing to do with the Twilight Saga’s Robert Pattinson! Just a mere coincidence! And no, Rob does not teach there! Sorry! lol

UPDATE: ROBSessedBlog đã đưa ý kiến that this school used to be the #1 Google tìm kiếm when bạn searched “Robert Pattinson” oh what a difference a năm makes! lol

And there bạn it and see for yourself.
posted by joe-edwardfan
Once apon a time there was a powerful king ruling London.
The legend says a witch cursed the kings only daughter because he killed all the witches in Luân Đôn except for his own.
As its told the curse forbids the princess to ever feels hoặc falls in love(but she can just feel tình yêu for the witche’s son Damien who is in tình yêu with the princess) unless the witch that's has casted the spell on her shall die drowning in her own blood at an eclipse.
    Witch: a witch is a person that has special abilities and is immortal they look like a human and blood runs in their...
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Well at least I wasn’t the one pushing the boundaries this time. If Edward wanted thêm of me then I would give it to him. I wasn’t complaining. He then started moving his hand further up, going over my chest and then slid back down and he left his hand under my bra line. I opened my eyes in pure shock to find his open too. He smiled.

“Did bạn decide to rethink your boundaries?” I asked breathless again.

“ Did I do something bạn didn’t want me to do?” He asked alarmed.

“ No, it was nice actually” I đã đưa ý kiến blushing a deep ruby.

He stroked my crimson cheek as he answered.

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hello, i'm kathleen. everyday i am goin to bring u up todate with everthing that is happening with new moon and eclispe.....



Sweden – tickets are now available for a Twilight and New Moon theatre experience! On November 19th they’ll be able to watch Twilight, and directly after (at midnight) they’ll have the midnight New Moon showing!

Belgium – New Moon tickets are now on sale in Belgium! And they get New Moon even earlier! On the 18th of November! bạn can purchase tickets here!

Germany – New Moon was to be released in January in Germany, however...
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posted by lollipopszx3

Aro :: Well that was a satisfing meal.

Gianna :: Barely.

Aro :: *ignoring Gianna* Tourist taste way better though.

Caius :: I agree.

Me :: Well emos cut themselves... They don't have as much blood as everyone else.

Aro :: *sighs* Good waste of blood.

Alec :: Yeah...

Jane :: Can we go now back to Italy? I want some fresh blood.

Me :: NO! bạn may not go back to Italy yet!

Jane :: Why is that?

Me :: Because Alec is not my mate yet. *tear*

Jane :: Well we're going to be waiting here forever!

Mysterious voice :: No we're not!

Gianna :: Who đã đưa ý kiến that? *looks around*

Mysterious voice :: I did!

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posted by lollipopszx3
Gun shots. That's all I heard for a moment before silence filled the air. Everyone fell to the ground. We were always told to drop and cover your head when bạn heard a gunshot.

Some men came joining that one of the man with a gun. They all pulled out guns. "Get in." one yelled at all of us and pointed at an army tank.

Rosalie didn't get up. She stayed on the ground. I was about to speak up when a men put tape over my mouth.

The men drove for a long time. All us little kids stayed in the back bumping into each other. They tied our hands together. I don't really know why.

Soon the door opened. The...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Kristen Stewart
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Kristen Stewart

Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine's 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards, December 2007
Born    Kristen Jaymes Stewart
April 9, 1990 (age 19)
Los Angeles, California, United States

Occupation    Actress
Years active    1999 – present
Kristen Jaymes Stewart (born April 9, 1990) is an American film and ti vi actress. She is known for roles in films such as Panic Room, Zathura, In the Land of Women, Adventureland, Into the Wild, The Messengers and...
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posted by teamalice_0
Sorry I was and still am grounded I promise to make this an intrsting chapter.

"Family of course, though we already consider bạn family."

I was shocked. I've only had one family before, but that was years ago.

"I'm not sure Carlisle, can I think about it?"

"Of course. Take all the time bạn want."

"Thanks. Oh and Carlisle?"


"Have bạn ever heard of a vampire's gift changing?"

He shook his head slowly.

"Mine's changing, I used to only draw things, now I'm seeing and drawing. And I think I'm seeing the past and future."

I remembered after...
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posted by lollipopszx3

Me :: Hi!! What's up?

Gianna :: Who are bạn talking to?...?

Me :: My readers...

Jane :: No fudging reader likes your story. NOW LET US FREE!!

Me :: *sniffle sniffle* Why are bạn so mean?

Aro :: Little girl...dear... you've been keeping us here for 4 chapters. I think Jane is thirsty.

Me :: Oh that's it? Well I could fix that.

Jane :: Yes. Come a little closer.

Me :: Uh... no thanks. I want Alec to change me but not yet.

Jane :: WHAT?? bạn keep me here and bạn won't even let me have a taste?? I don't care how bad bạn are. Just come!!!!!

Me :: Bad?? Psh. Not even.... bạn want something to eat?

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posted by bella01
{still EPOV}

alice stopped breathing,i know she is having another vision so i read her mind.i am surprised but happy to see bella in the house.

"bella is safe" i finally said

"yes "alice đã đưa ý kiến with a grin

"let's go she is in the house"i đã đưa ý kiến also smiling

then the unexpected happened.again,alice had a vision but it is not a good vision.bella jumped from the window in her room but there is something wrong about her room in the vision because it seems that the the tường of her room is destroyed like something have crash there.

