TV couples My hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 couples I like without watching the shows they're in | Your favorite?

Pick one:
Dan and Blair [ GG]
Dan and Blair [GG]
Jake and Kate [ Lost]
Jake and Kate [Lost]
Tyler and Caroline [ TVM]
Tyler and Caroline [TVM]
Buffy and Spike [ BTVS]
Buffy and Spike [BTVS]
lâ u đà i and Beckett [ Castle]
lâu đài and Beckett [Castle]
Juliet and sawyer [ Lost]
Juliet and sawyer [Lost]
Liam and Annie [ 90210]
Liam and Annie [90210]
Jeff and Annie [ community]
Jeff and Annie [community]
Simon and Alisha [ misfits]
Simon and Alisha [misfits]
Nathan and Kelly [ Misfits]
Nathan and Kelly [Misfits]
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