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Pixar has been making phim chiếu rạp since back in the nineties and has been making short films even before that. But no Pixar người hâm mộ will ever forget their first film that was toy story, and this year, over a decade since the 2nd comes the sequel patiently awaited for, which is toy story three.


In each movie there was a different problem. In the first, it was the whole feud between buzz and Woody and escaping sid. In the 2nd it was about woody meeting his gang and stopping them from becoming museum items. Then there's the third which is about them being "donated" to a daycare and trying to...
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Hi There Fans!

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My Những người bạn this is not because I want money hoặc stuff like that, it´s because I want to make thêm people to be những người hâm mộ of this page, so they can enjoy of our community and of things like this.

posted by SnowSpirit
When I went to "Movies Under the Stars" which is when our council sets up a screen with a movie that came out recently, for free, this time it was Toy Story 3.

There were sooo many people there, literally hundreds showed up! thêm than I've ever seen before, and it wasn't just kids. People ranged from 1-25 and then there were parents too!

At the start of Toy Story 3, bạn see 'One Eyed Bart' explode the hàng đầu, đầu trang of a train cart, and then pop out of the hole holding bags of 'Money Money Money'. Then he gets tripped bởi a rope, and bạn see Woody come into the scene.

It was so funny, the một giây bạn saw Woody a bunch of teenage girls screamed out "WOODY!" and then thêm people began to cheer. It was so awsome! NO other character I've ever scene in phim chiếu rạp has got a cheer when they come into the scene.

So, that just shows that Sherrif Woody Pride has got lots fans!