TV couples couples i liked/used to ship until i realized they were wrong for each and have better chemistery & story with other characters, which couple do bạn agree with?

Pick one:
oliver & amp; felicity (arrow)
oliver & felicity (arrow)
câ y nguyệ t quế, cây nguyệt quế, cây nguyệt quế, laurel & amp; oliver (arrow)
cây nguyệt quế, cây nguyệt quế, laurel & oliver (arrow)
brandon & amp; kelly (bh90201)
brandon & kelly (bh90201)
mindy & amp; danny (the mindy project)
mindy & danny (the mindy project)
elijah & amp; hayley (the originals)
elijah & hayley (the originals)
damon & amp; elena (the vampire diaries)
damon & elena (the vampire diaries)
 loveDE45 posted hơn một năm qua
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