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Cassie-18,long light brown hair and green eyes
Story is in cassie's view
Chapter 1
Forks seemed pretty cold.....I liked it cold. It has been a năm since my parents died from an attack of some sort of animal and they had always promised to bring me to forks. They always thought ma cà rồng where here and I wanted to find out. After I leave the airport I head to the hotel after I unpack my stuff in my room. Then I go for a drive around Forks. After driving all around Forks Isee a older road that heads into the forest so I go down that road. Then while I am driving I see something shoot thru the trees chasing a deer so I speed up a little bit. Then A deer jumps in front of my car I swerve to not hit it and the car flips. After about three flips I can barely breath and on the edge of death. I hear people talking: WHAT HAPPENED!!!!! I hear someone yell. Then another say "Alice go get Carlisle quick!" I try to sceam but I cant I gasp for every breath I take. All the people leave but one man and then another man shows up with light blond hair."An explanation?" The blond man ask the other one. "Jasper, Emmett and I were chasing a deer and the deer jumped in front of her car" the other man says. Then they tear the whole side of the car off and pick me up. Then the run into the woods. The man carring me says his name is Edward and the other one was Carlisle. I dont reply because I can barely breath.When they reach a house They sit me on a hospital giường and I relize I am covered in blood. Edwards leaves the room and Carlisle puts me to sleep..........I wake up feeling better exept a few cords hooked up to me. I look around I have no idea where I am and what ngày it is. Then Edward walks into the room and says hello Ireply with a faint hi. Can bạn please tell me what is going on? I ask. "You got in a car crash and bạn almost died so my family and I brought bạn here to make sure bạn get better". He replied Come with me downstairs I want bạn to meet my family. When we get downstairs everyone introduces themself and I introduce myself. Them Alice grabs my arm and tells me I need some new clothes. I look at my clothes and they are covered in blood. Then after an giờ of trying to find the perfect outfit Esme shows me her garden. She has millions of different types of hoa and it looks beautiful. Then Esme says she has to go inside for something so I walk around looking at the beautiful flowers. Then I come across a big field and I see Emmett standing in it so I watch to see what he is going to do. Emmett shoots off across the field and attacks an animals!!! Praying he didnt see me I run and hide I think I have found the vampires!!!

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