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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Six
    Five phút later, seven knocks came to the door again, and I let Ethan back into the room.
    "He's there. I told him to lock the door, and watch out for people." Ethan said, and I felt better now.
    "Thanks so much." I said, and he nodded.
    "So, when does Shropee get here?" He asked.
    "We don't know. She đã đưa ý kiến she'll knock ten times on the door so we know it's her and Jerek." Tabra answered.
    "Alright. So, we just wait?" Ethan asked.
    "Yea." I laid back onto the bed, and stared at the ceiling.
    "Can I see your guys' weapons?" Ethan asked. "Sorry, but, I am curious."
    Tabra got to his feet and untied the hàng đầu, đầu trang part of his mask and his lab coat.
    "Whoa. Do bạn have the same thing, Cyd?" Ethan said.
    "Yea. We all do." Where is Shropee and Jerek!?
    "Cool." Ethan sat down into a chair along the wall, and started talking to Tabra again.
    I hate feeling nervous while waiting for the others. They need to get here, and soon. Where are they?

(Attention: the rest of this chapter, and this chapter only, is in Jerek's Point Of View. Enjoy!)_____________________________________________
    "We should be there bởi now." I told Shropee as we made our way through a crowd of doctors.
    "We'll be fine. Just come on." She snapped, and we pushed our way through the the crowd of doctors to the stair case door, and started going up.
    "I can't believe that happened to bạn guys, right under your noses?" A female voice đã đưa ý kiến from up above and Shropee and I looked up to see a group of people from the lâu đài walking down the steps.
    Shropee pulled me off to the side. "Don't make any sudden moves to let them know who bạn are. Just shut up, and be quiet." She whispered, and let me go.
    We started back up the stairs, and with every step we took, we got one step closer to them. I was a bit scared, but I knew we'd be okay.
    "It was weird! Oh, ssh, here come the other doctors." A male voice said, and Shropee and I continued up the stairs.
    We were ten steps away. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Now five. Now four. Now three. Now two. Now one. We passed them on the stairs, and made our way up the rest of them, getting farther and farther away. bởi three steps. Now four. Now six. Now eight. Now nine. Now ten. And finally, we got to the third floor door.
    We made it.
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