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Chapter Seven: Let The Flames Begin...Oh Glory
~PART THREE: This Battle Must Be Won~
Previously on Ignorance:
I watched as Jake was pulled to his feet, mouth duck-taped shut, hands tied behind his back.
I felt my hand be tugged behind my back, tied together with rope.
I watched as Jake was pushed out the door first, and then I was pushed next.
I was pulled up the stone stairs, and just as I saw a black van in front of the shelter's grounds, I felt
something heavy crack the back of my head, making me fall to the ground.
Along the side of a knocked out Jake...
I'm dead, I thought. I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, oh GOD, I'm dead!
"We are vampyres! We live on the blood, the fear, and the adrenaline rush that runs through your veins."
"Blah, blah, bity blah! We get it, you're creatures of the night. Are we done?" I said, and the Ramen's face went from calm to furious.
"You bitch!" He bellowed.
"GET THEM!" A different ramen bởi the door howled.
"JAKE!" I yelled and the ramen turned, and came after me.
"SAM!" I yelled and she gave a ramen a punch, looked at me, and leapt to rescue me, eyes wide.
"I got you!" She said, grabbing onto my wrists.
"Don't let go." I đã đưa ý kiến and we were both being pulled on the floor through the door.
I turned just in time to see the fourth ramen thrown to the ground bởi Bobby, kneeing the ramen in the neck. A crack filled the air again, and the fourth and final ramen was dead.
We need to move!" Derek said.
"But where?" Stan asked.
"The cave!" I whispered.
"What?" Everyone asked. "Speak up!"
"Just follow Jake and I," I looked at Jake who nodded, rubbed his head, and off we went towards the Cave where the dead những người đang yêu lay.
And now...
"We need to hurry!" Sam đã đưa ý kiến calmly.
"I know that." I replied. "Jake, where is the cave!?"
"It should have been right over..." He pointed over to a huge rock. "...there...oh!" He pulled us all into the bushes with some OW'S and sighs.
"Wha-" Bobby began.
"SHH!" He hissed.
"What was that about!?" Bobby asked.
"Ramens. Were here at the Cave, but the Ramens are all over our trước đó shelter. The only way to get there is to vượt qua, cross over there part of the land there searching."
"Which means..." I stated.
"Bad news, no new shelter!" Stan đã đưa ý kiến with a worried sigh.
I looked around, and saw a group of ramen on brake, drinking blood from blood-bags. I then looked back towards the Cave's enterence. I looked back at our previus shelter, and back towards the Cave's entrance, then back to the Ramens. An idea flashed in my head like a light-house's light flicking on at dawn.
"Guys!" I whispered. "I gotta' plan!"
"Yeah, there all like 'Oh no, come save me! Come save me from my death!' " A ramen joked, flailing his arms like a helpless little girl.
"I can't beleive they were a challenge!" A voice boomed. "Why!? Why were they a challenge?" A ramen broke up the group, which there laughs and smiles died. "Get back...TO WORK!"
"Yes boss!" All five Ramens said.
"Actually," I đã đưa ý kiến popping out of the bushes.
"It's time for bạn to share the fun time!" Jake growled and all six of us charged the six Ramens.
"That was easy!" Stan said, slipping the Ramens flack-jacket on.
"Too easy..." I thought outloud.
"What do bạn mean?" Derek asked me.
"Where there's one, hoặc a few, there's more. If these are the people on brake..."
"Where are the ones that aren't on brake to do the job?" Jake finished.
"Bait?" Stan said, slipping the back-pack on.
"No, not bait." I said.
"More like a trap..." Everyone looked at eachother and smiled.
"Then let's go take what's ours." Bobby suggested, and off we went to grab our stuff right under the Ramens' noses.
We walked into the Cave, and looked around.
"Where's the blood, the smell, the bodies!? What happened to them?" I asked.
"Guess they had the bodies drained, and threw the carcasses away!" Jake said.
"Well, trang chủ sweet home!" Stan said, dropping all of the stuff he could grab down onto the ground.
"Roomy," Sam said, placing her stuff in her không gian of the Cave. "Could use some furniture but I think we'll deal."
"Were going back for the beds after we unload everything." Derek answered.
"Okay, but until then, how will we make sure the Ramens dont get us?" Sam asked.
"See that rock?" I asked.
