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Authors Note: A little something from my wandering mind tonight. I'll warn u this is a bit sad, but I think bạn all will like this one very much. Enjoy.

He was angry. He was exhausted. His tim, trái tim pounded against his chest with pulsating curses on her. On Olivia. James lept up from the hardwood floors and began to wipe his eyes.The vestige of tears still stung on his cheeks. What had he done wrong? What had he missed? How could he fix it? Those các câu hỏi would soon be erased from his mind and replaced with the real question: Why didn't she ever say she loved him?

James had been waiting for eight...
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The light dimmed, and the first thing Garren notices is the cold, hard ground. Then he notices the howling wind. Then there was the 800 foot drop in front of him....Wait, what?

Garren scrambled back, trying to put as much distance in between him and the cliff edge. Once he was no longer in danger of falling and splattering his guts all over the rocks, he noticed one thêm thing. His wounds no longer hurt.

Garren lifted his shirt. All of the cuts and bruises the gryphon had được trao him had all magically healed. He wondered if the voice had anything to do with this. As if on cue, đã đưa ý kiến voice began...
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A/N: I tình yêu tình yêu loved the feedback I got for Part One! Not to mention the prompts :) I tình yêu bạn guys and I hope bạn enjoy this one! thêm feedback equals faster posts. Happy đọc :)
ALSO: If you're new here, here's part one: link Anyways, enjoy!

The Stranger's Musings: A Collection of Drabbles (Part Two)

Prompt 1: Darkness (requested bởi SweetHoneyBunny)

The darkness suffocates me.

I can’t see, I can’t breathe. My hands claw at nothingness as I
attempt to find a way out.

My breathing escalates. It feels as though my lungs are constricting.
Cold sweat breaks on my forehead and I find...
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Chapter 1

The tiếp theo day, a knock came on the door.

"Is it them??" Lucy asked frantically.

Emily went to the door, and answered it.

"Hello!" Nick Wolfe, a half chó sói, sói male đã đưa ý kiến to the surprised Emily.

"Who are you???" Emily asked Nick Wolfe in a surprised manner.

"Well...I am Nick Wolfe, I go to every Hotel and free it's captured mutants" Nick answered in a very egotistical way.

"Oh?" Emily asked curiously.

"Is Nick Wolfe the god?" Lucy asked her mother.

"Well..." Emily tried to respond. Emily had felt that it would be right to talk to Nick Wolfe first, and then tell Lucy.

"You can think of me as whatever...
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Chapter 17
    Calm, be calm
    “If the rest of this population finds all about their devil plan, then they won’t stand for it! They just won’t!”
    “Pammy!” Sage yelled. “We already checked, it’s kind off not official but people are definitely not happy and they just announced it.”
    “So calm down,” Ali added.
    “Right…I’m calm, I’m fine and I’m calm, like a breeze, a calm breeze.” I mutter as I sit down.
    Scotty sighs. “There’ll probably...
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I stared in horror at what was in Blake’s computer I didn’t see this coming. What have I done? I felt like I was going to throw up. I can’t believe what I just gave him I am so stupid! I sighed me beating myself up is not going to change anything. All I can do now is find my brother find out what is going on and stop Blake before it is to late. What are bạn waiting for it is time to come up with a plan to escape this nut house.

I took a flash drive and copied everything on Blake’s computer. I made sure there was no tracking device on the laptop double-checking found it clean than I packed...
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I woke up to the sound of this: "DESTINY GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF giường RIGHT NOW!" I dragged myself out of bed, and walked into the hallway. "YOU HAVE A BLOOD TESTING IN 45 phút AND bạn BETTER BE READY IN 10!" She yelled. I walked back to my room, and began to put my clothes on. I pulled out a pair of dark-wash jeans, and pulled a white t-shirt over my head. Then, I put on a magenta cardigan, that cut off around my hips. It was my favroite bài viết of clothing that I owned. I walked to the bathroom, and sat down on my stool, already tired-out from having to walk all the way across the room. I...
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~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantaisie :) Sorry for the mishap, fixed it!~
Chapter 34
        A way of escape
    Though I wanted to scream and fight, it was of no use, if we really were far away I’d just be making useless noises. Jess had taken everything out of my pockets, my phone, money, all that stuff. But she was merciful enough to give me entertainment, a tv stood on the far corner of the basement, it was on the news channel, and I kept it there for a daily update.
    It was worse than I thought.
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Rick sat slouched in a chair in the head teachers office, with James beside him but sitting up as thoug he'd done nothing wrong. The head was sat across the desk, her face red with anger at both if them as she screeched," THIS SICKENS ME bạn TWO. " She calmed for a small breath and started again but a lot quieter," especially bạn Rick first I hear that on Friday night bạn and your Những người bạn seriously injured miss Hanson and now today bạn hurt her again. " Her gaze went from Rick to James in a quick flick of her head and began talking to him instead," And bạn James, bạn almost strangled Rick here...
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some people think if bạn did something good to someone ,one ngày the person will takes your hand from your problems hole ,but that won't happen this time, that low is only in the fantaisie stories ,not in the real life , Kat was very stupid to believe that she would reward for what she did and realize she must stop being that nice girl who does everything people tell her and she can't say no to anyone

David start taking his medication ,he stood in the hospital cause Mac wanted to fix that old house and give it his soul again
Kat is very busy with her work ,but everything happening taking all...
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