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Note!!: this is just the intro..tell me what bạn think if bạn want me to continue it:)

B was sitting tiếp theo to mike on the island..bored as could be...mike was talking aboutnzoey constantly...while B listened silently... ok man?

B suddenly looked up and noticed that he was a little down...

Mike: bạn have a crush don't you?

B blushed as he đã đưa ý kiến that and nodded slowly looking at the ground..

Mike: aww it's ok dude! Who is it! Come on tell me

B looked up at him blushing and pointed at dawn who was meditating over bởi the beach...

Mike: oh..dawn?

B nodded blushing...

Mike: nice dude! Go talk...
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Chris:Ok for our tiếp theo challenge we will play Ring around the rosy
Chris:you didn't let me finish,,,you will be on this big wooden o shaped thing that is 20 feet in the air and if bạn fall you'll fall in to this pond of sharks last one standing wins
Scott:oh crap
Cameron:Is this legal ?
Chris:your just now asking that?(hits him with a toxic rat)
(Cameron and Jo and Scott fall)
Chris;love that
Jo:nice going Cameron...
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So...I made a confessions blog for TDI. I don't know if anyone wants to confess hoặc not, but either way it's there if bạn just want to confess something.


I seriously JUST made it, so there isn't much there yet. But once I get the ask open I'll try to get a few confessions done c:

I don't know if this should be considered an bài viết hoặc not, but eh, whatever.

Please follow and...stuff...


Oh yeah, I'll also accept yes but no's. Because those are fun as well.

I'll post some example posts with my opinions, just so bạn know what the confessions will look like.

I doubt anyone will follow, but eh. It's worth a shot.

posted by gwenlover1000
ugh who's there??" gwen đã đưa ý kiến with tierd eyes. "it's just me sweetheart!!" i đã đưa ý kiến looking at gwen. "duncan?? why are bạn here??" gwen đã đưa ý kiến wondering why i came. "i came here to talk" i đã đưa ý kiến winking at gwen. "talk about what??" she asked. "i wanna talk about us!!" "yeah what about us??" she đã đưa ý kiến as she leaned closer to me. i felt numb all over my body when she did that. "our relationship!! i guess..." i đã đưa ý kiến looking hopeless. "" she đã đưa ý kiến while looking confused. "i broke up with cortney" i đã đưa ý kiến with a frown. "really?? bạn broke up with her??" she could tell i was lieing. "no it's...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Wow, I'm finally updating this. -.- I should've had this done about four hoặc five days ago, but I kinda got Công chúa tóc mây up in another project I was working on.... Anyway, I hope bạn all enjoy episode four of, Total Drama Rama. :D ______________________________________________________________________________

*at elimantion ceromony*

Chris: *walks up to the podeum* Hello thịt ba rọi, thịt xông khói Hawk's! I will be bạn host for all the elimination ceromonies!


Chris: Yep. :) Now, as bạn all know, it's time to say good-bye to two of your members tonight.

Melody: Well, we wouldn't be here if someone...
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posted by Pinkkatluv32
Carry: looks out she and chris's window chris wake up
Chris: huh
Carry: a limo is out there puts on quần áo, áo choàng walks outside
Erika: hi bạn malied me but bạn did'nt tell me the date
Carry: oh my goodness im so sorry
Erika: its ok
Vinny: sneaks in pool oooohhh yah
Kat: vinny
Vinny: ahhh I didn't kill mr gir
Kat: vinny its me
Vinny: oh I knew that
Twany: its 2:00 in the morning go to bed
Erika: knocks on door
Twany: hi
Erika: im your roomie
Twany: oh ok

Star: rikki where is my louie va twan purse
Rikki: I dont know
Don: hi rikki
Rikki: xin chào blushes
Don: wanna catch a movie in the movie room
rikki: blushes ok kisses his cheek my dorm at 7:00
Mellissa: your in tình yêu sighs I miss dad
Rikki: I do to
Mellissa: guess what me and corey are gonna go in the hot tub
Erika:hi bạn must be roxie

To be contued
posted by i_love_music
In her audition tape, she used the f-word.

Total Drama Island

In Not So Happy Campers Part One, she wanted to comfort Sadie to forget about Katie.
In Not So Happy Campers Part Two, she đã đưa ý kiến that is the only one which has experience in camps.She tried to lead her team to victory, but because of that, she failed.At the end of the episode, she swore that she will win the show.
In The Big Sleep, she đã đưa ý kiến in confessional the defects about Eva.When was Eva's time to go home, she said:"Bye bye!" to her, in the sense that she wanted it.
In Not Quite Famous, she disliked Bridgette's talent and blamed...
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Here's the themes for every couple. I've included every canon couple (even the ones that have broken up) and three one-sided crushes.

TylerxLindsay: Hot bởi Avril Lavigne

IzzyxOwen: Hot N' Cold bởi Katy Perry

CodyxSierra (one-sided): Snow White Queen bởi Evanescence (Most of the song is from Cody's point of view. The chorus is from Sierra's point of view.)