"Yeah." Sam walked up to see where I was pointing.
"Were gonna di chuyển it from there, to there." I made a straight line to the entrance of the Cave. "Then when we wanna leave hoặc come in, we just crawl out. Were gonna trim a hole at the corner, and cover the whole with leaves. Then when that person is gone, hoặc comes back, we'll clog it with the chunk we took out. Were safe, were not being hunted, and they won't even notice!"
"Good plan!" Sam đã đưa ý kiến and went to un-rolling her sleeping bag.
"How are we gonna di chuyển that thing?" Jake asked me in a hushed tone.
"Oh we aren't," I đã đưa ý kiến and pointed to him, Bobby, Stan, and Derek. "You are!"
I handed the pillows, covers, and sheets to Sam to give to Stan to give to Derek to put back into the Cave. Then Jake and Stan came down to get the mattresses while Sam and I took the giường frames. We were ready for the last one, and were walking out of the Cave, just when a ramen truck pulled up.
"HEY YOU!" One of the Ramens said.
I looked down, thinking this was our doom, and realized that we were wearing ramen uniforms.
"What are bạn doing!?" The same ramen asked.
"Uh..." I began. "We were making a camp site in"
"Really? Good idea! If bạn need us, bạn know where we'll be." He started to walk off, but I laughed nervously.
"Actually, bạn told someone else. So where would that be exactly?"
"At the Front Gate." He replied, looking around to make sure no one heard him.
"The Front Gate?" I asked.
"Yeah." He walked up towards us and whispered. "In between the Twin Waterfalls."
"Yeah, I know where it is! Alright, will do!" I đã đưa ý kiến and he waved, and drove off towards the Twin Falls.
"The Front Gate!?" Jake said. "Do bạn know how fast we could leave this place?"
"Yeah, but don't bạn think it'll be kind of risky. Eight Bounty go missing, eight ramen leave this place. Kind of too quick. Good plan though." I đã đưa ý kiến looking at Derek who was about to speak.
"Then what do we do?" Derek asked.
"We wait at least a ngày hoặc two." I looked around, counted the beds, and we were one short.
"We still need one thêm bed." Sam noticed.
"No! Were fine. I'll sleep with Jake." I looked at Jake who turned around so he could blush.
"You sure?" Sam asked. "Cause we can go get tha-"
"It's fine, Sam. Why don't we make a fire, and start some dinner! I'm so starving!" I interupted.
"No!" Jake turned, cheeks normal color again. "Girls, make fire, and dinner, after boys get big rock!"
"Good thinking!" Sam đã đưa ý kiến wrapping herself in Stan's arms.
"Alright boys," Bobby said. "Stretch out!"
Jake and the other boys got all stretched out and ready to di chuyển the rock in part of our safety. Stan was finishing his stretches just as the others took off there shirts so they didn't ruin a perfectly good one. Stan ripped his off in one quick motion, and they all went towards the rock, stretching there arms and legs one last time before moving it. They then placed there hands on the rock, and began to push. They kept pushing and pushing and pushing until finally another ramen truck pulled up.
"Hey guys," It was a different Ramen, probably headed for the Front Gate. "What up with the rock?"
"Oh, we need to block our shelter so no Bounty jump us, kill us, and take our shelter." Stan answered.
"Oh, let me help you! I know that you're new Ramens and all," The ramen pushed the men aside, placed his hand on the rock, gave it a thrusted shove, and the rock ran straight into the tường of the Cave. It was a few feet away from covering the whole thing up. "But your strength will come in soon. Should I di chuyển it some more?"
"Yeah, cover the place completly, please." Jake said, taking this guy as an advantage.
"Okay." The ramen went to the other side of the rock, and gave it another thrusted push. The rock slid the last few feet and covered the whole Cave. "Anything else?"
"Uh..." I began, walking to an end corner of the rock that was covered bởi moss and green plants. "We need a crawl không gian hole big enough for someone to crawl in and out. We need a chunk gone so we can place it back and make the Cave look like a huge rock. Do bạn get it?" I asked.
"Yeah, bạn want a crawl không gian that isn't in pieces so bạn can place it back in there so no one can crawl in and kill bạn in your sleep! Got it," The ramen walked to the place I specified, looked at us all, and kicked a huge chunk of the tường straight through and into the Cave.
