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posted by Kogami
Tsubasa Ootori (大鳥翼)

Voiced bởi Irino Miyu

A mysterious, mostly calm at the Beyblade – Con quay truyền thuyết battle, character who first appeared in ep. 24. Ginga and Tsubasa walked to the tournament together and is the opponent for the episode. His Beyblade – Con quay truyền thuyết is Earth Aquila.


Season 1:
He has been giving hints to Ginga before and throughout the tournament.

From ep. 26 to ep. 37, he got involved with Daidouji's company to investigate the weak point of Ryuga's Beyblade – Con quay truyền thuyết because his goal is to defeat Ryuga (the strongest beyblader in Daidouji's group). In ep. 35, he began to di chuyển to find out information to...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Chapter 1

"Go now Eagle!"Tsubasa yelled.Eagle span its way through his opennet Yuki Cazzomik's Bey Starlight."Starlight,use reflection dash now!!"Starlight charged shineing a cầu vồng glow around itself and pushing against Eagle.Eagle pushed back forcefully sending Yuki's bey out of the dome."Ah,no fair!!"She yelled."Tsubasa wins folks!"The annoucer yelled,everyone cheering as well."Tsubasa."He turned around to see Hikaru and The Director."Oh hey."He greeted."You guys got new members."Hikaru said.Two girls came from behind them.One had black hair in a bun wuth long bangs,she wore a white tube...
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'So what you're saying is that Kyoya can beat me again?'.Nikora asked confused.

'Yes that is what i mean.'Da shan replied camly.'No way I trained really hard'.Nikora said.'Hard enough to beat kyoya?'.Da shan asked.

'Yeah hard enough to beat Kyoya'.Nikora đã đưa ý kiến 'What about Gingka?'.Da shan asked.'Yeah'.Nikora replied.

'ME'.Da shan said..'No'.Nikora said. Now that was one câu hỏi she always đã đưa ý kiến no to.It was hard How could she beat Da shan?

'Come lets practice'.Da shan said. 'But Da shan how can i beat you?'Nikora asked.'Yes Nikora beat me cuz i wanna get stronger'.Da shan said.'But Da shan bạn are...
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posted by Julie-alice
'Guys wait i can't reach up bạn have to slow down'.Nikora đã đưa ý kiến as she followed Kyoya andTsubasa to the place where those two had planned to battle.

In a few phút the battle had started and Kyoya seemed to win but Tsubasa was'nt giving up etheir. So as always bạn may think Kyoya won but this time it was Tsubasa.

'Yeah Tsubasa bạn won,Get it bạn do have a Beyblade – Con quay truyền thuyết spirit'.Nikora đã đưa ý kiến jumping up an down.Tsubasa smiled like he always does.Nikora winked at him and wished him Good luck the rest of the way to ward the hàng đầu, đầu trang f the championship.

She went trang chủ on her way she heard something she looked...
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posted by speedy106
One ngày I was walking around and I saw Tsubasa with Hikaru."Tsubasa,you already know I'm dating Hyoma,"she said.Then Tsubasa replied,"Hikaru.You know how much I tình yêu you." Then Hyoma showed up."Hi,Hikaru.You remember our ngày night?"Hyoma said."Yep,I sure do!See bạn later,Tsubasa!"Hikaru said. After they both left, I said,"Thats gotta hurt,buddy."Then Tsubasa said,"It does. I like a girl,then get nervous to ask her out,and she goes with my friend."
I just think awhile and look around."Um,Tsubasa,you're gonna have to wait,"I said.
"It's fine.I can wait,"Tsubasa said.
'I have to go somewhere'.Da shan suggested as he went out of the gate.'I have some detective work to do'.Chi yun đã đưa ý kiến as he went too.'We have to practice our blading skills'.Mei Mei and Chao Xing said.

So since no one paid much attention to Nikora that ngày she decided to go out so she went out for a walk bởi the park.She saw someone similar while walking it was Kyoya but what was he doing alone? Where was Nile? And the rest ok his team? Find out next.....

'Hello Kyoya'.Nikora called.'Huh what are bạn doing here'.Kyoya asked surprized to see Nikora again.'Well just walking bạn know it takes my...
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posted by Julie-alice
'I can't walk anymore, my feet hurt,I'M TIRED'.Nikora complained as they made thier way to the bladers tornament.'Keep it down, Chi Yun can't take it anymore'.Chi Yun said.

'Nikora bạn need to calm down we are almost there'.Da shan said.'Like almost lost'.Nikora mummered frowning.

'Da shan lets turn around and have some nước chanh '.Nikora sugessted.'If we turn around now ,it will take us an giờ to reach the tournament'.Da shan replied. 'But we have been walking for almost two hours'.Nikora said.

'No its only been thirty minutes'.Da shan said.'What? Only thirty minutes, but it seemed like two hours'.Nikora...
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posted by Julie-alice
Nikora and the others had rescued Kyoya and Da shan wang had replaced Nikora as a regular member and so had Gingka's father made her a new blader in the world Beyblade – Con quay truyền thuyết championships.

"Its a good thing i did win the selection round now i will be able to face Gingka in the final battle".Nikora remarked. She made herself a sandwitch and made one for Chao xing too who was this time a subsitute member.And he was not at all pleased about it.'Why me?Why do I have to be a sub member?'.Chao xing whined.'Because your brain is small to understand the regular member stuff...
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A Tsubasa Amv, Song: Prayer of the Refugee, Artist: Rise Against
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