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How did bạn guys like the movie? Any scenes bạn wanted in? Any scenes bạn felt shorted?

If bạn guys wnat a good review, she's really good. She went through a ton of scenes! Plus, it's really organized and she goes into detail about the scenes and about the movie! Check out the review!! link
 JA23 posted hơn một năm qua
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shivers-zimmy said:
I Missed A Lot! Bella Didn't Have A Job! Alice Didn't Kidnapp Her! Jacob Didn't Go To The Graduation! The Skipped The Confrontion With Jacob, Alice, Jasper, And Bella At The Party! She Didn't Go Eat With Charlie Afterwards! They Didn't Have The Kiss That Frightened Bella! (When Edward Kisses Her And She Thinks They're All Going To Die) Also, She Was Mad At Edward During The Scene In The Mountains, Right Before The Fight! In The Book She Wasn't Mad At Him, She Was Mad At Herself! I Felt Shorted With A Lot Of Things! :( But I Think The Fight Scene Was So Cool! I Loved That! It Was A Good Movie, But I Do Feel Shorted!
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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