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posted by Tatti
Well, I must admit I really enjoy nghề viết văn this story so I really hope you'll be able to enjoy it even a bit as I did. Thanks for all great các bình luận bạn leave.


2nd chapter Playing


I was really concerned. How in the world is it possible for three couples, who would do anything to have children, to find three em bé on their doorstep? Moreover, what is the possibility when these couples are vampires? And finally, these em bé appear to be half-vampires?
While everybody was busy taking care and playing with little ones I kept waiting for something unexpected to happen. I waited and... Nothing. Time passed but no one had shown and claimed for them. I saw how much happiness these em bé brought to my family and I tried to calm myself. Only Edward knew about my worries but he was optimistic. I kept an eye on kids trying to notice anything unusual but everything seemed pretty normal (as normal as it can be for half-vampire). They were growing very fast, they were stronger than humans, they were very smart but differently from Nessie they were thêm childish. From morning, when they wake up, till evening, when they fall asleep, the house is full laughter and children exulting.
Though it was written in the letter that their names are Domenico, Emera and Jalline, soon they got nicknames and were called almost only bởi them. They became Nick, Emi and Jalley Cullens.
Nick was adopted bởi Esme and Carlisle. From the first time Esme took him they belonged to each other. He was always bởi her side and adored Esme thêm than anything else in the world. Esme felt the same and once Edward mentioned that sometimes she imagined that Nick is her and Carlisle's real son - his pale skin and golden hair helped to keep such illusion. Boy also loved Carlisle but there were thêm respect in his look than pure tình yêu which bạn can feel in the way he looked at Esme.
If Rosalie and Emmett would be able to have children I don't think they could resemble them thêm than Emi. She accepted both of them as parents very quickly and her character was a mix of Rosalie's stubbornness, passion for clothes and even a little bit of her vanity and Emmett's sense of humor, interest in sports and competition. I think they were also very proud of her - she was not only very pretty (blond hair with shades of light trái cam, màu da cam and cute green eyes) but also the strongest of three of them.
Jalley was the biggest mystery to all of us and I felt a bit sorry for Alice and Jasper cause when others were enjoying spending their time playing with kids, they were completely ignored. At first, this girl wth black curls and black eyes ignored everyone and simply tried to hide in the farthest corner. Every night she had a nightmare but never đã đưa ý kiến even one word about it. Actually, until last week she hasn't đã đưa ý kiến anything. We wondered that maybe she experienced something terrible before being brought here and hoped that time will prove she can trust us. So last week she came to Alice and asked in worried tone: "Will bạn leave me?". Alice assured her she will never leave and since then Jalley started speaking thêm and more, playing and even laughing.
I was happy for them. I had not only Edward but also Nessie and that sometimes made me feel sorry for them, especially for Rosalie and Esme. Them having their own kids solved this problem. Then why I couldn't get rid of that bad feeling that this is going to turn out not the way we are expecting? I looked at Esme drawing with Nick, Emmett tickling Emi and Alice brushing Jalley's hair... Such a peaceful moment. I should stop worrying. What could happen after all?

Thanks for reading!
Hope it wasn't boring :D
with Rob/Kristen/Catherine
audio commentary
Found thi on Youtube. It's really good
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