"Wow!" I said, amazed.
"Don't know why it stayed that way, so thick and all, but it looks good. bạn like it?" He turned to see our smiles of appreciation. This ramen may have been bad, but he helped us out alot.
"Alright, see bạn at the Front Gate if bạn need me or...something!" He hopped back into his truck.
"Thanks," We all said.
"Buy girls, buy hot shirtless guys." The ramen then drove off.
"Weird." I said.
"Scary." Sam added.
"There's gay vampyres too?" Derek asked, shocked.
"Apparantly." We all laughed, went back inside and started the fire.
Later that night...
Bobby and Derek were alseep. The rest of us sat around the warm fire, letting it heat up our bodies. Plus we found some marshmellows in one bag, Sô cô la in the other, and ghram crackers in another. We made Smore's. They were good. They had everything a Smore should have: Marshmellow goodness, choclate galore, ghram cracker crunchies, and it came with a good depressing aftertaste! Yay! But they held off the hunger that still surged in my stomach.
"You tired, honey?" Stan asked Sam.
"A little." Sam then let out a huge yawn.
"Go to bed." I đã đưa ý kiến and they both looked at me.
"What? No, it's my job to watch for tonight. I can't jus-"
"Sleep!" Jake pointed to the two beds they pushed together to make one big one. "We'll cover tonight, bạn just take our shift tomorrow night."
"Okay, come on honey." Sam grabbed Stan and pulled him off to giường where they instantly fell asleep.
"Jake," I đã đưa ý kiến as we laid down bởi the fire. "Can we talk?"
"Yeah, but whisper, don't wanna' wake the others." He answered.
"Got it..." I đã đưa ý kiến in a quiet voice. "Jake, I wanna' talk about those kisses..."
"They were..."
"No! No! No they were great! But...they made me feel different. A feeling I haven't felt in a long time."
"What did bạn feel?" He asked.
"I" I laughed.
"Why are bạn laughing?" Jake wondered.
"Cause...that sounded silly."
"No it didn't. The kisses made me feel as if we were living natural and normal lives. I felt that it was another ngày that we were together in bed. And then the whole ramen attack..."
We both laughed nervously.
"So...about your question..." I began, and he let out a huge moaning sigh that told me two things: He knew what câu hỏi I was talking about (the 'Will bạn Be My Girlfriend' question). And he was scared of what I was gonna' say.
"So..." He looked at me through his worried eyes. "What's your answer?"
"My answer..." I rethought my thought on this. I did do alot of thinking. And I came up with my final answer. I was pretty sure he'd like this answer, too. "is yes! I will be your girlfriend Jake."
"What?" He asked sitting up right.
"My answer is yes!" I said, sitting up too.
"Oh..." Was all he said.
"Oh? Is that a good 'Oh' hoặc a bad 'Oh'?" I asked.
"I don't know..." He đã đưa ý kiến slowly.
"Jake?" I grabbed him bởi his shoulder, and pulled him into a kiss. Everything, the tension, the pressure, the fear, all of it, just slipped out from under us like a rug being under us one minute, then POOF! gone the next. Our lips departed and he smiled. "Will bạn be my boyfriend?"
"Hell yes!" He đã đưa ý kiến and he kissed me once more.
THE tiếp theo DAY...
I woke up wrapped in Jake's arms in our giường that we were sharing. I looked around to see the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy was almost out. It had a very tiny flame that was on a burnt log, licking it's way to finish the log off. And then it did. A low sizzle was now able to hear, and then smoke rose from it. I watched as the spark of life died too. And when it did, that's when Jake rolled over to the other side, letting me go from his clutches. I didn't wanna' wake him, let alone the others, so I got up to my feet slowly, making sure the giường didn't creak and groan hoặc di chuyển to fast with movement. I looked around, looking to see anyone else awake hoặc not. I then walked over to the man crawl space, pulled the cube out of its space, and put it to the side. I went to my bed, reached under it for the matches, found them and placed them bởi the dead ngọn lửa, chữa cháy place. I crawled out of the crawl không gian very carefully, making sure my ramen clothes didn't get dirty, and went to find some wood. Fifteen phút later, I shoved twenty wood bricks into the crawl space. If we were gonna' out live this, we needed to stock up on wood and not go out as much.
