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 Trevor Donovan
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Source: Gottschalks 2004 - 2006
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Source: DNA (January 2005)
đã đăng bởi Huey Nguyen, on link:

"We at L.A. người mẫu are proud and pleased to announce that our very own Trevor Donovan will be a series regular on "90210" playing the role of quần vợt pro Teddy. While modeling, Trevor shot the D&G campaign with Steven Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch with Bruce Weber. We wish Trevor great happiness and success as he is greatly loved bởi all at L.A. Models. As qouted bởi Crista Klayman, the Director of L.A. người mẫu đường băng Division, "I am so happy for Trevor but selfishly sad that due to his new schedule on "90210" we will barely see his beautiful face around here." The new season is scheduled to premier on Tuesday, September 8th 2009 at 8p.m.est. on the CW Network."
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Source: StarTraks
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They're not pulling punches about the new student (Trevor's character) in that official 90210 season 2 promo... "Is he hot, hoặc what?"
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