*Somewhere near Davis, California*

Mother Kitsune: *Has black ears and tail, green eyes, and five tails, is running through the rain, carrying her young child*

Young Brianna: *Crying, running with her mother* Mommy, where are bạn taking me?!!

Mother Kitsune: Brianna, we're almost there!

Dropkick Drones: *A group of Chevrolet Silverados with different colored paint jobs, chase after the Mother Kitsune and Young Brianna*

Mother Kitsune: *Changes to cáo, fox form and shoots fireballs at the Dropkick Drones*

Dropkick Drones: *Dodge and transform*

Mother Kitsune: *Looks at Young Brianna* RUN!

Young Brianna: *Runs and hides*

Mother Kitsune: *Growls at the Dropkick Drones*

Dropkick Drones: *Surround the Mother Kitsune*

Mother Kitsune: *Growls more*

Silas: *Comes out of a military truck*

Mother Kitsune: *Growls at Silas* You...why are bạn hunting us?!!

Silas: My sister was killed bởi one of you...I have no sympathy for you...kill her!

Dropkick Drones: *Fire at the Mother Kitsune*

*The middle of the forest*

Young Brianna: *Running, crying through the forest, reaching a junkyard*

Junkyard Dog: *Is a German Shepard, starts to bark at Young Brianna*

Young Brianna: *Falls on her bottom and cries more*

Young Nick: *Has black hair, brown eyes, and wearing a welding outfit* Who are you?

Young Brianna: Brianna...

Young Nick: *Holds his hand out for a handshake* I'm Nick.

Young Brianna: *Shakes his hand* It's nice to meet bạn Nick...

Young Nick: Do bạn need a place to stay?

Young Brianna: *Nods*

Young Nick: Okay. bạn can stay at my place. I live bởi myself.

Young Brianna: bạn must be really lonely...

Young Nick: I work on cars for a kind of...

Young Brianna: *Hugs Young Nick* Nick...I don't want to be alone...

Young Nick: *Hugs back* Then I will never let anyone hurt you...

(To be continued)