I crawled back into the Cave, closed the crawl space, and put two thêm logs of wood onto the ngọn lửa, chữa cháy pit. I then lit a match and held it on the wood for a một phút to two phút before it ignited. I then looked over and saw Jake sitting up in bed.
"Hey," I whispered.
"Hey, what are bạn doing?" He asked, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
"Lighting ngọn lửa, chữa cháy for light in our Cave-y shelter." I answered and he got to his feet.
"We need food." He đã đưa ý kiến randomly.
"Yeah, breakfast at least." I looked around at the thực phẩm stash bởi the wall, lying bởi the fridgeratore that took an giờ to lug in here. There was nothing for breakfast except thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói and...eggs. "We need thêm breakfast, but thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói and egg bagels are for today!" I đã đưa ý kiến and he smiled.
"Want help?"
"No thanks, bạn wash up and get ready. Breakfast is in bed!" I walked over to the fridge and took out the eggs and bacon.
"Alright, I'll go find a lake hoặc something to wash up in..." He grabbed a towel, and a bar of soap from the bag of soap, that had string through it so bạn didn't lose it while bathing, under our bed, then removed the crawl space, and then he was gone.
I know he'll be an toàn, két an toàn and all cause we were all in our stolen ramen gear, but still...hope he's careful.
(Alright...this part is in Jake's P.O.V.-Point Of View-Enjoy!)
I walked away from the Cave, thinking about where a lake is. I then stumbeled upon one, and saw that it was surrounded bởi walls of trees and bushes. bạn had to stand up on the đồi núi, hill to see it, get too close and the greenery would block it from your view.
I pushed through the leaves and twigs, and made my way to the edge of the lake. I then looked around to see if anyone else was here. Nothing. I then took off my shoe and sock, and dipped my foot into the water. It was warm. The sun was being nice enough to not let it be too hot, hoặc too cold. I then took off my other shoe and sock, and rolled up the pants to my knees. I then put one entire foot into the water, and felt all the water was the same temperature. I removed my foot, un-buckeled my belt, and pushed down my pants. I then took off my shirt, and slid my underwear down to the ground. I put the bar of soap and towel bởi the clothes, and then got in. I made sure nothing got wet as I stepped into the water. I grabbed the bar of soap, put it around my neck, and started into the water to find a deep enough part to bathe in.
I waded all the way till I got stomach deep. The water felt good, really good against my naked body. I then sank under the water level, letting my whole body get wet and soaked before washing. I looked down and saw wet sand around my feet. I picked up a handful, and rose out of the water. I watched as the sand dripped through my fingers, making a plunk and a splish noise when hitting the water. I then took the soap off my neck, and masauged it with my hands under the water till it got soapy. I started to rub my self down with the soap, covering every inch I could reach. I watched as the suds floated away and dissolved in the water. I then rinsed my whole body off, and soaped up my hair using the remaining soap in my hands and fingers. Once my hair was all sudsy, I dipped down into the water and ran my fingers through and through the strands of hair until it was sudsy-free!
I walked onto the bờ biển of the lake, put the soap bởi my shoes, and dried off with the towel. I made sure I was dry enough to not get the clothes wet. I then pulled on my underwear, pulled up my pants, put the thắt lưng, vành đai on, slipped into my socks and shoes, and tugged on the shirt. I clutched the towel in one hand while the bar of soap was buried beneath the cloth. I then smoothed out my hair, and walked through the bushes again. I made my way up the đồi núi, hill and back to the Cave. I crawled back into the Cave just to see everyone moving around, grabbing plates full of thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói and egg bagels.
"Hey, Jake!" Hayley đã đưa ý kiến waving. "Your just in time for breakfast."
I smiled, put the chunk of rock back into it's place, grabbed my plate of food, and sat down on my giường along side Hayley for breakfast amongst our friends.
(This goes back to Hayley's P.O.V.-Point Of View-Enjoy!)
Jake came back just as breakfast was served. His hair was wet, and he smelled clean like the bar of soap he took. He placed the towel bởi the log ghế, chỗ ngồi tiếp theo to the fire, and left the bar of soap on it too. Knowing I'd use them both later tonight. We all grabbed plates, sat down in bed, and ate together. We all conversed on a plan to escape through the Front Gate, while eating our thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói and egg bagels.
Everything seemed far.
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