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No, lets suprise them! Jake said. How? I asked. We can get into an agrument about something. Jake said. About what? I asked. Do I have to come up with a plan? Jake asked. Yes! Your such a selfish little child! Jake said. Okay kid is one thing but chil and I am not selfish! I yelled. Jake, your the selfish little wolf! I yelled. bạn have a short fuse! bạn blow up about everything! Jake screamed. Me blow up about everything? bạn started the fight! I yelled. Than he wispered phase now. I closed my eye and phased. I leaped into the air and culided with Jake in his chó sói, sói form. We turned around like we had just seen them. I phased back and had my clothes on but Jake wasn't so lucky. He was butt naked. I turned side was, so I couldn't see him. Jake please go put on clothes! I couldn't say it with a straight face. The guys were laughig at me while I was laughig at Jake. Ugh hurry up and get inside the house! I yelled. Jake ram circles around me, I
covered my eyes with y hands. I didn't want to see any of his man business. Fine, I'm going. Jake đã đưa ý kiến trying not to laugh. When did bạn become a warwolf? Quil asked me. Yesterday, what abiut yourself? I asked. 3-5 days ago. Quil said. Cool, when are your shifts? I asked. I have them right as dusk, the inner circle. Quil said. There is and inner circle?? I asked ticked off. Yeah, bạn didn't know that? Embry asked. No, I have to do 5 shifts for 3 nights. I told then. Which
part. Jared asked. The outer ring, I think. I said. Dang, what did bạn do to make bạn do that? I haven't even started running that one! Paul
đã đưa ý kiến full of jealously. I did a double shift last night with Jake, he found out and I got in huge trouble. Wow! Quil said. So are bạn like this forever? Jared asked. I don't know. I said. This could be my last ngày hoặc I could be like this forever. I said. How come your chó sói, sói form is so big but your so small when bạn are in yo human form? Paul asked. I think it is because Sam but me and he is really big but I didn't go through all the changes. I said. Oh okay, are bạn as strong as us? Embry asked. I don't know. Let's arm restle! Who's first? I asked. I am. Jared said. We laid down on the ground and put our hands up. Okay I am ready. Jared said. Dido. I said. Okay 1 2 3 go! Quil said. I didn't have to work much, all the sudden I slammed his hand to the ground. Loser, who's next? I asked. Me, Paul said. Okay gt down her. I said. Okay bạn two ready? Embry asked. thêm than ever. Pual said. Okay 1 2 3 GO!! Embry said. It didn't take long for me to beat him. Jake came back outside. What are bạn doing? Jake asked. So who is stronger I
said. Okay, I going against you. Jake said. We got down on our stomachs, put our hands up and gripped each others hand. This is not how I picture us holding hands. I thought to myself. Are bạn ready? Jared asked. I shook my head. Jake đã đưa ý kiến yeah. Okay on your mark get set go! Jared said. Tay your tough but not tough enough. Jake said. That made me mad so I slammed his hand against the ground. What did bạn say? I asked. Best 2 out of 3. Jake said. Okay, let's go. Okay go. Someone shouted. I wasn't really paying attion to who was talking. I won again. Do we need to have a 3 match. No. Jake đã đưa ý kiến embarressed. Okay! I said. I won, I was jumping up and down. After jumping up and down, I had the bigest yawn ever. Well, I am going to go back to
sleep. Goodnight. I said. No, bạn can't. It's ngày light out side. Jake said. Yeah but bạn don't have 5 shifts to do tonight. I said. Right, go take a nap. If I don't wake up bởi dusk will bạn wake me up? I asked Jake. Yeah why? I have to meet Mr.T at dusk he teaching me a trick on
skateboarding. I said. I said. Who is Mr. T? The guys asked. The gym teacher from school. I said. Oh okay. They all đã đưa ý kiến at the same time. I went inside and told Billy good night. Why are bạn going back to bed. Billy asked. Sam is making me do 5 shifts a night for 3 nights. I said. That is harsh, I don't think many vampire will be coming around since the Cullens left. I might talk to him about that since your new at this. Billy said. I flinched when he đã đưa ý kiến Cullens. I didn't know why but I liked them they were nice people hoặc vampires. Okay thanks, goodnight. I went to Jake's room and put on fresh clothes and than
closed the curtains so it would be extra dark. tiếp theo iclosed the door and went right to sleep.

Jake came into his room and woke me up. I changed out my pajamas and into some black othes just incase I needed to hind in my human form. I
looked cute and not that emo. Well, I guess I have always been a little bit emo but I never really cared. I got to the school and Mr. T
was a ready there. xin chào Mr. T! I was excited that I had finially met another person who liked skating as much as me. xin chào Taylor. What's up?
Nothing much, what about yourself? I asked. Nothig just teaching P.E. Mr T said. Fun. We skated for a long time and than it was time for me to go. See bạn tomorrow. I đã đưa ý kiến to Mr T as I left. I am not gonna be able to giày trượt băng, skate tomorrow. Mr. T said. Oh okay well see bạn around. I got
trang chủ and ate. No one was home. I found a note saying " go e for a cook out in the woods stop by... Billy and Jake" ugh 5 shifts and than I
will be able to hang out but I doubt yall will be there. I thougt to myself. I so didn't want to do 5 shifts. I decided to go to the cookout and wait till it was my time to patrol. I phased into my chó sói, sói form and headed towards the spell of fire. I got there and didn't see anyone who didn't see the secret so I stayed in my chó sói, sói form. I sat bởi
Jake. He reached up and started petting my head. I liked being in my chó sói, sói form it was fun. Jake tossed me a cooked hot dog to eat. It was weird eating in a chó sói, sói form. It was fun too. I starts panting, I was thristy and tried to cool myself off. It was out of instint not because I knew it. Everyone was here, I was the only one who had to
run tonight. Before I knew it, it was time to start my first shift. All I did for my first shift was run a circle. I was so utterly bored.
I hated running shifts bởi myself. I had 2 thêm shift before my break. It was so hard to keep the pace after running 2 shifts. All I passed was trees and bushes, I didn't smell anything unusual, it was the same ol ol. As I kept doig my shift, I kept thinking something would pop out of no where it kept coming in my mind and I couldn't get it out. I still had 1 thêm shift to do and than I would be done! The sun was starting to rise, to bad I couldn't enjoy it. I would do anything to he able to go to sleep. I ran faster hoping the shift would go bởi faster but it didn't, it made me thêm tired and it slowed me down. I was at the point where I was almost draging myself for my last shift, to make it all worse I was straving. I heard something behind so I turned and saw a white figure. It wasn't hard for me to follow since I was a werewolf. It was a male, he was beautiful. Blonde hair, red eyes, he looked like he should have blue eyes. I screamed for help in my mind. I didn't know how to fight a vampire. I could barley fight in real life. All I knew was to run but I knew I wasn't suppose run, I knew I was suppose to kill. We started going in circles, almost like dancing. He lauched hisself at me. I grabbed his ancle with my mouth and slung him against the bigest cây I saw. I never knew how hard it was to fight a vampire after 4 shifts. I never wanted to do this again. The vampire grabbed my one of my legs and through me against some rocks. I started wondering where they can from but that I felt pain in my right back leg. I knew ma sói could heal fast but I
didn't know if I had gotten that. I got up and decided to finish this vampire off. I was still shouting help. I saw Sam and everyone walking
towards me and this vampire. This was my fight and I wasn't about to let Sam and them finish my fight. Sam let me finish this, it's my fight.
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