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posted by jenayah
A/N: xin chào I was just sat here thinking about how the Cullens would deal with everyone knowing everything about them. Thus, let me introduce bạn to the Celebrity Cullens. Are ma cà rồng ready to be thrust into the limelight, are you? Microphone and microscope ready?

Disclaimer: Stephenie can have Twilight, this baby is mine muaahaha :-)

Observer POV:

“Edward, could bạn bite me please?” Screams an ordinary girl, pulling Bella and Nessie closer to him, his response is a sharp but quiet “No!” “Oh...well bạn are nothing like your character” She tells the vampire. Outraged in a typical Edwardesque way “I have never wanted to bite Bella except the first time, I did it once and I don’t intend on doing it again”. Reporter shoving a microphone in his face “So bạn do admit bạn are a danger to people, thêm so to the vulnerable ones who are susceptible to your charm?”

She appears arrogant on the subject of her immunity to his forcible powers. Tilting his head down slightly so he can look into her eyes, that crooked smile spans across his face “No thêm questions” The tone he uses is soft and gentle, she is dazzled, left completely dumfounded at the side of his Volvo. Flashes of light ignite all around them, from an unseen place a huge man appears “Why don’t bạn leave this family alone and just take a chill pill” Though his voice is control, it is peppered with anger and irritation as he shakes a little.

“Jake!” Bella calls in reproachful tone, bạn get the feeling she is embarrassed, but it does not show, her transformation has taken away the signs. In her arms little, well bạn can’t really say little when she is quite so big Renesmee smiles at her friend, patting his shoulder. With another threatening look received the media step back, giving the Cullen’s space, in the same nhanh, swift một giây they are gone, an engine can be heard as they go speeding off into the distance.

Bella’s POV:

“What a complete bunch of jerks” Jacob adds, “Did bạn see how close they were getting to Nessie?” “I have a good mind to go back there and cú đấm them, especially that creepy one; his tight upper lip would be sweet spot”. Renesmee looked at him, her face took on a strange expression ‘Violence is never the answer’ She mimicked his earlier tone, when he explained to her that grievous bodily harm was an offence and grandpa Charlie would have to arrest her. Edward and I laughed.

“Haha, it is great that this is all so funny to you, bạn are meant to be her parents bạn are meant to protect her!” I was fuming “We are doing the best we can!” “Edward made a mistake, he didn’t mean to cause a problem, we all tình yêu Renesmee and she knows we tình yêu her!” His face was not quite apologetic but it was thawed. I looked at Edward who seemed okay but I could tell he was hurt, reaching over I stroked his arm reassuringly, sometimes words didn’t seem right hoặc they weren’t enough.

A/N: Please review I've got pleny thêm to come, we are just getting started.
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