CodyxGwen (one-sided): High Above Me bởi Tal Bachman

CourtneyxDuncan: I Hate Everything About bạn bởi Three Days Grace

HaroldxLeShawna: White N' Nerdy bởi Weird Al Yankovick

HaroldxHeather (one-sided): Just the Girl bởi The Click...
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posted by CommanderCody
"Hey" đã đưa ý kiến Bridgette "Lindsay there's gonna be a school dance." "Cool" Lindsay said. "Who yah askin' out?" đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "I don't know,someone?" Lindsay đã đưa ý kiến "Well better get goin' you're runnin' out of guys" đã đưa ý kiến Heather. "Who'd bạn ask out?" đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "Noah." đã đưa ý kiến Heather. "I asked out Harold." đã đưa ý kiến Leshawna. "You go out with nerds?" đã đưa ý kiến Lindsay. Then Tyler came. "Hey" he đã đưa ý kiến "ummm wanna go to the dance?" Lindsay's tim, trái tim beated fast she didn't know what to say. "uhh uh." Then the new kid came his name is Alejandro. "Tyler" he đã đưa ý kiến "how's my good friend?" "Good" đã đưa ý kiến Tyler. Then he...
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chris:last time on total drama the contestant went trick hoặc treat & mike made an allince with izzy & ezekiel but, in the end duncan & courtney went home
chef:double bubber truber
chris:um... okay
*theme song*
uknown vocie:and welcome to camp wawanaka aka total drama island
trent:who was that
every one but trent:mmmm
alex:was it chris
sammy:ohh he is sooooo cute
mike:ok... xin chào zeek & izzy come
izzy:what ahh bạn poor thing bạn can`t even walk
ezekiel:yea he limps eh
mike:never mind that... remeber the plan
ezekiel & izzy:yea huh *nods*
kirby:why oh why did bạn choose her... duncan
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natielle:wow beth is gone... who would have ever of though she would ever drink (zooms out) somethings on my mind

mike:so beth`s gone but i won`t stop until trent is gone so gwen will be mine

ilana:that`s it we need are team`s act toghter i don`t wanna have a nervos breakdown every time we lose i need to help my team win and not bởi cheating bởi hardwork and effort

*la` reloaded,france*
chef:*looking at the người hâm mộ chat on the web*
computer voice:new người hâm mộ video was added
chef:huh *clicks on the video*

*fan video*
background voice:this is this is cooking time with bffl courtney & beth
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posted by SlimShady34
Name:Patrick Stone(birth name Laurie Mayers)
Years active:1996-present
Spouse:Jake Stone
Born:July 9th,1983 in Los Angelos,Califonia

Patrick was on "The Veiw" from the years 1999-2002 as being the youngest on the show.Born in Los Angelis named Laurie Mayers she later changed her name to Patrick in 2004.Then on September 12,2006 Laurie got married to a man named Jake Stone and has 2 children named Madison,2 years old.And Mark,1 tháng old.

Laurie has been arrested 1 time for harrasing a police officer.In 2005 for 4 months Laurie has been a reporter on the los angelos news.
chey:last on total drama our cast headed to california were tyler broke up with lindsay and Mất tích his chance at 1 million dollars what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
lindsay:he broke up with me me i will kick his
katie:calm down we can win this time
lindsay:yea right
leshawna:white girl mad speaking of white xin chào justin your going trang chủ this time
justin:well i got a head band and a soar what can chey do to me this time
bridgette:what do bạn mean
*winner part*
duncan:yes we won
gwen:no duh honey
alejandro:maybe a Kiss from me courtney
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Kuki: Hello! Im Kuki from Kid's tiếp theo Door! And this is my Camera Girl Jenny!

Jenny: *Turn's around the camera* Hey! Im Jenny from My Life As A TeenAge Robot!

Kuki: And the intern's Perry the Platapues, Chris and Chef!

Chris: How did we get moved down to interens!?
Chef: Probally because of almost killiing everyone bởi pushing them outta the plane!
Chris: Well they survived..............

Kuki: Okay here's our first contestant Jared!

Jared: MOOSH! OMG KUKI! *Huggles her*

Kuki: Yay! I have a Fanboy =D Okay so here's Saphira!

Saphira: *Rapping* YO IM SAPHIRA! IM...
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It was a very early time in the morning. Some of the contestants had woken up due to blood curdling scream from Lindsay.

"Lindsay, What's wrong?" Roxanne asked. She tried to make her voice sound louder than Lindsay's heavy, constant, breathing.
"What's going on! Whoever woke me up better have a good reason for it!" Courtney spewed.
"I was asleep.. A-and something touched me! And-"
"It was probably a rat. This place isn't exactly the cleanest around.." Noah said.
"No! When I opened my eyes I saw someone! And they had red eyes.."
"Red eyes?" Heather said, "You can't possibly make us think that you...
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