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This Total Drama Island tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ might contain anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by TDIlover226
I just wanna tell bạn about something.
As most of bạn know, my bestest friend on the whole Internet is Lolly4me2.
Did bạn know, that a long time ago, me and lolly4me2 hated each other's guts?
Yep, we hated each other big time.
But we became friends, and forgot about it.
Just throw'n it out there, for anyone who thinks that forgiving and forgetting is impossible.

Me bored. So me write short bài viết that probably won't make a difference what so ever...

posted by bubble_babe
 f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
f*uck you, don't like it, don't look
Heather Brushed her teeth with furry. Her Teeth where ice cold, beacaus of Leshawna and Beth! 'Grr they are so dead!' Heather thought to her self as a sneez flew out of her mouth.

'God why does everyone hear have to be so stupied?!' Heather asked Herself. she was just out raged! Who could that rap wanna bee and goth girl still even be in the show?

"Grrr..." Heather let out as she brushed her teeth.

"That will just break your teeth babe." someone đã đưa ý kiến at the door way, heather turned to see Duncan.

"W-what do bạn w-want?" Heather asked still shoken up bởi the massise amount of cold her body had...
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posted by mississippigril
it was a cool spring ngày when the worst ngày of my life happend to me but im ahead of myself this started 3 weeks cách đây when me and goeff were at a party for duncan and courtney and since goeff was a cop courtney ask to pretend to arest duncan as a prank well it went over good till duncan cursed him out .well tiếp theo thing i know i got a call from some dude named Tylen Jeanice who asked to speck to goeff bouht 5 min. later geoff was packing his bags i đã đưa ý kiến "were do u think ur going" "i got a job offering"i didnt have time to think before i found myself cying my eyes out that pretty much all i did...
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