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This Total Drama Island tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga. There might also be cửa sổ kính màu.

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If "Total Drama Island" was similar to "The thiên nga Princess", then Trentney would parallel Derek and Odette's tình yêu relationship. Both couples had the những người đang yêu hate each other, and then develop a relationship later on. Trent would be Odette since they are kind-hearted những người đang yêu of their vengeful những người đang yêu (Courtney in Trent's case, while Derek in Odette's case). "Far Longer than Forever" would be Trentney's song since they destined to find each other through all the hardships (even when their ex-lovers, Duncan (of Courtney) and Gwen (of Trent), dated each other.

Trent: Far longer than forever
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courntey:When I was just a lil girl I found it rather silly
To see how many other girls I could meet
I had my sách to read, didn't know that I would ever need
Other people to make my life complete
But there was one guy that I cared for
I knew he would be there for me
My big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, we did everything together
He taught me how to fly a kite
(Best friend forever)
We never had a single fight
(We did everything together)
We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams
I miss him thêm than I realized, it seems

izzy dakota bridgette jo and dawn:Your big brother, best friend forever
Like two peas in a pod, bạn did everything together

courtney:And though he's oh so far away
I hoped that he would stay
My big brother best friend


i do not own this song mlp:fim hoặc tdi hoặc any other affiltrites
Courtney: Get It Right-Lea Michele
Bridgette: All American Girl- Carrie Underwood
Lindsay: búp bê barbie Girl- Aqua
Cody: Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback
Trent: xin chào There Delila- Plain White T's
Gwen: What Hurts The Most- Cascada/Rascal Flatts
Noah: Thanks For The Memories- Fall Out Boy
Izzy: Real Wild Child- Everlife
Katie/Sadie: One And The Same- Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato.
DJ: Not That Far Away- Jennette McCurdy
Leshawna: One Step At A Time- Jordan Sparks
Geoff: I Gotta Feeling- Black-eyed Peas
Sierra: Paparazzi- Lady Gaga
Owen: Eat it- Weird Al
Beth: Girl tiếp theo Door- Saving Jane
Duncan: You're Gonna Go Far Kid- The Offspring
Eva: So What- P!nk
Harold: White and Nerdy- Weird Al
Justin: Womanizer- Britney Spears
Heather: Alejandro- Lady Gaga
Alejandro: If I Had You- Adam Lampert
Lucy:Wait...I didn't get casted?
Chris:Oh?Welll,ummm....Eva.Here*throws her outfit at her*There bạn go.
with the contestants,who are rehersing their scripts
Jacob:I don't get this,all it dows is explain how your character acts!
Storm:Yeah!It says no goddamn thing of what your supposed to say!
Mizzie:Maybe Chris Mất tích the rest?He is an idiot.
Izan:*walks in,dressed in Chris' outfit*Nope,he expects us to make up our own lines,closes to your character wins!
Alex:How are we supposed to do that?!
Izan:I don't know,but bạn have about 35 thêm phút to come up with something!
Buster:THAT ISN'T...
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Ray: I can't belive we made it this far!
Sarah: i know!
Rayven: well, who will win!
Lulu: is zoey still asleep?
Ray: should i wake her up?
Sarah: no she needs her sleep!
Lulu: rayven! what are bạn doing?
Rayven: xin chào ZOEY WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zoey: what???
Sarah: Rayven!

Sarah's POV: ok Rayven makes me sick!

Chris: campers come to the lake!

Ray: so wha...........
Rayven: Don't bạn dare Ray!
Ray: I can ask if i want to!
Rayven: Not on my watch!
Ray: so what's our challange!
Rayven: .....................
Chris: bạn guys will get on a cruse ship! then who ever barfs frist will get off the show!
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Chris: Welcome to total drama survivor! There will be 10 new campers here and 10 old ones! All of them are coming right now! And here comes Jade!

Jade: xin chào chris!

Chris: xin chào Jade! Your the first one here.

Jade: I am? Cool.

Chris: Oh and here comes Jared!

Jared: xin chào Chris whats up!

Chris: Congrats your the một giây one here!

Jared: Damnt!

Chris: Look whos coming next! ALEX!

Alex: Hi chris, its a pleasure to be here.

Chris: Hello Alex, Nice of bạn to tham gia us.

Alex: Your welcome.

Jade: *whispers to jared* well we know whos going to be on the good team.

Jared: *Laughs* we sure do.

Chris: tiếp theo here is Lisa!

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