TV couples Spot updates! - *SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER* Suggestions OPEN!

xoheartinohioxo posted on Apr 22, 2013 at 11:39PM
Hello everyone =] I'm Holly [aka xoheartinohioxo] and i will be handling the spot updates from now on! [Kate aka x-missmckena-x decided that she needed to pass the duties on to someone else & seeing as how i love helping out with spot upkeep, i volunteered & here we are!]


Each month we will have a suggestion period where you come on here [the forum] & suggest themes for the next month.

We will then have a pick to vote on the next theme, followed by at least 2 weeks to make banners that fit the theme!

I think it's for the best to keep the rule that the couples must switch each month - so if a couple is eligible one month, they AREN'T eligible the next month, even if they would fit for the theme.

Suggestions for September/October are now open

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