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 My total drama meme
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A.N.~ This is my alternate ending for TDWT. In this ending Cody wins and there is no lava. Yay! Everything is the same right up until after the kiss. That's where my version begins, so, I'll start from there. It actually managed to stay in character for the most part. I added a lot of fannon, even if sorta subtle like the Nizzy part. Be warned.
*Heather and Alejandro kiss*
Peanut Gallery: Ugh!
*They pull away and smile at eachother*
Heather: bạn know, $1,000,000 isn't all that important anymore. bạn can have it.
Alejandro: No, bạn take it.
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Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Geoff that lived in a shining lâu đài although he had everything his tim, trái tim ever wanted he was spoiled selfish and unkind. One winter night an old beggar women came to the lâu đài and offered a single rose in return for shelter from the đắng, cay đắng cold, repulsed bởi her hideous appearence the prince sneared at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be diseaved bởi appearences for beauty is found within. When he dismissed her again the hags ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress Prince Geoff tried to apoligize...
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 The chịu, gấu costume that Izzy was wearing. It's like the one in The Sucky Outdoors.
The bear costume that Izzy was wearing. It's like the one in The Sucky Outdoors.
This is based off of a dream I recently had. I wrote it in script form because I'm lazy.

Tuxedo: NO!
Izzy: THERE bạn ARE! *drags him to wall* Why did bạn kill Owen?
Tuxedo: I-I..didn't mean to-um...but...
Izzy: NO BUTS! *stabs Tuxedo Mask*
Tuxedo: OH GOD! *knees to floor* Why are bạn dressed like a bear?! *lying on ground* NOOOOO!!!!!! *dies*

The end :D

Sorry, Tuxedo Mask fans, but I felt like I needed to share this. This is not fake. It's an actual dream that I actually had recently.
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 courtney after getting out of the vòi hoa sen (just not as evel looking)
courtney after getting out of the shower (just not as evel looking)
me: wow alot of drama in the last episode, i am going to try to lighten it up because that was deep yeah know, well hope bạn like it.

(courtney ran all the way back down to bridgettes and is standing at the door,bridgette heers a nock on the door, p.s. gwen stayed the night)

Gwen: do bạn want me to get it?

Bridgette: na i got it.

(she gets off the đi văng and opens the door)


Courtney:*sniffeling and has maskara running down her face* i got kicked out because i am pregnet.

Gwen: courtney, what happend?!?!?!

Bridgette: here go take a vòi hoa sen first.

Courtney: ok...
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elmo:hello im the host of total drama HIGHSCHOOL
chris:*throws elmo far away* hello im chris meclain the host of total drama HIGHSCHOOL these kids think there here for a normal school năm but there on a tv hiển thị soo ill be quiet and bạn watch
*jared,dannie,lyric and chrissy walks into the school year*
lyric:i miss sumer already
jared:come on lyric this năm will be fun
chrissy:I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!!*walks into the parking lot and car crashses into each other* WOW DRUNK DRIVERS THESE DAYS
ava:*pushes dannie,jared,chrissy and lyric* WATCH WHERE bạn GOING FREAKS
dannie:idk letes just...
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This is người hâm mộ animated. It would be great everyone emailed this vid to Cartoon Network Canada.
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So i have decided i'm going to go back and watch all of the old seasons. Starting all the way back to Total Drama Island.

For each episode of the season i will be nghề viết văn about it and I will be reviewing the episode and sharing my feelings on it.

I will also be sharing my feelings on the characters and so on.

I could possibly have changed opinions in the last years. I joined with site becasue of total drama and I know for a fact there are some things that i did agree with that I know i don't like/agree with now.

Even my yêu thích characters will change and my feelings towards certain people. I have...
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