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posted by c_j_clark
Edward sped through the trees swiftly, the wind cool and pleasant on his face. Soon he was in Mt. Rainier National Park. He brought himself to an abrupt halt and crouched when he heard a mountain lion prowling nearby. He heard the sound of the soil beneath its paws as it lumbered through the undergrowth. It was close, and he knew if it got any closer it would sense him too. He began slowly stalking his prey. Closer and closer…he could see it now. It had climbed up a cây and was sitting alertly on a low branch. It was going to be all too easy. As he prepared himself for the huge pounce, something attacked him. It had come at him from the left and was now on hàng đầu, đầu trang of him, trying to force its way to his neck. How had he not heard it? As he adjusted he gasped. It was a HUMAN! No, wait…it wasn’t! He saw fangs protruding from the teeth and the white’s of its eyes were completely red, the irises black. Lines like veins ran beneath its eyes. What WAS it? Edward used his strength to throw the thing from himself and it flew backwards. However, it manoeuvred itself so that it landed agilely on its feet. It was a male, with black hair and now startling grey eyes. It had somehow morphed back to looking human. It wore black clothes – trousers, tee-shirt and a leather jacket. It looked shocked and ruffled. Edward bet he did too.
“Wha-what the hell?” it said, confused and angry. “You’re supposed to be a weak little human! How are bạn THAT strong?” He glared at Edward, crouching like a predator. He was crouching just like Edward did when he was hunting.
“Don’t bạn think I’m thinking the EXACT same thing?” Edward growled back. “What are you?” The male laughed maliciously.
“What do bạn think I am, idiot?” The male smirked. Edward lowered his eyebrows in a frown. He didn’t like his attitude.
“I wouldn’t have asked bạn if I’d known,” he replied. The male’s brows furrowed too.
“I would’ve thought that the fangs gave it away, but, whatever…” And suddenly the male was standing centimetres away from Edward. He tensed but the male looked him dead in the eyes.
“Forget everything you’ve just experienced. It never happened,” he đã đưa ý kiến in a new, dreamy, melodic voice. His pupils contracted several times.
“Sorry? Erm, what are bạn doing?” Edward asked, worried if this was some sort of unstable creature. The male cocked his head to one side and looked bewildered.
“…Are bạn wearing vervain?” He asked, looking at Edward in confusion.
“What? What’s that?” Edward replied, equally confused. The male searched Edward’s face.
“What ARE you?” Edward demanded again. The male grinned suddenly.
“I’m a vampire,” he đã đưa ý kiến softly. Edward’s jaw dropped.
“You can’t be…” he managed to say. The “vampire” laughed.
“Yeah, it may be hard to believe, but it’s true. They exist,” the male đã đưa ý kiến as he leant against a tree. He LOOKED casual, but his eyes were wary and alert.
“I know they exist, fool. I know they exist because I AM one!” Edward said, aggravated. This ‘thing’ certainly wasn’t a vampire. The male’s eyes widened and then he relaxed.
“Well that settles the reason why I can’t compel bạn and the reason you’re so strong then,” he said.
“You’re not a vampire though,” Edwards đã đưa ý kiến again. The male looked shocked yet again.
“What? bạn just saw the fangs and the face! How much thêm to convince you?” He looked puzzled still.
“Vampires don’t change their face. And we certainly do NOT have fangs,” Edward replied.
“…You don’t have FANGS? What kind of a vampire ARE you?” he laughed again mockingly. Edward’s eyebrows furrowed.
“So bạn are a vampire? But how? How can we both be ma cà rồng when we’re both different?” Just as the male was about to speak, sunlight flooded through the clouds and fell on him. Edward’s mouth dropped open. HE WASN’T SPARKLING! He looked human. Now Edward was truly convinced that this wasn’t a vampire. As he began to speak, the sunlight spread out and fell upon him. His skin sparkled in the beams. The male’s face turned from puzzlement to humour. He began to laugh hysterically.
“Oh-my-god-you’re-TWINKLING” he breathed through his laughter. Edward growled at being mocked and he bared his teeth. The male laughed harder. “AHAHAHAAA! What’s the point of baring your teeth if bạn don’t even have any FANGS?” He leant against a cây and chuckled. Finally he composed himself, but laughter still glinted in his eyes.
“I don’t enjoy being mocked,” Edward đã đưa ý kiến angrily. The male grinned.
“Well, whatever. I guess there are different types of ma cà rồng out there. Pretty little shiny one’s like you…and real one’s like me,” he said, smiling arrogantly. Edward lunged at him but he darted out of the way instantly. Edward landed behind him and the male spun around.
“There is only one type of vampire!” Edward growled under his breath. The male’s face changed again to the evil, veined, red-eyed look from before and fangs appeared.
“Still not believe me? Well, may the stronger vampire win!” And he lunged at Edward who barely managed to escape. This guy was FAST.
“Wait!” Edward called as he dodged him again. “Are bạn a newborn?” The male stopped and his face reverted back to normal.
“A newborn? Do bạn mean recently turned?” he laughed. “I was turned in 1864!” Edward’s jaw dropped. This was one strong…vampire. He was older than Edward too. But how was he a vampire? He was totally different.
“I can’t believe there are other types of ma cà rồng out there. I never knew…” Edward said, mainly to himself.
“Well, neither did I. Oh, and bởi the way, I’m Damon Salvatore,” Damon said, putting out a hand laden with an extravagant ring.
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