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[by Gabrielle Long, for NY Beauty Secrets Examiner]

Trevor Donovan is most recently known for his role as Teddy on the CW's hit show, 90210. In this exclusive interview, Trevor talks about working on a set with some of the most beautiful women on TV, sharing a tình yêu for surfing with his character, and he lets us in on his fitness regimen!

You play a character on 90210 that viewers either tình yêu hoặc hate. What's your take on Teddy? Do bạn think he's misunderstood as a character?

Trevor: Teddy is a good guy beneath the smug façade. He grew up with a father who is a huge movie star. Losing his mom at...
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Interview from

The new 90210 has seen a lot of changes since original show-runners Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs handed off the reins to Rebecca Rand Kirshner last spring. The hiển thị is brighter, sunnier, all around thêm Californian. The storylines have amped up the teen drama (street racing, a sex tape and one heck of a hit-and-run accident in the season finale), and there are a few new faces as well.

90210 Exclusive: Meet Ethan's replacement

Series regular Dustin Milligan, who played Ethan, has left the show, and in his place newcomer Trevor Donovan has arrived. bạn might recognize Donovan...
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[from: link]

Trevor Donovan joined the cast of 90210 the recurring role of pro-tennis player Teddy Montgomery. Teddy is the son of a famous movie ngôi sao and is used to getting whatever, and whoever, he wants. Teddy returned to West Beverly in the season premiere after having spent time abroad.

Donovan, a former Abercrombie Model, was raised in Mammoth, California. The actor ventured into diễn xuất a few years ago. His credits include the new Bruce Willis film, "Surrogates,"and a contract role on NBC's "Days of Our Lives," as resident bad boy Jeremy Horton. Trevor also raced on the ski/snowboard team...
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Quoted from bài viết link bởi bởi Susan Michals, Martin Haro and Kate Alper

[...] Also creating beautiful tittering near the bờ biển, bãi biển were 90210 sexies...

Kellan Lutz and Trevor Donovan, who arrived at the Maxim bash with Gavin DeGraw. Do we sense a bromance brewing?

Donovan (whose good locks are totally underrated, especially with Lutz around, heaven knows) admitted he would be so down to shoot an underwear campaign like his bud Kellan, but that no one has come knocking. Travesty.

Hey, we would be thêm than pleased if Donovan was added to Lutz's new Calvin Klein campaign...two nearly naked men are always better than one, don't bạn agree?
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link Here is a repost:

I recently got the opportunity to interview TREVOR DONOVAN, whom some of bạn might know from his time on Days of Our Lives as Jeremy Horton, about his recurring role as Teddy Montgomery in season 2 of 90210.

Trevor Donovan not only teased that Teddy and Adrianna had a past together, but that there might be a potentially new tình yêu tam giác in the new season of 90210. Enjoy the interview below and remember that season 2 of 90210 premieres on September 8 on The CW.

Congratulations on getting onto '90210'. I bet that's really exciting.

Trevor Donovan: Thank bạn so much. Yeah,...
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[by Jethro Nededog from link, October 6, 2009]

In last week’s episode of “90210,” we were introduced to a rising star: Teddy Montgomery’s abs. I’m pretty sure we’ve seen them a few times already but never as up close and personal as in Adrianna’s lusty daydream. Didn’t they seem to have a life of their own?

“You’ve got to imagine that I was standing there with 20, 30 people in dead silence,” explains Trevor Donovan, who plays the show’s newest golden boy and is the owner of the scene-stealing six-pack. “I wasn’t sure how they were going to cut it. bạn can’t see my...
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Playing golden boy Teddy Montgomery on 90210 isn't a stretch for California native Trevor Donovan. And with his rugged good looks and chiseled surfer's bod, he has West Beverly High experiencing a perpetual heat wave! "I auditioned, and within a week I was working," Trevor, 31, told Life & Style during an exclusive bức ảnh shoot on Sept. 15 in LA. "Coming into a cast that had worked together for a năm was a little intimidating, but everyone's so nice. And Teddy's a really fun character."

It's hard not to be disarmed bởi Trevor, whose physical perfection is matched bởi his charming sensitivity. "I'm good to my mom. I talk to her just about every day," says the 6-foot-2 star, who's single. "I'm also a musician - I write and sing. I wrote a lot of stuff for a past girlfriend." While he's millions of girls' dream guy, he fantasizes about just one person. "I'd like to work with Brad Pitt," he tells Life & Style. "I like his freedom and loose diễn xuất style." Double the man candy? Swoon!
đã đăng bởi Huey Nguyen, on link:

"We at L.A. người mẫu are proud and pleased to announce that our very own Trevor Donovan will be a series regular on "90210" playing the role of quần vợt pro Teddy. While modeling, Trevor shot the D&G campaign with Steven Klein and Abercrombie & Fitch with Bruce Weber. We wish Trevor great happiness and success as he is greatly loved bởi all at L.A. Models. As qouted bởi Crista Klayman, the Director of L.A. người mẫu đường băng Division, "I am so happy for Trevor but selfishly sad that due to his new schedule on "90210" we will barely see his beautiful face around here." The new season is scheduled to premier on Tuesday, September 8th 2009 at 8p.m.est. on the CW Network."
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No disrespect to Dustin Milligan, but, um, er… Ethan who?

90210 has tapped Abercrombie & Fitch model-turned-soap ngôi sao Trevor Donovan to fill the show’s "golden boy" vacancy, sources xác nhận to me exclusively.

The genetically blessed Donovan, who channeled Days of Our Lives bad boy Jeremy Horton for four months in 2007, will play Teddy, West Beverly’s own version of JFK Jr. Gorgeous, smart, athletic, charming, and naturally confident, Teddy has the unique ability to make any girl feel like she’s the most beautiful person in the room. And any guy like he’s a vượt qua, cross between Shrek and Jiminy Glick.

Donovan, whose 90210 hợp đồng biểu diễn, gig, biểu diễn is described as heavily recurring, will debut early on in the show's upcoming một giây season.