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Jacob pov

What did the vamp want now?god couldn't he ever get leave anything that happened alone?I heard him laugh stay out of my head I thought hoping he would listen. Once we where outside I deside to ask"what the he'll do want?"spite in his face"well I was just going warn bạn about something"he đã đưa ý kiến now what was this about?"about Nahuel"he đã đưa ý kiến which made me hiss god did I hate Nahuel."easy"Edward wound me"what about him"I ask once I was settled down" he in tình yêu with renesmee" he told I just want to kill him. "easy"he told me again.that was what made me notice that I was thinking of ways to kill him."sorry.sooo dose neisse know" I ask madey she was trying to keep that from me."no she dosent and I like to keep that way now if bạn com keep yourself from not killing Nahuel let go back to the party" I nodd and fellow him in.

Renesmee pov

Where did Jacob go?I keep looking around the room and then I saw that my dad wasn't here either.then I look over and Nahuel looking at me.kind of werid.then I heard my dad and jacob come in then jacob came over and Kiss me and then I think u heard Nahuel hiss. Then Jacob trun to talk to uncle emmett and my dad. Alice was talking wedding detains when Nahuel came over."can I talk to bạn outside for a minuet?"he ask"sure let's go" I answer and we walk to the door and leaved befor anyone notices.
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