"what happened?"esme asked worried

"we have to go now"i said

we got out of the...
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posted by ParamoreFreak
4.) The Only Exception
"Phil! Phil wake up!"
Phil's eyes slowly opened, adjusting to the darkness that surrounded him and the moon's light casting a stretched out tam giác on the floor of the guest room.
"Wha-?" Phil asked, rubbing his eyes while yawning.
"We need to talk."
"Okay," Phil's eyes adjusted to see Rick in front of him.
"Sit up," Rick đã đưa ý kiến and helped a half-asleep Phil sit up bởi propping him against the wall.
"What?" Phil asked starting to come out of his half-asleep-ness.
"Listen to me..." Rick sat tiếp theo to Phil on the giường and they looked at eachother....
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posted by ParamoreFreak
3.) Never Say Never
Rick pulled back into his driveway, and Phil hopped out of the car, bag in hand, when the car stopped.
"What's next?" Phil asked.
"Nothing...if they come again then we fight." Rick put the key in the lock and unlocked the front door. "If not, then bạn go back trang chủ and bạn forget about me and the demonic world...and pretend demons dont exist!"
"What?" Phil asked, walking in behind Rick.
"What do bạn mean what?"
"I mean, what do bạn mean?" Phil đã đưa ý kiến and Rick stopped.
"I can't just go back trang chủ and forget everything happens!...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 21
When his hands touched mine an electric current flashed through my body something so strong,something I wasn’t familiar with.
I held his hand tighter in mine then I felt his cool breath on my neck,I tore my gaze from are hands and looked him in the eyes,his beautiful eyes that made my weak human tim, trái tim to rip its way out of my chest.then I realized I was falling for him again so I pulled my hand from his and sat on the bed.
Why am I so stupid.whats...
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posted by twilight_james
Chapter 7

I was hunting with Jane again one night, but she ran off quicker than usual. I went to follow her but she called out “Edward, please don’t follow me. Get away from here. Now. Go. Please”
I was mystified bởi her words. What did I have to run from? There wasn’t anyone who was displeased with me at the moment. Well, maybe Carlisle. But he would never hurt me. Or…….or what if it was something else, something I had never thought of. What if……what if she had found a mate?
The realization hit me hard. I stumbled back, my breath knocked out of me. Of course, we’d both knew that...
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posted by lollipopszx3

Me :: Hmm... what can I do to bạn guys this chapter?

Mom :: STEPHANIE! Come upstairs! It's bữa tối, bữa ăn tối time!

Me :: But mom! I'm playing with my friends!

Mom :: Tell them to go home!

Me :: I can't! Their mothers are in Italy.

Heidi :: Yes... under the ground.

Mom :: Really? bạn can stay here Những người bạn of Stephanie. Wait. Let me come downstairs.

Me :: NO!!! Don't! They're busy... getting ready... to sleep!

Heidi :: If we could.

Mom :: Okay then! Come up for dinner.

Me :: Sure. Hold on a second! *turns and stares evilly at the Volturi*

Jane :: Now we can leave!

Me :: Again. Like I said. I'm too smart. Plus...
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posted by Alice_Cullen_
The French Magazine, One, just released an interview they had with the hottness duo of the Twilight saga, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson. These two are fantastic and really feed off of each other. tình yêu them!

"Rivals in New Moon, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black are, in reality friends. Together, they reflect on the filming of the saga and on their new life as stars tracked bởi những người hâm mộ and paparazzi.

Both of bạn have very devoted fans. But have they become too intrusive?
Taylor Lautner: I believe that Robert and I have very different experiences concerning our relationship with the fans. As far as...
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posted by joe-edwardfan
Chapter 20
While Alice was dragging me to see her family I was worried what will happen when I see edward I mean after all this years ,we moved on and stuff……..ooh I'm such an idiot what can happen??? Nothing can happed if he remmembers he left ME! I didn’t leave him! So what does he wants now?.....
I was thinking hard not realizing were she was dragging me when someone hugged me
-oh Bella I'm so happy to see bạn look at you!!! bạn havent changed at all!
Then he laughed his booming laugh,awww I truley miss Emmett he always made me laugh and made fun of me
-Bella honey,how are you?
Esme came...
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ok so i know that carrie ann đã đưa ý kiến that she wasnt going to write this story any time soon but i got her notes and im improvising so most of this bài viết will be my work but carrie anns ideas.
but enjoy anyway this is part 13 and its short, and _madz_ this is the part i told bạn about jake...

part 12
“Where is she?” Tara demanded glaring at hem.
“Gone for a walk ... hoặc that’s what she đã đưa ý kiến anyway. Went hunting hoặc something she muttered it so quietly I wasn’t quite sure what she said, sorry.” Kris muttered
“Where exactly did she go ... I want a word with her. She comes to our land...
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posted by twilight_james
hehe! edits! tell me if I forget to put ina chapter!
Chapter 5
(Carlisle’s POV)
My son came down to see me. Oh how joyful I was, at first thinking that he was going to try me way of life again. But he came with girl, a vampire from whom I knew from many years ago. Edward introduced her
“Hello, this is-“
“Jane,” I cut him off. “Nice to see bạn again” Edward looked mildly amazed. I guessed that Jane had either not told him about the Volturi, hoặc that I used to be a part of it. Probably the former.
“Come in,” I said, breaking the awkward silence. Jane and Edward came and sat down.
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posted by bella01

i can't think straight.i don;t know what is happening to me,every time i think of how to escape,every time he is telling me that he tình yêu me,edward's face keep popping inside my head.every time i am thinking of not being with him i feel empty.i think i really like him,no,i tình yêu him.

"who is he"darius shouted.

i didn't realized that i spoke the last part of what i am thinking.

"i told bạn before i will never tình yêu you.i tình yêu someone else"i said

who is he?"he asked angrily

"is he one of your new family?"he asked

i did not answer.

"i will kill them all"he đã đưa ý kiến angrily

"i will not let bạn hurt any...
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