TV couples Yêu Thích Couple With A Baby ?

Pick one:
Angel & Darla (Angel)
Leo & Piper (Charmed)
Tom & Lynette (Desperate Housewives)
Carlos & Gaby (Desperate Housewives)
Mike & Susan (Desperate Housewives)
Victor & Sierra (Dollhouse)
Chandler & Monica (Friends)
Ross & Rachel (Friends)
Rufus & Lily (Gossip Girl)
Pete & màu tím (Private Practice)
Sam & Naomi (Private Practice)
Sandy & Kirsten (The OC)
Red & Kitty (That '70s Show)
Dexter & Rita (Dexter)
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Lucas & Peyton {One cây Hill}
Amy & Ricky (Secret Life)
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Nathan & Haley (One cây Hill)
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Mulder & Scully (The X-Files)
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Charlie and Clare [ Mất tích ]
Jim & Melinda (Ghost Whisperer)
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perry & jordan (scrubs)
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Danny & Lindsay (CSI: NY)
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Jim & Pam (The Office)
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Tony & Ziva (NCIS)
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