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Chapter 9

*Edward’s pov*

I was sitting on the couch, observing my dirty room. The broken vases, broken CDs, the pieces of paper, and the scattered clothes. I’ve realized that I’ve Mất tích my self control for how many days, since… since she left me.
I threw the glass of wine beside me. I jumped out the window and ran quickly, not knowing where I was going. I was screaming while running until I reached the meadow. I slowed down. I stopped at the middle and fell down my knees, while whispering Bella’s name.
Unexpectedly, the rain started to fall. The raindrops filled my face with water, like I was crying. I really wish that those raindrops were my teardrops. The sky was crying with me. I looked up and screamed Bella’s name, though I know that she won’t hear me no matter how loud my voice was. And if ever she heard it, it will be worthless because she doesn’t care.
I continued screaming until I heard something. I heard footsteps behind me. As the sound became closer, I heard a soft sob. I recognized the sound. That was… That was…. That was….
I stood up and as I turned around, Bella was standing beside a tree. Her face was filled with raindrops, like me, it looks like she was crying. I ran to her hurriedly. I can’t help it so I hugged her tightly, afraid to let her go. I kissed her hair. I didn’t want to pull her away.
I felt her hands on my back. She hugged me back tightly. I missed her so much, it’s like its been years since our last meeting. She pulled away softly.
I looked at her, as raindrops running down our faces.
“Bella,” I whispered as I kissed her forehead.
“Edward...” she murmured.
“I’m sorry, forgive me. I didn’t wan – “
She cut me off.
“Shhh. Alice explained everything to me. I’m sorry I didn’t listen to your explan – “
“Its okay. Thank bạn for coming back.” I whispered happily. Its like the thiên thần were rejoicing, the sun was shining and the stars were falling for us. I touched her face. I miss her face, her eyes, the way she Kiss me, the way she hug me and the way she smile.
I pulled her tightly to my chest.
Without a word, I kissed her passionately and she kissed me back. I lift her feet off of the ground. As I Kiss her, my hands were at her back, about to take her clothes off.
All of a sudden, she took my hands off of her. I put her down as our Kiss ended. I stared at her curiously.
She smiled.
“I think we better go home, this isn’t the right place for that. Don’t worry, I’ll fulfill my promise this time.” She đã đưa ý kiến happily.
I was glad to hear that words from her
I put her at my back and ran fast, as fast as I could.
We reached trang chủ in just a few minutes.
As we entered the door, I hesitated.
I forgot to clean the room. The vases were still broken on the floor. What would I say to her?
She noticed my expression.
“What?” she asked.
I smiled as I spoke, “Its nothing.”
She ran quickly to the room. I closed my eyes, ready for whatever she would say.
She shouted, “EDWARD!!!!”
I ran upstairs.
“I’m sor – “
I hesitated.
The room was clean, the vases were replaced, the giường was fixed, and the floor was tidy.
Who did this?
“Wow, bạn cleaned this? You’re unbelievable.” She muttered, observing the room.
I looked at the vases, to the shelves until I saw a piece of paper beside the CDs.
Inside was a note, saying:


I cleaned it up. I saw both of bạn in my vision. I don’t want her to get mad at bạn again. Sorry, I explained everything to her without telling you. I thought it’ll be better if she knew the real reason. It bothers me so much to see bạn hurt. She loves you, she was just hurt. Hope bạn like it. The vases were from England, I bought them from Jasper’s friend. It’s expensive. Pay me back! Enjoy yourselves...


I looked at the back part of the paper. I saw an Mũi tên xanh pointing on the cây outside. I looked out the window. Alice was sitting there, smiling. I smiled back as I got a paper and wrote a big message, THANK YOU.
I showed the paper to her and she smiled.
She jumped down the tree.
I crumpled the papers and put them on the trash can as I realized that Bella was laying down the giường facing the drawer beside the bed, covering herself. I lay down beside her as I took the blanket off. She closed her eyes. I kissed her hair, her ear and her neck.
Finally, she faced me. I went on hàng đầu, đầu trang of her. As I kissed her lips, her hands unbuttoned my shirt. I rolled back so she was on hàng đầu, đầu trang of me. I rolled back once again and I was on hàng đầu, đầu trang of her. I took off my áo sơ mi and I took off hers.
And at that very moment, I wish that it will never end, until forever.
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